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Sora leaped swiftly from building to building. His heart was racing. It was his first job as a professional thief, and his loot was secured in his hand. Sure, Sora had pick-pocketed here and there (being a homeless bum and all) and there were the few small store robberies-- but finally, finally his brother Roxas managed to get him a job for the Kami Organization, a huge and famous thievery syndicate he worked for. So Sora was taking careful measures not to screw up. He was to steal a very important jewel incrusted cloak with an atrocious name that Sora didn't bother to memorize. (He knew how the cloak looked like, so it didn't really matter whether or not he remembered the stupid thing's name.)

The job went off without a hitch. Sora successfully infiltrated the building and secured the target without tripping any alarms.

The brunette looked behind him just in case anyone was following. But there was no one. Looks like he got away to safety.

Suddenly the lights of the building he robbed lit up and an alarm sounded. It surprised him, but there was no need to be concerned. Sora was too far away from the building to have the alarm be of a threat to him.

The young male easily jumped from the three story building to the cobbled path. He had been thieving all his life and he had grown to be very, very good at it. Though not as good as Roxas, but still fairly good.

Sora walked casually as if he were out for a nighttime stroll. His plunder safely tucked away in a simple backpack as to not draw attention. Sora passed a window of a dress shop. In the reflection he barely made out his messy chocolate hair and royal blue eyes. His chosen career meant that he had to run and dodge a lot, and from that Sora gained a lean, slim body. Not the muscular body that he wanted, but it was good enough. He was dressed in a simple, dirty, white shirt with faded and patched denim jeans. To the casual observer he was just a homeless wandering around for garbage and whatnot.

The sound expensive leather shoes on the cobblestone. Sora froze. There were only two kinds of people that could afford expensive leather shoes. Rich people and… police inspectors. Well-trained and well-paid police inspectors who had a history of putting criminals in jail…

"Good evening," said a silky voice.

'Please just let it be a snotty rich guy on a nightwalk, please just let it be a snotty rich guy on a nightwalk…' Sora begged any divine deity that would listen. He turned.


The first thing that Sora noticed about him was his police badge, which was pinned to his expensive overcoat. Underneath that he was dressed in a nice, dark suit (Sora couldn't distinguish the color) and he was several inches taller than Sora. He had silver hair that glimmered even in the dim light, and exquisite sea-green eyes. With his hair coupled with his fine alabaster skin, the young man was attractive. Sora had to admit that, and the brunette could also tell that he was only several years older than him. At most, seven years.

"H-hello," Sora mumbled.

The young man looked up, "Nice night, isn't it?"

"Yeah…" Sora took a wary step back.

The young man's eyes lit up and narrowed; scrutinizing. A grin began to tug on his lips.

Sora knew that he had made a grave mistake. The young man was a hawk for body language, meaning that he had probably (and correctly) deduced that his step back was because he wanted to create space between them. And he wanted to created space between them because Sora was uncomfortable around him. And Sora was uncomfortable around him because he nervous. And what kind of person would be nervous around a police inspector unless they committed a crime?

He had to get out of here. He had to get out of here now.

"Mind if I see what's in the backpack?" the young man said pleasantly, holding out his hand.

"Why?" Sora asked, fighting the impulse to just bolt down the street and pray that he wouldn't get caught.

The brunette was trying to stall until he could come up with a plan. Perhaps he could run for it. There could be a chance that in those stuffy, expensive leather shoes the man couldn't catch up with Sora if he really tried. He could dump his package and run, but that was no option. The Kami Organization ordered him to steal it. So he couldn't just leave it behind (at least not without suffering painful consequences.)

The young man pointed behind him with his thumb. "Well there's been a robbery, in case you haven't heard. As a police inspector it's my job to apprehend all potential suspects."

Sora cursed mentally.

"If you please?" the young man said, beckoning with his hand.

Sora didn't know what else to do-- he ran. His legs carrying him as fast as they could. He wasn't sure if the inspector was following, but he didn't want to look back. Sora just kept running.

Something collided with him, knocking Sora to the pavement. The brunette struggled; squirming and kicking his legs. But he was easily forced onto his stomach, and two strong hands grabbed his flailing arms and wrestled them behind him. There was the sound of metal clacking together and cold cuffs clicked around his wrists.

"Get off me!" Sora shouted, by then knowing who it was.

The inspector only grinned and rolled him on his back.

"Not much of a thief, are you?" he said settling between Sora's legs. "I'm surprised you even managed to get the Amataseru no Takara Cloak."

Sora kicked out, hoping to knock the inspector off, but the young man easily caught his leg and pinned the other one down while he was at it. His fingers curled around Sora's heel, feeling the skin underneath. And to Sora's surprise, he pushed up the faded denim, revealing Sora's ankle and pressed his lips to the skin.

"Wh-what are you doing!?" Sora managed to choke out, trying to yank back his leg. But the young man was firm.

"You're beautiful," the inspector said. He chuckled, "Even in your dirty rags, you are by far the prettiest thief I ever had the pleasure of catching."

"Oh, I'm so flattered…" Sora said sarcastically, and he began struggling again. The man merely sat back and watched him with interest. And suddenly he leaned forward, far too close for Sora, who tried turned his head away to avoid him. The inspector chuckled lightly, and pressed his lips to the base of Sora's neck. The brunette gasped, paralyzed for a moment. But his surprise quickly turned into anger.

"Get off me!" he shouted vehemently.

A tender touch to his intimate areas stopped all of his struggles in immediately. The inspector looked down at him, locking his eyes onto Sora's blue ones.

His gaze.

Sora saw it in his eyes. There was a reality that the inspector wanted. The reality that was coming to fruition as the seconds ticked passed.

Him. Stripped naked in this street. Moaning. A steady rhythm. Deeper and deeper.

A low chuckle resonating from the young man's throat brought Sora from the impending reality.

"Keep struggling," he said. "I like it."

His stupid, smug grin was infuriating.

'Screw this…' Sora thought.

There was no way he was just going to lie there and take it! (Even though the inspector wanted to watch him struggle.)

He flailed his legs, trying to do something—anything— to just impede the other male. Or even if it would agitate him a bit. But the inspector, still holding that stupid grin, easily held the brunette down and relieved him of his pants.

"No…" Sora protested, but his voice was weak.

His underwear quickly followed.

"Stop it!!"

The young man let out a soft chuckle as he knelt between Sora's legs.

"Feel free to scream all you like," the inspector said. "I don't really care what happens, but you're already in this much humiliation. Do you really want other people to know?"

Even though Sora felt bitter inside about it, he had to admit that the stupid, egotistical, bastard-inspector was right.

The inspector placed a hand under the bend of Sora's knees and spread his legs wide open.

Sora felt all blood rush to his face. His voice was too caught in his throat to even muster a protest.

His legs apart like this. In front of a stranger.

The inspector tossed Sora a final superior grin before unzipping his pants and revealing his large erection. Sora's eyes went wide with horror.

"D-don't…" he choked out.

The inspector thrusted his hips forward, burying his length deep inside him. Sora threw his head back and screamed.

It hurt. There was no preparation or anything-- no lubricant to help slide the massive thing in. And Sora felt it painfully slide out, the head still inside, and then ram back in.

"Inspector Yorushi, come in, Inspector Yorushi," said a female's voice from the Inspector's coat, surprising Sora.

The inspector paused, and a wicked grin crossed his lips. He placed his hand inside his coat and drew out the microphone of a small radio.

He pressed the talk button. "This is Inspector Yorushi. What is it?" the inspector said. Lowering his gaze to Sora, he thrusted again. Sora flinched and bit down on his bottom lip hard.

'No!' the brunette thought with terror. 'No, they might hear!'

The grin on the inspector's face grew wider.

"Where in the world are you, Inspector!?" the woman on the radio said, clearly aggravated.

"Oh, nowhere really," he drove into Sora again. He was deeper this time, and he hit a spot that sent a minor wave of pleasure up the brunette's spine. Sora's body twitched as the small blissful pulse went through him. "Just taking care of a few errands," the inspector continued. It was amazing how he was able to keep his voice so natural.

"You do realize that there's been a robbery."

He rocked his hips into Sora's backside, watching the brunette's reactions in amusement. He didn't miss how Sora tightened around him as he drilled deeper and deeper into him. By then the friction between the inspector's mass and his insides ruptured Sora's rectum, and soon the brunette's blood served as a decent lubricant.

"Really, I didn't notice," Inspector Yorushi continued.

Sora couldn't help himself, he let out a moan. "Ahhn!"

"What was that?" asked the woman on the radio.

"Oh nothing," the Inspector said. "It was just a cute, little kitten."

The brunette could feel the inspector's grin bearing down on him. Before Sora could wallow in the humiliation he had just placed upon himself, the Inspector hit his sweet spot again. Pleasure pulsed through his body. Sora clamped his mouth shut, determined not to be vocal again. But despite this, the inspector felt how Sora's insides were tightening all over him.

A sigh came from the radio.

"Inspector, are you… in the redlight district?" asked the lady.

The inspector looked as if he were about to laugh. He continued thrusting into Sora.

"Now why would you think that?"

Another heavy sigh, "Just get back to headquarters."

"Of course. Over and out."

Inspector Yorushi chuckled, and tucked the headset away. "Did you like that?" he asked, eyes on Sora and still thrusting. "Coming so close to being exposed?"

"N-no…" Sora managed.

The inspector let out a little laugh. "Really?" he said, not bothering to hide his heavy sarcasm. "Because this—" he gripped the brunette's erection, "—tells me otherwise."

Sora shook his head, despite this overwhelming evidence. He would not give this stupid inspector more satisfaction.

Inspector Yorushi seemed to find that amusing, but he let the topic drop. People were starting to notice he had gone, so he had to hurry. Void of all distractions, he placed his hands on Sora's hips and drove into him harder than before. The brunette's body bucked at his roughness, hitting Sora's sweet spot again and again and again.

Sora couldn't help himself, he moaned and fell into the pleasure of it all.

"AAH! Haahh… Uu! Nngh!" he let the moans shamelessly come from his throat. He cummed. The white liquid splayed all over his shirt and the Inspector, seeing such a sight, could no longer control himself and coated Sora's insides with semen.

Sora let his head fall to the side, exhausted. He felt the inspector pull out and heard him dress. Then the inspector's hands were on him as he slid on his pants and underwear. The way he was touching him was almost gentle, a contrast to before when he was practically forcing himself upon him.

And then Sora felt something else. Heated breath on his cheek, foreign silky hair brushing against his forehead and face. He cracked open his eyes and saw sea-green. Then lips descended on his own. The brunette was too tired to hold himself back. He let out a soft, pleased murmur.

The inspector chuckled as he pulled away. He slung the backpack over his shoulder and then lifted Sora up bridal-style. By then sleep had crept up on the brunette, and he was no trouble as Inspector Yorushi walked down the cobblestone path.

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