Possible Material
By: NoDrog(s)
This is a Fusion Fic, based on Kim Possible (which is Disney's) and MaterialGirl (which is made by HeartGear, http:// heartgear . deviantart . com/ )
Kim Possible characters used without permission for non-monetary entertainment purposes only, please do not sue.

Inspired by an idea by Love Robin, written with her assistance.

Prologue: There's many a slip twixt the...

Will Du strode through the hallways of Global Justice with all the confidence of someone who one day expects to be in charge. Although only a teenager, he was the hand-picked protégé of Global Justice's head, Dr. Director, and was considered Global Justice's greatest agent. As such, he didn't have time for the mousy brown-haired woman who was trying to get his attention.

Dr. Sue Aladocious (Full name: Sue Percala-Fradgelistic XP Aladocious) was typical of Global Justice's Research and Development team. An expert in nanorobotics and micro-multi-threaded programming, she had more in common with the mad scientists agents like Will Du fought then she did with Will Du himself. Only her meek personality and moral compass kept her from trying to turn her online persona of Doctor Rotcod into a reality.

She had just completed her latest prototype, and was desperately trying to bring it to the attention of someone who would show it to Dr. Director.

"Doctor!" snapped Will, impatient and upset with Dr. Aldocious's squeaky voice and self-abasing personality. "What is it you are trying to show me?".

Dr. Aladocious stammered and, unable to form an articulate reply, pulled out what appeared to be a two foot long piece of pink ribbon. Will grabbed the ribbon, glared at it for a moment, and then tossed it away. "I'm sorry, doctor, I have no time for your trinkets.".

Abashed, Dr. Aladocious turned. Neither she nor Will noticed the ribbon as it fluttered through the air, landing apparently by accident adhering to one of Will's boots.

* * *

Even for the best of teenage agents, there comes a time when you have to go home. For Will, Home was with his parents, Ken and Wanda Du. His sister, Sheila Du, was away at college.

"Will?" called Wanda Du, hearing her son enter the house. "Is that you?"

"Yes, mom." said Will as he dropped his backpack on the floor by the door.

"You're late." said Wanda.

"I had some paperwork to finish up before my first day at the new school." said Will. "Don't worry, I already had dinner at the G.J. commissary.".

"Oh." said Wanda, disappointed. "Your sister sent home some stuff from college for us to store. I left it by the steps, it's too heavy for me. Would you mind taking it up to her room?".

Will gave the martyred sigh of all teenagers expected to do labor on behalf of a missing sibling. "Fine, mom." he said, picking up the box and carrying it upstairs.

The Remote Imitator of Basic Behavior using Onboard Nanobots (RIBBON) was an outgrowth of the Kim Factor imitative. Basically stated, Dr. Director believed that an intense study of world saver Kim Possible would make her agents better. Dr. Aladocios had taken the idea one step further; if studying a teenage girl made an agent better, then surely acting like one would make the agent even better better. (Grammar wasn't necessarily one of Dr. Aladocious's high points). Thus, RIBBON, a miracle of artificial intelligence programming and ultra-microscopic robotics. Unfortunately for Will, as he carried the box of clothing up to his sister's room, Will did not appreciate the potential of the RIBBON project. Also unfortunately for him, Will did not notice the RIBBON prototype sticking to his shoe as he dropped the box inside his sister's closet. He pivoted on his heals, planning to stride manfully out. The RIBBON wrapped around his ankles, causing Will to trip backwards

Will's last thought, as he bumped the back of his head against the back of his sister's closet, was 'What the...'.