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A/N – This is a short follow up to my story Love Conquers All. I was inspired, while writing this, by the Dixie Chick's song More Love, and also Edwin McCain's I'll Be. I'm so sorry that I am too shy to give you graphic nookie and lemony goodness. I sure as hell like reading it, but I cannot write it! I'm only mentioning it so there's no expectation, and then disappointment. If you stay anyway and read this, I hope you enjoy what I offer….. dws



In another life, my father was a king. Tall and strong, he pillaged, plundered and protected. I was 10 years of age when I saw him last. They say he was chained in woods, left to die eaten by beasts. I carried his spirit with me then, as shieldmaiden. At 26, I would have no male suitors, preferring instead to fight, to have sport, to excel at sword play. I sailed in the Long Boat to the shore of Essex. My father's spirit hand guided my sword, and I fought hard, until….

Until she took me.

Chapter 1

I sat on the front porch watching and waiting. I could see slivers of the sun sinking low through the trees. Since I'd become entwined with the supernatural community I'd learned to appreciate sunsets because it's after sunset when my life really begins. For my first 25 years, I merely existed. Different, and alienated because of my ability, which I used to call my disability, I moved through my life as if I were underwater or in another dimension. I didn't feel a part of anything or, really, anyone. Gran had been the only loving constant for me, and now she was gone. Then Vampire Bill walked into my life and changed me in every way. My first love, now my ex love, began to show me what I could be, what I was capable of.

And then came Eric, pun intended. The love of my life. And, I believe, I am the love of his death.

So now I wait for every sunset, so I can begin to live. We wasted time – almost a year, before we acknowledged our love – even to ourselves. I didn't realize it because I spent so much time fighting it. But when your very life has been threatened, I guess you stop and think about things. Lately my life has been threatened a lot because of the crazy company I keep. Witches and weres, fairys and demons. And the damn vampires. But gradually I've learned, after facing death more times than I can count, that if you really listen to your inner voice you can hear the truth. So that's how I came to be sitting on my porch, waiting for the love of my life, my blood-bonded, 6'4" tall gorgeous blonde Viking vampire. Eric was coming to take me home.

Last night, after Eric remembered everything he had forgotten during the time he was under the witch's curse we sat, wrapped in each others' arms, and talked about what came next for us.

"Sookie, now that we have named what we feel for each other as love, we can only come to one conclusion. You will come to Shreveport, live with me and be my love."

"Oh Eric I didn't realize you liked Christopher Marlowe."

"Indeed. He was a man of impeccable taste." (This stated with that all too familiar flick of the tongue over his lower lip).

Well that was certainly an ambiguous (word of the day) statement. "Anyway, maybe you could ASK me to come to Shreveport?" Don't you know how to handle me yet, Eric? I have to maintain some semblance of independence, and I can't feel like I'm being controlled."

"You're right my lover – I would never wish to control or change you in any way. If I were to "ask" you to come to Shreveport, would you agree?"

"In the battles I've had with myself about my feelings, I have to admit I have thought about what loving you would mean. I think you're going to be surprised to hear me say that I think it's right for us to be together, and that means living together. There are so many factors I've already considered – not the least of which is how wrenching it's going to be for us to maintain a distance – with me here in Bon Temps and you in Shreveport. There's also the security thing – I'm not naïve enough to think that I won't be a target to some loony human or vampire or God knows what kind of creature who wants to get to you through me. I know you can keep me safer if I'm closer to you. I'm just about burned out from working at Merlotte's. I do care so deeply for Sam and don't want to hurt him – he's been a great boss and an even better friend. But I am ready to move on. Amelia will gladly stay here and rent my house. I'll give Sam 2 weeks notice but I'll have to find some kind of job in Shreveport."

"Sookie you are always a surprise. I thought we'd have a battle on this – I can't tell you how pleased I am that we are in agreement on this subject."

I looked into his eyes – his piercing, blue like the sky eyes. I put my arms around his neck and moved my face closer to his. "Eric – I've done a lot of soul searching. It was time for me to grow up. It's time for me to start picking my battles, and start recognizing when it's OK to "yield". I am yours."

"And just as you are mine, I am also yours. Tomorrow after sunset our new life begins. And as for today – I'd like to begin something else…………"

"Well, after everything that happened today – you know what I would like to do?"

"What is that, my lover?"

"I would like nothing more than to take a hot shower. Would you care to join me?" I extended my hand.

With vampire speed and cerulean eyes blazing, Eric crushed me in his arms. His mouth sought mine in the kiss of kisses - the kiss of lovers who have only just now declared their love. It seemed only fitting that we would revisit the moment we had first connected deeply as lovers, even though something had been missing – that something being Eric's full knowledge of himself. We rewrote the story – and this time it would have a better ending.

After we had toweled off we snuggled into each others' arms. My beautiful Viking was gently caressing my face and hips and breasts and back, and then he asked me a question that kind of caught me off guard.

"Tell me lover how you see our life together."

I took a breath and thought about this. How DID I see our life together? What were the dreams I had and would they be possible if I shared my life with Eric? And was I right for HIM? Would I be able to hold his interest, this creature who had already been everywhere and done everything for over 1,000 years.

"OK my Viking, (his face lit up – he liked that. I'll have to say that more) - I'm kind of a simple woman, easy to please……."

He interrupted me, "Sookie you are the most complex human I have ever met. You are also sometimes incomprehensible, infuriating, and adorable in the truest sense of the word – for I do adore you……."

"Well thank you my darling Viking for that last part, but what I meant by all that is that I know that all I've ever wanted was to share my life with someone who would put me first, and allow me to do the same. We would each be the priority to the other. I want to wake up in your arms and then make mad passionate love. I want to work with you - not like a pair of horses tethered together, but I see us kind of like cogs turning in a mechanism – sometimes turning in a different direction, but always working to a common purpose. I'd love for us to have fun times with friends. And if we're ever dragged into mysteries, intrigues or battles, I want to be beside you to the end. I want us to find excitement in everything we do, and I believe we will. Excitement will inevitably come to us, but I see us also cherishing the quiet times. And after the night is through, I want to make wild crazy sexy love and then go to sleep in your arms."

"As far as the night's beginning and ending, done and done. As far as the rest, we share this vision, this life plan. In my 1,023 years I never thought I would find a mate with whom I would be so compatible – you are a gift my darling lover."

And with that we began to implement part of the plan………..