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It late evening in early November when two people (one well-dressed for the winter evening, while the other wore a simple long-sleeved shirt) met at a lamppost. One with blonde hair and blue eyes, the other with red hair and green eyes.

"So you're Roxas, eh?" Axel said, taking the other's hand and shaking it. "I'm Axel, nice to meet you. I'll be your courier today."

"N-nice to meet you, too," Roxas said, thrown off by the sudden hand contact.

They were meeting at night by a lamppost. They didn't have to worry about people overhearing them because to the casual passerby it looked like they were employees meeting each other.

(Well… technically they WERE two employees meeting each other.)

"Here's your first assignment," Axel said, handing him an envelope. "I'll come pick it up two days from now."

"Do you know where I live?"

"I'll find it. It's in your file, isn't it?"


"Great," Axel said, turning. "See you in a couple days."

Axel casted a glance over his shoulder and watched Roxas' retreating figure. 'Cute kid,' he thought. Roxas had blushed when Axel took his hand.

A delicate red on his peachy skin.

Axel walked down the street, a skip in his step.

He couldn't wait to see Roxas again.


"Roxas, is that you?" Sora called from their room.

"Yeah, it's me," Roxas said, taking off his shoes at the doorway. "You still up?"

"Mm-hm, but I'll go to sleep soon."

Roxas heard Sora roll over in bed. He opened the envelope.

The Statue of Artemis.

It was handwritten, and Roxas wondered if Axel had written it. And upon thinking about the courier, he recalled his face.

'Flaming red hair and emerald eyes,' Roxas thought. 'He was beautiful…' He felt a blush spread on his face.

Axel was warm too. When he had grabbed his hand there was an undeniable warmth like the sun despite the bitter cold night.

Roxas curled his fingers into his palm. He could still feel Axel's warmth on his hand.

It felt nice.

After shutting of the light in their living room, Roxas entered his and Sora's bedroom and changed quickly (for their heater didn't work very well so their apartment was fairly cold) without turning on the light.


Roxas stole his target that night, and kept it underneath his bed the following day. He never felt so anxious for tomorrow. To preoccupy himself, Roxas attempted to fix the heater with a monkey wrench and a kindergarten's knowledge of electronics. The only thing he successfully manage to do was burn his hand terribly and hurt his foot when he kicked the wall in aggravation (of burning his hand.)

There was a knock on their door.

Sora was out buying their dinner at that time, so Roxas got up, walked to the door and opened it.


"Yo," Axel grinned, holding up a hand as a greeting. "Mind if I come in?"

"Sure," Roxas said, stepping aside. The redhead walked in, the comforting warmth from his body lightly caressed Roxas' skin as he did so.

"I know we're not supposed to meet until tomorrow," Axel said, turning to him, "but since it's your first assignment, I wanted to see how you were doing."

"I've already got it," Roxas said.

The redhead's eyebrows peaked with interest. "Wow, that was fast," he said.


"I suppose I'll take it now, then."

"Y-yes, I'll go get it," Roxas left and returned The Statue of Artemis in a suitcase (it was small enough to fit in one.)

Axel flashed a brilliant smile as he took the suitcase from him. "Great job," he said, purposely brushing their fingers together. "I'll be looking forward to working with you more in the future."

"Thank you," Roxas said, flushing darkly.

Axel noticed something. "What happened to your hand?" he asked.

"Oh, that," the blonde withdrew his hand. "I burned it on our heater. " Axel gripped his wrist.

"It doesn't look too bad," he said. He gently ran his thumb down the burned skin, which felt heavenly to Roxas. "Just run it through some water and—"

Suddenly Axel turned his head to the door. "Are you expecting company?" he asked.

"Yes, my older brother," Roxas answered.

"Should he know I'm here?"

Roxas shook his head.

"Another time then," Axel grinned. "Close the window after me, will you?"

With swift and deft movements, Axel bolted to the window of Sora and Roxas' apartment, opened it without making a sound, and disappeared.

Roxas ran to the window and looked outside. Axel was nowhere in sight.

"Wow," he said underneath his breath.

The door opened and Sora entered.

"What are you looking at Roxas?" he asked.

"A-ah, it's nothing," Roxas whipped around, shutting the window behind him. "So, what's for dinner, Sora?"

"What else?" Sora held up a plastic bag of groceries, "Cheap ramen and corn beef."

"Ugh, Sora, that stuff'll kill you!"


The profit cuts for stealing the Statue of Artemis came in the next day.


Roxas let out a low whistle at the size of the money. It was just a forty percent cut, but it was enough to buy Sora and himself good meals for a few weeks. (And Roxas didn't think he could stand cheap ramen and corn beef for another night.)

Roxas didn't think that Sora needed to know that he was working for an elite black market organization, so he did what any normal younger brother would do if an older brother asked him about his (the younger brother's) recently obtained sum: he lied.

"I got a job working for a metal company near the edge of town," Roxas said. "I work overtime a lot so I had a lot of money bonuses."

"Oh, I see," Sora said.

So now Roxas was out "working" most of the day when really he was somewhere near the edge of town hoping to God that Sora wouldn't come by.

The first day he was pretending to work, another courier of Kami approached him.

She was a child with long violet hair that covered her ears and green eyes, and so small that Roxas ran into her at first.

"S-sorry," he apologized.

The violet-haired girl looked up at him and then, reaching into her bag, she pulled out a hand mirror and held it up for him to take.

"Um, no thank you—"

The girl rolled to the tips of her toes and stretched her hand as far as it could reach (which was only to Roxas' chest.) Apparently she wanted him to take the mirror, so Roxas accepted it.

"Thank you," he said politely.

She murmured something that Roxas didn't catch.

"Hm—what?" he asked.

But the girl was already leaving, waving her hand as a goodbye. A silver charm bracelet clattered loudly on her wrist. And that was when Roxas saw it. She had an envelope charm on her bracelet.

One of the many marks of a courier.

Roxas had thought that it would be Axel who would give him another target, but then again it made sense to use different people as to not arouse suspicion. It amazed Roxas that despite wearing such a loud trinket the girl was able to approach him without a sound. Roxas remembered Axel's swift sprint from their living room.

'Couriers are amazing,' Roxas thought in awe.

The blonde looked at the mirror. It didn't look like anything special. He flipped it over, there was nothing written on the back.

'What was it she said?' Roxas thought. He tried to picture the movement of her lips in his mind.

"The light it reflects is very pretty."

Roxas looked at the mirror curiously, and then went to find a private, sunny place. He climbed onto a roof of a three story building and reflected the sun's light to the floor.

There, on the reflected light, were the words Utau-hime no Kimono.*

Roxas had heard of it. The glorious kimono that belonged to the singer Utau; given to her by her (now) husband to prove his love for her. It was kimono of the finest work. From what Roxas remembered there were images woven with silver silk on it.

But there was no rendezvous point. Roxas pried around the plastic that encased the edges of the handmirror. It came off easily and on the back were the words

Opal's Palace.

Two days from now.

"You are meeting Miss Yuuki."

It was a restaurant that the rich usually go to.

[A/N: *I got the mirror idea from something I saw on TV. It was back when the Christians were in pursuit (or at least, I think it was the Christians. It was some religious group. Maybe the Jewish people…) But anyway, to recognize that one Christian--assuming that it was the Christian peoples-- from another Christian, they carried mirrors. These mirrors looked like ordinary mirrors and when you looked into them your reflection was nothing special. But in fact there were very, very small contours on the mirrors surface. Those small contours could be arranged into an image and when the Christian reflected the light off the mirror's surface, a religious image would show on the refracted light (like an elaborate cross or the picture of the Virgin Mary) and the other Christian would know that he (or she) was another Christian.]


Roxas had a couple minor problems stealing the kimono of Utau. For one thing, it was one of those ridiculously large, ceremonial kimonos and he needed a large duffle back just to carry the darn thing. And for another, Sora accidentally sat on the duffle bag the kimono was in (thinking it was a full of old clothes.)

On the day he was supposed to meet the courier, went to the Opal's Palace. Even though he was dressed in his cleanest clothes, he was still dreadfully out of place. His (though spotlessly clean) cotton clothes and jeans turned the eyes of the rich people cladded in silk, jewelry, gold and silver.

The host* lifted a menu to his nose to hide his smirk when Roxas came in.

[A/N: *Is that what those people are called in the restaurant? The ones that you see when you walk in the door and you tell them how many people are going to be at the table. I think they're called 'hosts.']

"Making a delivery?" he said. "You need to come in through the back—"

"I'm meeting someone," Roxas said, glaring at the host. "Miss Yuuki."

The man was taken aback, went to check something beneath his counter, and then (wrinkling his nose and Roxas' clothing) hesitantly said, "Follow me."

Roxas was lead to a small table where the courier girl he had met two days ago sat. Her violet hair was pinned into a bum with small, golden rods. Several strands fell on her face, but they did not bother her. She wore a simple, expensive, white, silk dress. Her small white purse was on the table, next to a large cake. Seated next to her sat a large man with broad shoulders dressed in a black suit. She wore nothing on her wrists today and was spearing a piece of white cake with her fork and popping it in her mouth. In just about every aspect, she looked like a child.

"Miss Yuuki, you're… guest has arrived," the host said, bowing.

"Thank you," the girl said. The host turned and left. Roxas sat down in the chair across from her, the only other open seat.

Miss Yuuki frowned. "You stick out," she said, and forked another piece of cake into her mouth. She spoke slowly (like a child forming her first words) but unusually clearly*.

[A/N: *like Ushio, Tomoya and Nagisa's kid, from Clannad.]


Her large eyes looked at the duffle back Roxas brought. "Is that for me?" she asked.

"Yes," Roxas answered.

Miss Yuuki turned to the hulkish man next to her, "Rosco."

Rosco rose from his seat and took the duffle bag from Roxas' hands.

"Thank you for your hard work," she said, smiling sweetly. "As thanks, you may have some cake." She pushed the plate toward him. Roxas, not wanting to refuse, picked up the closest fork (out of five that were placed on the table) and timidly ate a piece. He had only had cake four times in his life, so he was very appreciative of it.

"Aku-kun* says that you're very good," Miss Yuuki said.

[A/N: *Axel's name in Japanese is pronounced 'Akuseru,' therefore 'Aku-kun' is like saying a nickname. Like how 'Jennifer' can be shortened to 'Jenny.' Wow, too many Author's Notes today…]

"Thank you," Roxas said, having another piece. "The cake is very good."

They spent the entire time eating cake (which Roxas didn't really complain about eating.) And after storing some in a takeout box to give to Sora, Roxas bid Miss Yuuki farewell.

"Ro-kun," she said, Roxas figured that she had now given him a nickname as well.

"Yes, Miss Yuuki?" Roxas said, leaning down to match her height more.

"Does Ro-kun like Aku-kun?"

Roxas couldn't believe that a little girl could say that to his face. He turned a furious red and immediately straightened himself.

"Ah, w-well that is—"

"Yuuki thinks that Aku-kun and Ro-kun would be a good couple."

Roxas felt his face grow hotter. "Wh-where did you hear that?"

"Yuuki isn't naïve," she said, looking at him in the eye. "Yuuki knows guys can pair together too…" She laced her fingers behind her.

"Who told you that?"


The blonde felt his left eye twitch.

'I can't believe Axel would tell a little girl something like that!' he thought to himself, smacking his forehead with his hand.

"Ro-kun, are you all right?"

"Yes, I'm fine," Roxas said, shaking his head.


The next day, Roxas ran into Axel again. The blonde was walking in the outskirts of town pretending he had a job when Axel caught him.

"Yo," he said, holding up his hand.

Roxas frowned at him, still rather agitated that Axel told a little girl that two guys can also make a couple.

"Hm? What's up?" Axel asked, leaning very close to him.

"I-It's nothing," Roxas said, irritation giving way to embaressment.

Axel gripped his wrist. "Come on," he said. "Let's grab something to eat."

They found an ice cream stand and Axel paid for both cones. They ate while walking. Roxas ate his ice cream carefully, occasionally his eyes drifted to Axel, who was looking ahead. At one point, Axel caught his gaze.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing," Roxas said, quickly returning to his ice cream.

A few moments later a napkin was placed to the blonde's lips.

"You've got ice cream on you," Axel said, grinning. He wiped the napkin around Roxas' mouth tenderly. Roxas turned a dark red and hastily grabbed the napkin from Axel.

"I-I can do it myself!" he said, patting his chin with the napkin. He almost gave the napkin back to Axel, but when he pulled it away from his face he saw handwriting on it.

His next assignment.

"Thank you," Roxas said, tucking the napkin away in his pocket.

Axel, seeing that Roxas had gotten the message, flashed another grin and continued with his ice cream.


These assignments came regularly. On average, Roxas had to steal one target a week. The most Roxas had ever need to steal in a week was four targets (which had NOT been the best week ever.) Sometimes Roxas had to steal a target from a neighboring city, and on a few occasions Roxas had to work with another thief.

Most of the time Axel was the one who delivered his assignments. But Roxas had seen several other couriers along with Miss Yuuki. Each of them varied from the last. One was a tall, dark, bulky man; another was a slim young woman who (Roxas suspected) had a bit of an interest in young boys. Roxas carried out his orders effectively, and soon enough he was gaining a reputation as a reliable thief.

Roxas began to see Axel even though the redhead brought no assignments for him. They hung out a majority of the days the blonde wasn't stealing.

Roxas liked spending time with Axel. The courier knew the quietest spots to eat, when the best cheap restaurants would be accessible, and he even knew several chiefs from the fancier restaurants that could hand them gourmet food. Roxas did bring some food back to Sora, mainly desserts. He knew Sora would be suspicious if he brought gourmet food home.

(Roxas' explanation for the food he kept bringing home was because his co-worker at the "metal factory" that he "worked at" also worked for a bakery shop and managed to sneak Roxas some food.)


"ROX-AS!" Axel gripped the blonde's shoulders from behind and pulled him back, his favorite way of greeting him.

"Hello Axel," Roxas said, far too used to the greeting to find it surprising. He readjusted his scarf. It was mid-January now, and it was rather cold. Roxas was bundled up. Scarf, mittens, heavy coat. Axel on the other hand only wore a simple long-sleeved turtleneck. Cold never really bothered him.

A grin lit up Axel's face, "Congratulations on your 30th job!" the redhead said.


"Let's celebrate, Roxas!" Axel held up a finger. "I know the best place!"

"And what's that?"

"A bar that doesn't ID people!"

"What? Wai—Axel!!" Axel took him by his wrist and led him off.


"I dunno, Axel, I've never drunk alcohol before…" Roxas leaned onto the bartable and turned a little in his swivel chair.

"Oh, you'll love it!" Axel said, holding a beer bottle out to him. The blonde took it.

Roxas held the beer bottle to his lips. "It smells terrible…" But since Axel was insistent, he drank some. Roxas gagged.

"It tastes as bad as it smells…" the blonde said. Axel laughed.

Roxas shook his head, the ground was swirling beneath him.

"A-Axel?" he managed.

Axel was looking at the menu to see if there was another drink Roxas would like.

"Ax…Axel…" He gripped the redhead's sleeve, catching his attention.

Axel turned to him. "Roxas?"

He leaned over to him. "Roxas, are you okay? Hey!"

Roxas fell out of his seat, Axel caught him.

"What's wrong? Roxas!" The redhead sat him on the floor.

'Is he…' Axel thought, '…drunk? Already?'

"Hey! Roxas!" Axel held up two fingers. "How many fingers am I holding up?"

"Se… seven…?" Roxas slurred.

"Yeah, you're drunk…" Axel laughed. "One sip. Seriously, Roxas?"

'I guess I should take him home,' Axel thought. 'Wow, so I guess there really are people with zero alcohol tolerance…'

"Roxas, I'm gonna go out and get a cab for us, okay?" Axel said. "Stay here. All right?" He patted Roxas' cheek lightly. The blonde's eyes cracked open for a fraction of a second, and then closed again.

Axel sighed, paid for the drinks, and then went out to find a taxi.


"What's this?" a male voice said.

A touch at Roxas' cheek.

"Looks like he had too much to drink!" a second voice laughed. Male.

'Who's…' Roxas managed to think, 'who's touching… me? Ax…el?'

"He's cute…" another man brushed Roxas' hair to the side.

Roxas tried to open his eyes to see who these people were, but his eyelids felt so heavy…

Hands grabbed his arms and hauled him to his feet.

Hot, dry hands.

Roxas was too out of it to realize this wasn't Axel. Axel's touch was always warm and tender.

Another pair of hands held him, and the three men ushered him out to the cold.


When Axel finally hailed a cab he went inside to look for Roxas.

"Roxas?" Instead he found Roxas' coat and scarf.

'Where did he go?' Axel thought. 'He's too wasted to probably even think straight now so… Did someone take him?'

It was most likely. Roxas wouldn't leave his coat and scarf on a night as cold as this.

Axel looked around, perhaps there was someone sober enough to tell him if they saw Roxas.


"Aahn… Aah!" Roxas fidgeted. The first man prodded his fingers inside him. The second man held him down, while the third was rolling Roxas' nipple with his tongue.

Roxas felt a bed underneath him. Was he at a hotel? Or an apartment maybe? He tried to think, but his thoughts could never link together to form a single, viable thought.

The blonde's body writhed when the first man brushed against a particular spot.

'Ah, someone's… touching… me…' Roxas thought. '…f…feels good…'

"Damn, I can't wait to stick it in…" said the second man.

Roxas moaned.

The men laughed.

"We've picked a cute one tonight," the third man said.

"Let's hurry up," said the first man. "I'll go first." He unzipped his pants, revealing a full erection. He lifted Roxas' legs up and apart.

A monstrous kick burst the hotel door open.


"H-how did you get here?"

"Oh please, an idiot could figure out where you were headed!" Axel brandished two chakrams* and spun them around his hand.

[A/N: I think that's what Axel's weapons were called… Chakrams… hmmm…]

A torrent of flames rushed towards the men. The first man's arm, the second man's face, and the third man's leg caught fire. Screaming, they ran out of the hotel room.

Axel looked incredibly pleased.

"Stop, drop and roll all you want…" he said. "Those flames will eat you up until your nothing but ashes." He placed his chakrams away, and went to Roxas' side.

Roxas rolled his head to one side, unaware of how close he was to losing his precious virginity.

Axel sat next to him on the bed. Then he reached over and ran his hand from Roxas' torso to his navel.

"You have no idea how sexy you look right now, Roxas," he said. "It's taking every bit of me to control myself." Then Axel placed his hand next to Roxas' cheek. The blonde let out another soft moan, and pressed his cheek into the hand as if he wanted to be touched more.

"I love you… Roxas," the redhead said, with eyes so gentle. "So… I'm sorry but…" Axel leaned forward and connected their lips, "…I will wipe away every trace of those mens' scents on you."

Axel kicked the door closed, threw off his long-sleeve, made his way to the bed and on top of Roxas.

The blonde's face was flushed due to the alcohol. Axel trailed kisses from Roxas' stomach to his naval. Sliding downward, the redhead sat between Roxas' legs. The courier lifted Roxas' legs and pressed a kiss to his inner thigh.

"Axel!" Roxas cried out softly.

Axel paused. For a moment he thought that the blonde had finally snapped out of his drunken stupor, but the smaller boy rolled his head to the other side and moaned.

"Axel… Axel, Axel…"

The redhead smiled, and kissed Roxas' inner thigh once more, loving how Roxas said his name again. The look on Roxas' face almost made Axel lose all self control.

Axel wetted two fingers in his mouth and then pressed them into Roxas' entrance. The smaller body bucked and moaned sensually at the feel of Axel's fingers inside him. Roxas was panting, apparently he was quite sensitive to these kind of touches.

"Axel," he moaned. "Axel, Axel, Axel, Axel…"

That was enough preparation for now. The redhead shedded his pants and underwear, the last of his clothing.

"Sorry, Roxas," Axel said, kissing Roxas' cheek affectionately. "I can't wait any longer."

Axel slid his erection inside. With a seductive moan, the blonde arched his body back, unintentionally—but gloriously—displaying his beautifully toned stomach and torso to Axel. The redhead began moving, pumping his erection deep inside the smaller boy.

"Axel, Axel, Axel," Roxas was saying his name faster and faster. "Axel, Axel, Axel, Ax—Aah!" Soon Axel's name gave way to simple, pleasurable, sexy moans.

"Uu! Aahn! Axel—Un!"

Roxas' delightful voice beckoned Axel to move quicker than the redhead wanted.

And in any case, Roxas looked so cute Axel couldn't resist.

The courier speed up his rhythm. With a sweet cry, Roxas cummed. As he did so, his insides tightened all over Axel's length, and the redhead followed him.

Axel was panting at the end, and after pulling out he let his body fall to the side. Roxas was out of breath as well; his golden locks were matted with sweat on his face. The redhead reached over and pulled Roxas close, sighing contently to himself.


When Roxas woke up the first thing he noticed was he had this horrendous headache. He tried to rub his forehead with his hands—

His hands were stuck.

Stuck on what?

Something warm.

Something that was… breathing…

Roxas opened his eyes. Axel's very nice, toned chest met his gaze.

The blonde froze and, ignoring the pit forming in his stomach, he looked down.

They were naked.

And now that he was awake, Roxas was fully aware of the sharp ache in his backside.

Roxas couldn't control himself, he screamed.

With a yelp, Axel jumped awake.

"Whahappnd?" (What happened?) he mumbled, dazed.

"Ax-Axel, last night did we—what did I-I…? With you…" Roxas stammered.

"Yeah, we did it," Axel said, rolling on his stomach and rubbing his head. "Sorry, I couldn't hold back." Roxas felt his face grow very, very red.

"You PERVERT!"the blonde threw the pillow at the other's face. Axel caught it.

"Hey, hey," Axel said. "It wasn't like you didn't like it. I mean, you kept saying my name over and over."

"I…" now Roxas was very, very, very red. "I… did…?" He placed his hand over his mouth.

Did he really…?

The blonde quickly wrapped the sheets around himself and got off the bed.

"Wait!" Axel gripped his wrist. "I'm sorry, that was a bit mean of me to say. We were at the bar. You got drunk on a sip of beer—" the redhead laughed a little, "—I went outside to call a cab but when I got back you were gone. It turned out three people took you out of the bar. I tracked them here, but… they were just about to… have their way with you. I killed them immediately and I was going to get you home. I really was, but…" Axel kissed the back of Roxas' hand lovingly, "you looked so beautiful. Forgive me. I've felt this way about you for a long time."

"I'm…" Roxas began. "I'm not angry. It's just… I'm… That wasn't… the way I wanted to tell you I loved you." The smaller boy wiped the back of his free hand over his eyes, indicating that he was crying.

Axel kissed the base of his neck, "Don't cry. It was good enough-- more than good enough, Roxas. I couldn't have imagined a better way for you to tell me."

"Yeah, drunk and almost-raped…" Roxas said bitterly.

Axel laughed. He wrapped his arms around Roxas and placed his mouth to his ear.

"So Roxas," he whispered sensually into the other's ear, "since we love each other, may I?"

The redhead pulled away the bedsheets from Roxas' body and, enveloping his arms around his love's waist, hoisted him back into bed.


Wow! This took me a long time to do! You people have no idea how hard it is for me to think up these sex scenes. I mean, essentially they're all the same. You know…

The things goes in…




I like the way Roxas and Axel met better, for some reason. :) But anyway, that's it for this story. It's done! Yay!

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