Unnoticed Stares

I see you staring
across the way

My eyes so red
My reality fades

I'm so upset
He did this to me

You stand there
So comfortingly

You hold me in your arms
I cry on your shoulder

You offer me something
That lifts all my troubles

You offer me safety
From his dark clinging hold

You hold me tight
My hands trembling cold

He's trying to fight
His way back to me

Only to hurt me more

I don't want his touch
I don't want his false simpathy

You seem to be the only cure
Please hold me tighter, even still

Don't let me go
Or I will fade

Into the darkness
A victim to be made.

So don't let go
I'm begging you

You back away
looking confused

"Don't you listen to his false words"
You whisper softly

It sounds absurd.

"How could I not?"
I ask you sadly

Then you looked at me
Your eyes so very sad

"Don't you see?
He had no idea what he had.

He had you
And he let you go

What a stupid fool.
How could he act so low?

You are so beautiful
You take my breath away.

I stare at you
All through the day

Such a frail thing
In the wrong hands

What in the world
Do you see in him?

Sometimes I watch you
from a distance

And I think to myself. . . .

If only she knew.
How much I cared for her.

If only she knew
How much it hurt.

To see her in his arms
Instead of my own.

But no.
You'll never see.

I am alone.
And that's how it was meant to be."

And with that,
You gave me a kiss

And walked out of my life

I stood there

So many thoughts
running throughout my mind

And then it all clicked.

You were there
You were always there for me

You were not just another guy
Simple as that.

I needed you.

I still need you.

I look up
And see you

Disappearing into the distance
I can not let this happen

I start run
As fast as I can

I catch you at your car
About to drive away

I look into your eyes
Thinking of what I'm about to say

You look at me
Your eyes unbarably sad.

Then the words come out.
Words I didn't even know I had.

"Don't leave me
Standing here alone.

I need you
And i always have needed you.

I was too blind
I was trapped

But now I can see
Now I am free.

I love you.
More than anything else.

It took me a while to see that
But now i do.

I always have loved you
Since that first day

And I always will love you
Please, Just stay."

You got out of the car
And you take me in your arms

"I will stay
If what you say is true."

I look at you
And kiss you
with all of my heart

"Of course it is true."
I whisper in your ear.

We get in your car
And we drive away

Hand in hand
Into the sunset

My dream of love
Has come true at last

Even if all hope is lost
Love will always find you

In even the most unexpected ways