Authors Notes: First off, I disclaim the rights to this anime/manga. it is owned by it's respective owners andt I take no claim in it's creation.

Second, if I had my way, this would be a Fantastic children movie XD that's just the way I see it. The man named Kilik, is the name I gave to the guy that was introduced at the end of the series as Soran's " reincarnationn". Hope you Enjoy, I will update a lot, so keep your eyes open ^_^



Outside, the sun danced off the surface of the all around, the small island was surrounded by nothing but the vast blue this island, a mansion stood alone on a grassy hillside, surrounded by green morning, flocks of white birds would surround the mansion, waiting for the call of their patron, who sat by a grand window in his home, gazing at the endless blue sea.

Chapter one.

The sun shined brightly on the grassy hills of Natsuna. The breeze was warm, and carried with it the taste of salt from the sea.

"Teacher! Teacher!" a group of children ran towards their home, an orphanage,where their teacher, Helga, was watering her plants.

"Yes? what is it?" She asked setting her can down.

"Look what we found on the beach!" A little girl held up a shining pearl in the palm oh her hand.

"Oh my. Now where did you find this?"Helga carefully took the pearl into her hand and examined it.

"We found it just off the shore. We were playing when I tripped in the sand"

"Are you hurt?"

"Uh uh"

"Well what's with all the excitement in here?"

Every one turned to see Kilik standing at the had just returned from his visit to town.

"Look at what Abbot found on the shore today" Helga rolled the pearl into Kilik's palm, where he too looked at it carefully.

"That's the real deal, kiddo" he laughed" Make sure you keep that safe for a really long time" He gave the pearl back to Abbot.

While the children continued their games, Helga and Kilik began to unload the things from the cart that he had bought in town.

"Thanks for doing this for us Kilik" Helga said " We really appreciate you helping us out as much as you do"

"It's no problem Helga. As long as I'm staying here I might as well do some of the work" he laughed again when he looked at the kids " they sure are rowdy today."

"I don't mind" Helga laughed also " they behave most of the time, so as long as they don't hurt each other, they can be as rough as they want during their free time" She carried a couple boxes into the house and began unpacking them. Kilik followed.

"It's nice though" he said " with kids around all the time, it kinda feels like we're one big family."

The comment made Helga blush a down, even though she already lived with so many, she had always wanted kids of her own. But no matter who she dated in the past, things never really went well. She always felt like she was betraying some one.

She didn't feel that way around Kilik though.

Since the day he showed up at the gate, asking for a glass of water, she had felt some sort of connection with him. Since then, he stayed with them, doing all the repair work at trips to town the Helga could seldom do.

The dinner table was lively as ever. Between chews, the kids would laugh and tell jokes a to each other.

"Now guys, is this really the time for this?" Helga giggled a bit too.

"Sorry miss Helga" a few of them apologized, but most of them didn't even hear.

"Oh miss Helga! I drew a picture for you today!" One of the girls took a folded piece of paper out of her pocket and handed it to she saw the picture, Helga felt her face burn up. Even though they were barely stick figures, she could tell that the couple holding hands in the picture, was her and Kilik. He too saw, over Helga's shoulder. He laughed a little, but he also was turning red in the cheeks.

"I think Miss Helga and Kilik should get married! then we'd all be a happy family!" The other kids laughed in agreement

"Y-you shouldn't say things that aren't true Ariel!" Helga stood from her place at the table, and tacked the picture up on the wall with the rest of the children's drawings. Before going back to dinner, she took a minute to admire it.

"Good night every one, sweet dreams" Helga turned off the light and closed the door to the kids; room before heading downstairs to clean up after in the class room, she saw Kilik looking at the picture hanging over the chalk board.

"Helga, you never really told me, but what's this a picture of?" He asked

"I don't quite remember. I drew it over ten years ago. I think it may have been a place that I wanted to go to."

"A place? Where is it?"

"I don't know." Helga shook her head " besides, I really don't want to go there any more" She began to fill the sink up with warm water.

"Why don't you want to?" He asked, joining her in the kitchen

"I don't know. I guess it's because I'm very content here."

"Really. I'm curious now"

"Why is that?"

" Well, you draw a picture of a place, and you don't know where that place is, or what it's called. Very curious indeed" he laughed

" I used to draw it a lot actually, back when I lived at the orphanage on Chikao. My old friend Chitto even tried to help me find it once"

"I assume you didn't?"


"That's kind of sad"

"Well, I made a new friend during the trip, and we had lots of fun together"

"Oh? What happened to this friend?" Helga was silent before answering

"I don't know. He returned home to his parents when I went back to Chikao. I've never heard from him since."

Kilik saw the sad look on Helga's face.

"What was his name? Maybe I'll run into him in town one day" he stifled a laugh.

Again, she hesitated.

"If I remember right, his name was...Thoma."