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Saori looked at the girl in complete awe. Tears ran down her face as she looked at the one she failed; the one she killed. Her heart leapt with joy but her eyes didn't believe the sight and her mind told her it was a trick. The aura around the girl disappeared and a lantern from behind her was the source of the former light. The father appeared behind Belle with a look of concern on his face.

"Why did you take Nina and leave?" Belle questioned. "You. you were dead." Saori replied. "What? Why would you think I was dead?" "I saw it, I felt it, and it was real, wasn't it?" Saori asked frantically. Laika and Kalibos remained in shock. They both saw the cottage burst into flames, they heard the cries of the child, they didn't understand. Saori ran into the girl, fell to her knees and hugged the startled child. Belle tried to calm her but all Saori could do was cry. Kalibos watched the interaction with complete confusion. Laika looked at the father who seemed void of emotion. ' Something isn't right here.' Laika softly said to herself. She looked more carefully and saw something she had never noticed before. The father had a red and green blaze in his eyes. Laika looked at Belle only to find out that her eyes had the same blaze.

The next morning Belle guided them to a nearby town. Belle and Saori were talking the whole way while Kalibos watched them. Laika grew very cautious; the father hadn't said a word since the night prior when they arrived. Nina stayed close to Laika, not going near Belle or the father. Once in the town Saori, Kalibos, Belle, and the father went in search of food, while Laika and Nina went in search of information. Laika walked into what seemed like a library. The world seemed to stop as the girl and the tiger walked in. Everyone stared for a minute then went back to what they were doing. Laika walked up to the lady behind the desk and asked,

"What is going on around here? I'm new here and some odd event have occurred." The woman's eyes filled with fear. She inhaled deeply before she spoke.

"Demetrius. the spawn of the demon king. He has terrorized our land for ages."

"Where can I get information about him?"

"We have a book in the back about demon legends. You could probably find something in there." Laika nodded and the woman led the way to a bookshelf in the back. It was completely covered in dust and cobwebs. The woman pulled out a book and blew the dust off it before handing it to Laika.

"This demon is very strong and powerful. You must prepare before you face him." The woman advised. Laika nodded and walked in the opposite direction towards the door. She turned around to thank the woman but there were no comforting eyes, just the dusty bookshelf.

"I wonder where Laika is?" Kalibos asked, growing annoyed at Saori's constant attention to Belle.

"Who?" Saori asked while still giggling from a joke Belle had told her.

"Who?!" Kalibos yelled, now very angry. "Laika, your best friend, remember her?"

"Oh, She's probably around somewhere." Saori said before returning her attention to Belle. Kalibos walked away from them and began to look for Laika. Something was wrong, maybe she would know what.

"Hey, Laika." Kalibos said, finally spotting her and Nina. "What's with the book?"

"Its about our demon friend. His name is Demitrius. I still need to read it but I got the basics. He is the son of the demon king, feeds off human blood, and has the ability to manifest his prey's fears; that's how he lures them."

"Anything about what he looks like?"

"Nope, no one has actually seen his true form and lived."

"True form?"

"He can take on the form of his victims."

"Damn, so we have no idea what he looks like or when he'll strike next? Why us though?"

"Power. Energy and power are transferred through blood. He not only feeds off their blood, but he absorbs their power. There is something I've been meaning to ask you."


"When Saori fell through the ground, do you remember what happened before we found her?" After a minute Kalibos finally answered with a no. "Neither do I which makes me wonder if it even occurred. Maybe it was just Demetrius playing a tick; manifesting our fears. I fear to be alone with strangers, and you fear the loss of Saori."

"Then what does Saori fear?"

"Failing another or letting an innocent die."


"That's what I'm wondering. Not just her though, notice her father hasn't said anything since he and Belle arrived. I was looking for details about them and I noticed they had the same eyes; green with a red blaze."

"Do you think Demetrius is in disguise as Belle?"

"Maybe, I'm not sure but I don't want to leave them alone together."

Kalibos and Laika started walking towards where Saori was last. It was day so the demon wouldn't make a move, so they weren't completely worried. But then they didn't notice the father standing behind them, glaring.


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