*Ahem* I own nothing, yadda yadda yadda, it belongs to God . . . (JKR), yadda yadda yadda. Anyways, here is the FESIOWR - First Ever Self Insert Oliver Wood Romance! Every place you see brackets (like this) choose the word that matches you the most. Then you have your very own . . .

~*~ Self-Insert Oliver Wood Romance Story~*~

The hour of theYule Ball was fast approaching, and the young, beautiful


had finally gone dress robe shopping with


She had picked out lovely dress robes of


to match her house.


and the other girls were just finishing up their make-up as


stepped out of the bathroom.

"Oh, my god, you look gorgeous!" squealed


The two girls run down to meet their dates,


And head to the Yule Ball.

After a few hours of boredome, they spy a stunning Oliver Wood enter the room, looking around.

"He's so gorgeous," gush all of


girlfriends, and you notice that he's walking over to where she is. As if on cue, her favorite slow song,


starts playing. Finally, Oliver reaches her, and cocks his head to the side, giving her the signature smile. "Would you do me the honor of allowing me this dance?" he says, staring into her


eyes, admiring her


hair. She nodds, and they step onto the dance floor, gracefully. He stares at


and they move closer together, seeing only eachother. He whispers something in her ear . . . "You're so beautiful, you know that?". She giggles.


looked as though she were on cloud nine. Things were so perfect. And Oliver was so graceful, so handsome . . . He leaned in closer and . . .


*Ahem* And now that concludes the First Ever Self Insert Oliver Wood Romance Stories, just because he is soooo gorgeous. Coming soon - the FESIPWR! Kudos to you that know who it is! Hope you all enjoyed that ~* Prongs *~