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Life's a Howl


I watched James practice Quidditch today. He really is a brilliant player. Sometimes I wonder if I could play, too. I mean, I am small enough, but I wouldn't want to steal his glory.

That's the thing about being friends with him. You have to play to his rules. Luckily, they are few, and the ones that do exist are in the best interest of his friends.

I saw him oggling Lily Evans again today. She really is a pretty girl. But James called dibs on her, first, and he usually gets what he wants. Not that she'd like me, anyway. There isn't much to me, really.

Sometimes I wonder what'll become of me. What does the future hold in store for us all? I might like to be a writer, actually. I told Sirius that and he said it was a rather boring idea. He said I should try and be an auror or something exciting that we could all do together. I think James wants to be a seeker, though, so there goes that idea.

Knowing James, though, he'd probably find some way to do both.

Ah, well. There's a match today down on the pitch. It's a full moon tonight, so I'm feeling rather under the weather, but he'd really be upset if I didn't come and watch.

- R. J. Lupin