Shmi remembers her own father and is secretly glad her son doesn't have one.

The day her son was born Shmi wondered if she should kill him so that he wouldn't spend his life a slave.

All odds were against him being born, healthy and alive, so she named him Anakin meaning warrior, because he fought for the right to live, and he'd have to continue doing so until he dies.

The day she takes the name Lars is one of the happiest in her life.

She wished Anakin could be there for the wedding.

Owen brought home the girl he wanted to marry and she wondered if she'd ever meet the girl Anakin wanted to marry.

She once told her son how, in ancient times, a blood sacrifice was given after a person died. The more important the person, the more animals were sacrificed. The record was 50. Anakin would break that record with 138.

She counted every day her Ani was gone, including when she was being held in the Tuskun camp.

When she told her son to go, she meant it. But there was a tiny part of her that wanted to never let him leave.

When she told her son she was complete, she meant it. And she died in peace because she meant it with all of her heart.