Chitto agreed to accompanying Tina to Kokurri island, but first the two were heading back to go see Kilik and the ride was silent between them. Chitto was staring out the window, no doubt thinking about meeting this "Kilik" man for the first time. Tina, however, was once again flipping through Chitto's old notebook. She had to show this to Kilik. One thing had been picking away at Tina's heart.

The birthmark on Kilik's arm, in Greecian, it read as " Tina." The memory of that fond night kept replaying in her mind.

"Tina, I live only for you..."

Now she knew who was standing beside her in that dream. If Kilik was indeed Sora's reincarnation, then Tina only felt worse, for both yelling at him and walking out on him. If they were aware of who they truly were, they would have never raised there voices to each other.

"Helga?" Chitto looked back at her

" Yes what is it?"

"What do you intend to do when you find Thoma?" Tina hadn't thought about that. Before she would have just talked to him, ask him questions about who sis was, but now she had no idea what she would say.

The door to the car opened and closed, and some one was walking towards them.

"I don't know Chitto. I am not even sure if I'll be able to find Thoma again, it has been a long time since I talked to him last..."

The person who entered stopped walking, and Chitto and Tina turned to face him.

" Hello again... Big sister"

Tina stood up , nearly losing her balence,

"Dumas!" Chiito also stood to face Dumas, who was standing before them. " What are you doing here? I thought you went back to your planet!"

Dumas didn't bother looking at Chitto, but instead focused all his attention on Tina.

"I did not return, I decided against it since I wouldn't live a very long life. I would be wiser to spend my time here.

His gaze darkened " but now I come to you with a warning dear sister."

"What? What's wrong?" Tina spoke up.

Dumas sighed " When he heard of your decision to remain on earth, King Titus was furious. He boarded his own ship to come to earth to retrieve you himself.

Chitto shot Tina a surprised glance. Even Tina was frightened. She was afraid of what would happen to everyone if they were found.

"Tell me, where is the boy named Thoma?"

Tina was silent, so chitto answered for her.

"We don't know, we haven't spoken to him in years."

"I see" Dumas sighed " well, if he is indeed Lord Goto's true son, then he is also in danger"

What kind of danger?" Tina's voice shook

"If they can find him, than King Titus will have all of you brought back to Greecia, to face trial and possibly severe punishment."

Tina had to sit down. She felt short of breath, fear was enveloping her.

"What are you going to do Helga?" Chitto asked her

"Dumas, how do they intend to find every one?"

" Well I am sue they expect you to tell them, but if not, I'm positive they'll track them down by spirit wave lengths"

Tina clenched her fist. She had no idea what she should have done.

" Sister, what will you do?"

"We will find the scientists and Thoma, then we will tell father that we wan to to stay here like we always have, I won't go back to Greecia now.

She thought for a moment about Kilik, then of the promise that Soran had made to her.

Now Dumas was joining them. He was determined to stay by his sister's side.

" So where do we go from here?" Chitto asked.

"We must walk to the school house from here." Tina tightened the string in her bag " we can't wait for morning, we have to get there now."

She looked up at the sky, as the sun began to set. She wished she could fly, but for now she only had the quickness of her feet.

The group had barely started their journey, when the winds began to pick up again. Tina tightened her jacket, as did Chitto. Dumas however, kept his eyes on the sky.

"Dumas what troubles you?" Tina turned to her younger brother.


Dumas kept his eyes on the night sky. Tina also looked to the sky, with a ringing in her ears, from the distance she saw a terribly familiar sight.

Ships from Greecia.