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Sins of the Father

Chapter 1: This Is Where We Are

The Galaxy Rangers along with Buzzwang and Bubblehead were in the rec room watching Tri D, trying to unwind from their latest mission. It had been a few months since the Civil War on Earth and BETA was struggling not only to help rebuild the shattered Earth military and Galaxy Ranger divisions, but the planet Earth as well. Not to mention restore Earth's reputation which had been severely damaged among other members of the League of Planets.

"Today is a historic day as a new crop of Galaxy Ranger cadets begins training at the restored Ranger Academy," A reporter spoke. "For the first time the Galaxy Rangers will openly allow non humans to attend the academy and become Galaxy Rangers."

"This will go a long way to restoring some trust between Earth and the League of Planets," Zach said. "One of the main complaints the League had was that the majority of Rangers were all human."

"With two exceptions of course," Buzzwang spoke. "No offense Ranger Gooseman."

"None taken," Shane shrugged. "I think it's about time the Galaxy Rangers lived up to our name and included rangers from other galaxies."

"From what I've heard about ninety percent of new recruits are exiles from Walcam," Doc said.

"The Walcam are a strong, brave people who have suffered greatly," Niko said. "They don't want what happened to their home world happen to any others."

"Not like they have anyplace else to go," Shane sighed. "Not after what the Crown Empire did."

"There's also a few recruits from Kirwin, Besuit and few Pedulants that escaped Tortuna," Doc added.

"None from Andor?" Shane asked.

"Andorians prefer diplomacy to fighting," Zach told him. "Hold on they're talking about Garson now."

"After an overwhelming majority vote, it has been decided by both Earth's government and the League of Planets that former Vice President Garson will be executed for crimes against humanity and alien kind by the end of the month," The reporter continued.

"I thought the League was against the death penalty?" Doc was surprised.

"In most cases they are but Garson committed so many acts and attempted to kill so many more people they felt they had to make an example out of him," Zach explained.

"He almost blew up half the planet because he couldn't handle losing," Shane growled. "How is he going to die?"

"Probably lethal injection," Zach sighed.

"Just stick him in a room with me for ten minutes," Shane snarled. "I'd do the job for free!"

"Make that two of us," Niko growled.

"Niko!" Zach was surprised.

"Sorry Zach but after what Garson did to all of us I don't feel any sympathy for him," Niko shook her head. "This man is even worse than MaCross or any of the other psychopaths we encounter."

"It has been decided that the majority of rebels, renegade military personnel and former senators affiliated with the Black Rose society will be sent to Planet K-53, nicknamed Purgatory," The reporter spoke. "The climate on Purgatory is mostly cold, in some areas arctic with plenty of mountains, oceans and half frozen swamplands. Although it is not suited for farming, it is has been proven a prime spot for fishing and mining. Already a transport vessel carrying five hundred convicted traitors has left Earth. It is estimated that about ten to fifteen thousand criminals and their families will be resettled on this planet within the year."

"They're just going to be stranded on that planet?" Niko asked.

"They'll be given supplies so they can build their own towns, mine the mountains, fish in the oceans and farm indoors," Zach said. "But no technology that will enable them to leave the planet."

"Good riddance to 'em," Shane growled. "I personally saw off Ares and Sanders after they got their implants removed. Not to mention a few other Senators that were once on the Supertrooper Committee. Let them freeze for a change!"

"What about Broscoe?" Niko referred to the former Galaxy Ranger that had injured Zach's son in the uprising.

"That bastard's got himself a permanent room at the Deltoid Rock," Zach growled. "Which is fine by me. If he ever makes the mistake of escaping again…"

"The economic crisis is still prevalent on Earth, despite budget cutbacks, collecting back taxes from convicted members of the Senate and other measures Earth's debt has climbed to 2.6 billion," The reporter spoke.

"Could have been a lot worse," Doc said. "It's not like we're 700 billion dollars in the hole. I mean no one is that incompetent!"

"You'd be surprised," Zach rolled his eyes.

"One of the main reasons for our budget crisis is that several government officials have fled with substantial amounts of cash," The reporter spoke. "One of them is the infamous Commander Walsh, former head of the Galaxy Rangers and leader of BETA. But has this been his first offense? Channel 9 News has an exclusive report on Walsh's other double dealings, including funds he allegedly stole when he was head of the Supertrooper Project."

"Not another news report on this!" Shane was fed up. "Don't these Tri-D hacks have anything better to do?"

"Yes but none of them will get higher ratings," Doc quipped.

Shane grunted and changed the channel. "Tonight on Earth's Most Wanted," Another show began. "The shocking story that captured the attention of the galaxy and changed the lives of an entire planet! Commander Joseph Walsh and his evil genetic experiments! A scandal that destroyed a corrupt and complacent government!"

"For crying out loud!" Shane threw down the channel changer in disgust. "Does everybody have to trash Walsh?"

"What did you expect Shane?" Zach told him. "Commander Walsh performed some of the most immoral acts of genetic engineering ever in the history of the League. You can't expect people to forget that overnight!"

"I know what he did Zachery," Shane gave him a look. "It's become extremely hard for me to forget. But you seem to forget all the good he's done."

"Attila the Hun did a few good things too but that didn't stop him from being a bloodthirsty warmongering maniac!" Zach snapped.

"My father is not a…" Shane stopped himself. "I'm going to get some air!" He stormed out of the room.

"Smooth Captain," Doc groaned. "Real smooth."

"Captain we talked about this," Niko turned on him. "You really shouldn't trash Commander Walsh while Goose is in the room!"

"Well what do you want me to do Niko?" Zach snapped. "Just pretend he never betrayed us at all?"

"That's a little strong don't you think Captain?" Doc asked.

"He was part of the Black Rose Society, a group that secretly ran the planet Earth and that tried to take over the League of Planets," Zach said. "That sounds like being a traitor to me! Niko you of all people shouldn't defend someone like Walsh after what they did to your colony!"

"Walsh wasn't involved in that in any way and you know it," Niko told him.

"It's true," Doc nodded. "In fact from what we've been able to piece together half of the Black Rose Society had no clue what the other half was doing most of the time. Some of them didn't even know who all the other members were. For a group of power mad megalomaniacs, they were incredibly disorganized."

"That's because they got lazy and complacent," Zach grunted. "Well most of them…"

"Captain you have to realize Goose has just been robbed of his most basic and only security he's ever really known," Doc said. "I mean deep down we all need to know our friends are who they say they are. No matter what happens in the world I know I'm me, Niko's Niko, you're you and when their circuits aren't crossed Buzzwang and Bubblehead are Buzzwang and Bubblehead."

"Which is which," Bubblehead asked. "Am I Bubblehead or Buzzwang? Because if I'm Buzzwang I really need psychiatric help."

"Is that a shot at me?" Buzzwang did a double take.

"Ka-Pow Pinhead!" Bubblehead made a firing motion with his wings. "Ooh! More TV!"

"Tonight on Wifetime's Scandal Movie of the Week: How one woman's love turned into betrayal, jealousy and revenge! How one woman was driven to do the unthinkable, the unimaginable. Their love ignited a passion that set the stars ablaze. His betrayal sent shockwaves throughout the universe and her desire for revenge changed Earth forever. Genetic Betrayal: The Magdella Domani Story!"

"Oh God please turn that off before Gooseman comes back!" Doc yelled. Niko gladly did so. "And please let's not mention anything about this to Goose!"

"Not if we want to keep our heads," Bubblehead gulped.

"Series Five Galaxy Rangers! This is Commander Cain!" A voice boomed on the PA system. "The Black Hole Gang has been spotted in the Andorian Solar system. You know what to do!"

"They must be desperate hunting for star stones and other weapons to come out of their hiding hole," Zach growled.

"Good," Doc sighed. "Maybe a nice relaxing shootout will take his mind off of this."

It wasn't long before the Galaxy Rangers caught up to the Black Hole Gang. After a fierce battle they managed to capture MaCross and a few other members of the gang. "MaCross, I knew sooner or later you'd crawl out of that rock you were hiding under," Zach growled at the captive outlaws.

"You losers never learn do you?" Shane snarled.

"Oh we learn a lot," MaCross had a hateful smirk on his face. "It's amazing what you can learn on Tri-D these days, Ranger Gooseman. Or should I say…Ranger Walsh?"

Shane wasn't taken aback by that statement. More than half the galaxy knew all about his secret relation to Commander Walsh by now. Still he didn't like the fact that some of his enemies knew it too.

"Yeah we heard all about you and your old man Ranger Boy," MaCross sneered.

"Awwwwwwwww," A three armed alien taunted. "Does Gooseman miss his daddy?"

"I'd watch your beak Buzzard Breath," Doc snapped.

"MaCross if I were you I'd shut your mouth and fast," Zach warned. "That is one subject you do not want to keep talking about if you want to keep all your teeth!"

"I gotta admit I'm impressed," MaCross went on. "Two million credits and maybe more siphoned off from over the years! Walsh really knew how to pull off a scam or two! He's an even bigger crook than I am!"

That did it.

"RAARRRRRR!" Shane lost control and tackled MaCross. Then he started to pummel him ferociously.

"AAAHHH!" MaCross screamed in agony.

"Can't say the man wasn't warned," Doc shrugged.

"GET HIM OFF ME!" MaCross howled in fear. "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GET HIM OFF ME!"

"Goose! Stand down mister!" Zach tried to drag him off but even with his bionics found it impossible.

"Gooseman! You've made your point!" Doc tried to help but was also unsuccessful.

"Take it back!" Shane snarled at MaCross. "YOU TAKE IT BACK!"

"AAAAKKKHHH!" MaCross was staring to turn blue since Shane was choking him.

"He can't do anything with you choking him!" Doc pulled at Shane. "Gooseman! Come on!"

"GOOSE STAND DOWN!" Niko shouted as she helped pull him off.

Shane let go and stood back, panting. For a moment he seemed to be in shock. He staggered away.

"He's crazy! He's insane!" MaCross yelled.

"He's gonna kick your butt again if you don't keep your mouth shut! I don't suppose any of you has any information that could be valuable to us?" Doc casually asked the rest of the Black Hole Gang.

"We'll talk! We'll talk! We'll tell you anything you want to know!" They screamed in panic. "Yeah just keep that crazy ranger away from us!"

"This is going to be one of those weeks…" Zach groaned.