Hello all this is my second fanfiction, it's a Naruto/Bleach crossover and I've been meaning to do this for awhile and for the title, the word is deprived im guessing it can be in that tense or something, I think it fits it very well and if you don't know what it is you can always Google it. Well anyway I hope you enjoy the story.

"Get outta here you freak!" An angry villager shouted as him and three others threw rocks at a sad blonde toddler.

"Ya and take your demon with you!" Another villager said throwing a big rock at the boy's head which knocked him back having blood trickling down his head.

The boy stood in shock as pebbles and medium sized rocks were being thrown at his back. The people were angry and this boy didn't know why, he was utterly confused and depressed. He had just walk down the street and these people hated him without giving him a chance. The boy's anger welled inside him and a white substance started forming on the right side of his face. The substance hardened and stretched across his face, it was a mask. A weird mask at that, it had brownish black designs across the right and skeleton like teeth at the mouth. A red aura started to radiate from him as the boy turned around and violently begin to strike the villagers down.

All of a sudden jounin and ANBU rushed to the scene as they saw the blonde haired boy on his knees, his hands covered in blood and a mask in front of his knees. They all looked at the whiskered boy with a shocked expression. They then began to mumble to each other on what to do and eventually just picked him up and took him home. One of the ANBU stepped up to the mask and picked it up, looking at it oddly. It was similar to an ANBU mask but it had more features. He decided to let the kid keep it and then caught up with the rest.


(This skips to the final fight in the wave arc with Kakashi Zabuza Haku Naruto and Sasuke, and im making Haku a girl because honestly…a boy can't look like that…not even in Japan)

"Sasuke…you…you killed him!!" A blonde haired ninja yelled out looking at one of the iced mirrors that shined the "reflections" of the mysterious Haku.

"In each mission you risk losing someone…you shoulder understand that…boy" Haku stated without any sincere tone

"Shut up!" Naruto said as he safely put Sasuke aside and slowly got on his feet growling a bit he then heard a shift in the wind as something was thrown from the sky and stabbed into the ground.

Naruto looked at it and saw that it was a uniquely designed sword. The sword's hilt was orange having a diamonded shape design like most katana's have on the vertical part of the hilt. The diamond things were blue reminding Naruto of his jumpsuit. The guard had a spiral like shape to it.

The blond haired ninja took this golden opportunity to leap to the sword and grab it. Of course Haku noticed this motion and all the mirrors had sharp needles darting towards Naruto. The boy grabbed the sword and tried blocking some but failing miserably and getting violently pierced. Naruto growled as red chakra begin to swarm his body but was interrupted by a white substance going over his face. It was that mask again that Naruto thought he had put away at his house, he then blanked out and this mask began to take over. Naruto then looked around and immediately found the real one, his right sleeved ripped and became a bit muscular and pure white with black and red vein like markings covering it. Naruto appeared in front of the real Haku so fast that she had no time to move to another mirror.

Naruto simply punched through the mirror with that white hand, having a dark energy swarm over and hit Haku's face and slamming her onto the ground. Naruto leaped out of the mirrors and looked over at Haku, his eyes having a savage touch to it under that mask; his eyes also turned yellow.

"Is that…Naruto?" Sakura said in shock as her and her sensei stood at the sidelines and watched in terror at the whiskered ninja's appearance.

"It seems that way…I don't get the mask part though…what is that?" Kakashi asked mainly to himself looking closely at Naruto.

"It seems Haku has met an equal." Zabuza said as he was near the two from the beginning.

"An equal? What do you mean by that?" the pink haired shinobi asked, looking towards him

"You'll see…" Zabuza said smirking a bit.

"So…you're a vizard…well I suppose I shouldn't hold back then." Haku said then removed her mask.

Her face had drastically changed from the last time Naruto and Haku met. Haku had then twitched and immediately changed from a human to this overgrown monster with a white mask with no design. In other words from being a sort of pretty girl (remember that Haku is a girl in this fic) to being a butt ugly hollow.

"I had used what little genjutsu I learned to disguise her true appearance. She had only unleashed it once before this time…she must think Naruto is a threat…" Zabuza said

"So she's…a hollow? I thought hollows were people who went where all the bad souls go. Does that mean she's…" Sakura stated not finishing her sentence though but looking at Zabuza hoping he would fill in.

"Dead yes she is, but I am the only one that can…control her you could say. She died on the streets when her family died I believe." Zabuza said

"I doubt you could control something like that." Kakashi said looking at the hollow Haku.

"Well vizard? Show me your stuff!" The hollow Haku said in a deep dark voice.

Naruto said nothing and that formed did not faze him at all; he ran up to the hollow with his sword held at his side as he jumped up and attempted to slash at her. Haku stepped to the left which made the right side of the bridge crumble from the force of her movement. She then swung her head at Naruto trying to hit him and make him fall into the water. Naruto balled up his right fist, the fist that had gotten muscular and white. He slashed at her mask which oddly hurt Haku as she stepped back. Naruto then tightened his swords grip and swung at the hollow Haku. The sword slashed and the hollow Haku growled in pain and slashed at Naruto's stomach. It ripped off the mid part of his jacket and black shirt revealing some chain attached where his belly button should be.

The hollow slashed at it and made the chain thing rip off; the mask then disappeared and Naruto went back to his other form staring wide eyed at the chain that just detached from him. Naruto looked down and then felt light headed he felt a sudden surge of pain erupt into his body, but then he felt a soothing feeling as he seeped out from his body and slowly started to lose consciousness. The last thing he saw was his body lying on the ground, and the hollow Haku lying there motionless with a puddle of blood around them.

Naruto woke up in an alley of a town; he slowly got up having a bad migraine. He looked down to see that he had his orange pants and black shirt on…but not his orange and blue jacket; he also had the sword that he found back with the Haku fight strapped to his back. He didn't question this and decided to take a look around the town.

A black cat began to walk along the roof tops of the buildings but then stopped and twitched then said to him/herself. "That reiatsu its like that of a captains…but none of the captains ever go to this town, and this one is different…who is this…" the cat then locked onto the reiatsu and began to try and track the person down.

After a few hours of tracking the black cat finally saw the boy who possessed this spiritual pressure. She decided to stalk him a bit before doing anything drastic and making a scene. She was surprised that a twelve year old boy could have this, he had great potential or so she thought. The cat then decided to wait till he turned to a place where not many people were and if they were there they could not here them talk at all. The cat then jumped over Naruto and in front of him, staring at him.

"Uhh…hey kitty?" Naruto said confused at what the cat wanted.

"Your reiatsu is high, that of a captains…are you an arrancar?" The cat asked in a man voice although the cat was a girl.

"Holy shit! You just talked to me!!" Naruto said then started panicking and mumbling to himself.

"Yes these things are quite normal here in the soul society so get use to it!" The cat said and jumped up and clawed his face so he could calm down.

Before Naruto could say anything about her slashing him the cat asked: "Do you even know where you are boy?"

"Well…no I don't, I remember fighting this one person then grabbing a sword…I looked at my hand for a split second and it was going completely white then I blacked out and now I'm here." Naruto said putting his left hand behind his head.

"I see…so you must've just arrived…let me ask you this then, has the term soul reaper ring any bells in your mind?" the cat asked and Naruto shook his head.

"This boy just got into the soul society and having a reiatsu of a captain's caliber...he must be a soul reaper…maybe he lost his memory or something." The cat said to herself

"What is your name boy?"

"Naruto Uzumaki."

"Mines Yoroichi."

"Isn't that a girl's name?"

"Yes I am in disguise as a cat for various reasons."

"Oh I see well I should go now."

"Wait…follow me."

So Naruto did follow Yoroichi and they arrived in the military zone of the soul society, where all the shinigami were. Almost immediately each captain sensed the great reiatsu coming near they sent there lieutenants to secretly check out the place. When the lieutenants saw Naruto they reported back saying it was just a boy. This got the squad 1 captains attention; he decided to send his lieutenant out to test the boy. After flash stepping halfway to Naruto's location the squad 1 lieutenant whose name is Chojiro Sasakibe. He stood in front of Naruto un-sheathing his zanpakuto; it was an average katana with an ornate double-fanned hand guard and a yellowish-green handle. He then pointed it at Naruto. The cat stepped back and hissed but Chojiro paid no attention to it and focused his attention to the blonde haired boy.

"We all sensed your reiatsu the second you walked in…that means you must be good." Chojiro said as Naruto started to panic as he knew he was getting ready for a fight.

Well that's chapter 1 if the font is a bit different around the end that's my fault for copying and pasting the squad 1 captains name I dunno it just looks weird to me. I hope you all like it and hopefully I'll get chapter 2 up A.S.A.P. Oh yeah and if you guys didn't know distention means rise