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A/N: I was playing with the random pairing generator over on LJ and this was . . . spawned. These are drabbles in my "Submission and Requisition" universe, these are mostly crack-fics and have nothing to do with "SaR" (other than being in the same basic outline.

prompt: Barricade/Mikaela Banes/disagreement


"If I get to three! One! Two! Thr-" her advance was hindered by the large clawed hand that had snatched her up. She had a murderous look on her face, the hot sun was beating down making her sweaty and irritable.

"I will not submit." the mech stated stubbornly "You cannot make me." yet he was gentle, he held her carefully, lest he hurt her with his claws.

"I can and I will." she insisted stubbornly, crossing her arms over her chest "You've been avoiding me for hours and this time I'm not going to let you get away." the ridiculousness of this statement made the mech laugh, which only served to infuriate the female further.

"Stop it now." she growled her voice dangerously low.

"Little one, do you really think you could stop me if I wanted to leave?" He asked not unkindly, lifting her so they were eye to optic.

"No," she admitted, sitting indian style in his hand "But won't you? Please?" she pleaded, even going so far as to use the dreaded poor-sad-little-puppy-look.

"Very well." He bent and set her on the ground, stepping back he transformed into his alt-mode, a dark, red, Saleen Mustang. That was covered in mud, dust, dirt and various bits of foliage.

She ran to retrieve hose, soap, and sponges. She sprayed him with warm water, and scrubbed 'til he was shining. Then she waxed his finish, rubbing until he gleamed.

"Aren't you done yet?" he irritably asked, resisting the urge to drive away as fast as he could.

"Yup," she stepped back to survey her handiwork "You're all finished."

He opened a door, asking "Would you like to go for a drive?" "Sure." she agreed jumping in.


"Mikaela?" he asked, holding the fragile human in his hands "Yeah, 'Cade?" she asked, leaning back to look up at him

"Thank you." Barricade said softly, the setting sun cast rays of light on his armor, making him seem to glow.

"We all better now?" she asked stretching out, laying in his hands.

"Yes, though we really should refrain from such petty disagreements." he leaned back against a huge oak, and placed the girl on his chest over his spark chamber.

"Yeah, but they make life interesting." she patted his chest then whispered "You know it's not submitting when you let me wash you, right?"

"I know . . ." he said softly "old instincts acting up I guess."

"I'm glad you're not a police car anymore." Mikaela told him snuggling against his chest. The statement held a double meaning and the both of them knew it.

"Why is that?" he asked a relaxed tone to his voice

"Because this wouldn't be happening if you were." she said quietly answering his unasked question first. Then in a lighter tone she playfully said "And 'cuz if you were I'd be laying on your ramming bar right now." she replied matter-of-factly.

His engine rumbled with silent laughter. She was a funny human at times . . . but she was his human, and nothing would ever change that.


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