Chapter 12: Between a rock and a cold place…

The Global Justice Stealth Transport flew low, only a few hundred feet above the frigid waters. In the belly of the craft, four teenagers were busy pulling on the last of the arctic gear.

Will found it strange to be wearing pants again; the Tri-layer Human Extreme Weather Survival ( THEWS) Suits did not have a skirt option. Instead, the THEWS suit was a body fitting jumpsuit. The inner most layer whisked moisture away from the skin, keeping a person dry no matter how much he sweated or, in extreme cases, wet his pants. The middle layer was a network of tubes circulating fluid heated (or cooled) by a small unit on the wearer's back, keeping the wearer comfortable. The outermost layer was a composite mesh of synthetic fibers, flexible under most conditions but hardening instantly when hit with something such as a bullet or club.

The four suits were now teaming with nanobots, provided by RIBBON. The suits were designed to be form fitting. Will doubted they were meant to be this tight, however; one look in the mirror showed that Candy's curves were clearly outlined. The outfits weren't as tight on Kim and Sheila, and Ron's suit was actually a little baggy, allowing him room to carry Rufus, his naked mole-rat companion.

The four (five, if you counted Rufus) were gathered around a map of the facility.

"Ok, listen up." said Kim. "From what Global Justice knows, the base personnel are being kept in the residential quarters, while the WWEE agents are in the lab section. There is a tunnel that connects the residential quarters to the lab, but it's guarded by WWEE agents, and they've moved all the weapons to the lab section."

Candy, Sheila, Ron, and Rufus nodded.

"The transport will drop us off here." said Kim, pointing. "Ron, you take Rufus and get into the residential quarters. Find the Global Justice security force and explain the plan. Candy, Sheila, and I will get into the lab base. We'll take out the guards in the corridor. When we do, you lead the GJ fighters across and get weapons. They and you will take out as many WWEE agents as possible, creating a massive distraction. While that's going on, we three will find and neutralize the NUDE bomb."

"We're getting into position." reported the pilot. Rufus moved from his position on Ron's shoulder into the THEWS suit, allowing Ron to seal up the suit as the vehicle began its descent.

The transport vehicle landed on the snow, the chameleon-skin on the vehicle changing to match the ice and snow underneath. The clam-shell doors in the back of the transport swung open, revealing a howling windstorm, ice and snow particles flying in the wind.

"This would be so cool, if it wasn't for the suits!" said Ron, the radio-sets they were wearing carrying his voice even above the wind.

"Are we in range of the NUDE nanobots?" Kim asked. "Can we be sure the suit nanos are working?"

"They seem to be working fine for you." the pilot reported. Kim turned and saw that the pilot's GJ flight suit was gone; instead, the man was holding a map in front of him to protect his modesty. "Hurry up so I can close up!" the pilot said.

The four hurried off into the snow, staying close together in the limited visibility. They finally reached the external entrance to the residential quarters. "Remember!" said Will. "Once you're out of range, you only have a limited time before the nanobots run out of power. Get out of your THEWS suit fast so it won't get eaten.".

Ron nodded. "It won't be the first time I lost my pants on a mission!" he said, then ducked inside.

Kim shut the hatch and pointed to the lab complex. "Let's go!"

Once inside the lab complex, the three hurriedly brushed off the snow and then pulled their hoods off. While the hoods offered thermal protection with built in snow goggles, the goggles also limited visibility. Kim looked around, then frowned at seeing Candy checking her reflection in a mirror. "What are you doing?" Kim demanded.

"I want to look my best." Will lied, pulling out a tube of lipstick and applying a fresh coat on his lips. What he'd really been doing was mentally psyching himself up. This was his first real mission as 'Candy'. "I'm ready."

The three of them moved into the lab complex. Fortunately, the damage the WWEE had done themselves in attacking the base meant that the doors were no longer alarmed. The first time a WWEE agent knew the girls were there was when they rounded a corner and found two WWEE agents, ambling along.

"Who are…" the first one started to ask, then seemed to realize that they weren't WWEE.. Kim leaped at him, before the man could run away.

Candy faced off against the other one. The man was over a foot taller then Candy, and heavily muscled. The man grinned, revealing the fact that whatever reason he had joined WWEE, it couldn't have been for a dental plan. "Better give up before you get hurt, little girl." he said.

"I am NOT a little girl." said Candy, knowing the words were true in a way the goon didn't suspect. When the goon lunged for Candy, Candy ducked under the goon's arms and then kicked the goon in the belly. Candy expected just to knock the wind out of the guy. Instead, he knocked the goon flying into a wall.

"RIBBON?" Will sub-vocalized.

Sheila and Kim began securing the two unconscious goons with duct tape. RIBBON took the opportunity to respond. "Yes?"

"Thanks for the assist." said Will.

* * * * *

Sheila Trie glanced around the corner and then ducked back. "Ok, there are six guards protecting the corridor to the residential corridor. We need to get close enough to take them out, without letting them sound an alarm."

"I've got an idea." said Kim. "Where did we put those uniforms the WWEE guards had?"

"Over by the ALBINO, I think" said Sheila, referring to the Auxiliary Lab for Basic Integration of Nanobotic Operators.

"Ok, let's go." said Kim..

The three girls (well, two plus whatever Candy was) snuck back to the ALBINO and quickly stripped the unconscious guards, leaving them in their WWEE issue boxer shorts. "Ok, two of us can dress up as guards and chase down the third, claiming the third escaped from the habitation dome." said Kim. "When we get close enough to the guards, we take them out."

"Which one of us is going to strip?" asked Candy. "It can't be me, I've got the nano-generator."

"It's your plan." said Sheila, pointing to Kim. "You strip!"

"Fine, you two sissies." muttered Kim, undressing. As she did, Candy and Sheila changed into the guards' uniforms. RIBBON used its nanobots to modify the suits to fit Sheila and Candy. "Ready to go?" Kim asked.

Candy blushed at seeing that Kim was a natural redhead and looked away. "Ready."

"Ready." said Sheila. Both Candy and Sheila took out the two shock-rods the guards had been carrying, setting the rods to heavy stun.

* * * * *

The guards on corridor duty were bored. They were supposed to be spaced out along the tunnel, but by mutual consent they had clustered around the lab entrance so they could play cards.

"Got any fives?"

"Go fish."

Their game play was interrupted by the sound of pounding feet. They looked up to see two apparent WWEE guards, chasing a fleeing redhead. She had one arm protectively over her chest and her other hand covering between her legs as she ran.

"Stop her!" yelled one of the guards. "She escaped from the habitation area!"

The guards grabbed for the frightened redhead, who suddenly stopped looking frightened.

Kim grabbed the first of the six guards and threw him into a wall, head first. Before a second guard could reach her, Sheila had thrust her shock stick into his chest, knocking him unconscious. Candy used another shock rod to strike a guard on the back of the neck, then thrust it at the stomach of a second guard. He crumpled, unfortunately taking the shock rod with him.

The two remaining guards attacked. One of them swung his own shock stick back and forth wildly, forcing Sheila and Kim to back away. The second ignored his shock stick completely, instead charging at Candy. Candy kicked up, planning to hit the guard in the stomach. Instead, the shoe found it's way between the guard's legs, striking at a particularly vulnerable spot.

Will found himself wincing in sympathy as the man collapsed, clutching the injured portion of his anatomy. "Sorry." said Will apologetically, then turned to see if Sheila and Kim needed help.

As the remaining guard lunged forward with his shock stick, Sheila managed to grab his arm and push it to the side, where the shock stick discharged harmlessly against the wall. Kim karate chopped the man's neck, rendering him unconscious.

Once the guards were down, Kim hurriedly put her THEWS suit back on while Candy and Sheila removed the padlock the guards had put on the door to the habitation module.

Ron and various Global Justice agents were there, waiting and holding various improvised weapons. At seeing what appeared to be three young girls, many of the men quickly moved the weapons down in order to serve a more pressing need.

"All right." said Kim. "We need you to take out and distract as many WWEE guards as possible."

"Right, Kim!" said Ron.

"Wait, where's Dr. Aladocious?" demanded Will.

"Gemini took her away for interrogation." said one of the GJ men. "She should be somewhere in the lab area."

"Right, if you see her, I need to speak with her once this is over." said Will.

"Let's go, people!" said Kim.

The group of Global Justice agents split into groups, Ron going with one of them. Kim, Sheila, and Candy set off for the main Nano-Fabrication center.

* * * * *

Gemini stood with his new Beta, staring at the Nano-Fabrication tank. Inside the gleaming metal column, thousands of microscopic machinery was at work, building other microscopic machines. "N.U.D.E. Bomb payload at eighty-six percent complete!" reported one of the WWEE technicians working at the equipment.

"Excellent! Nothing can stop me now!" gloated Gemini.

"Think again!" snarled Kim Possible, bursting into the lab and followed by Sheila and Candy.

"Ah, Kim Possible, I heard you were here." said Gemini, turning. "And so fashionably dressed."

"That's right!" said Kim. "Your mad scheme ends now!"

"You know, I wondered how you and others were able to enter without losing your clothes." said Gemini. "Then my newest employee figured it out."

The woman at Gemini's side suddenly spoke. "RIBBON override command! Immobilize all three subjects!".

Kim, Sheila, and Candy found their outfits suddenly frozen solid, not letting them move.

The woman stepped forward. Candy gasped. "Dr. Aladocious!"

Dr. Aladocious peered close at the RIBBON around Candy's neck then at Candy's face. "Will? Is that you?" she asked, then burst out laughing. "Oh, this is too perfect!"