Title: Worth It
Author: Pip (dannysgirlsg1)
Summary: It…had been worth it.
Rating: G
Spoilers/Warnings: None that I can think of.
A/N: Written for mission-insane, table 03 - Unthemed #5, prompt 08: Winter.


Worth It

It…had been worth it.

Worth it to see the Christmas light forest, with its spectacular assortment of displays and decorations, shining brightly in her grey eyes and reflected from her excited smile.

Worth it to watch her experience something most others took for granted. They'd all grown up with the twinkling bulbs and chasing strands, but she hadn't. The childlike wonder with which she gazed around her was an image he would hold onto forever.

Worth it to see her multicolored, striped scarf and fingerless gloves dwarfed by his brown leather jacket. To see the light snowfall mingling with her braided pigtails beneath a similarly striped beanie, on her eyelashes, across her lips.

Worth it to hear the crunch of the snow beneath her knee-high furry boots matching his own footsteps. The sound of her giggle at the sight of an automated, light-covered polar bear moving his head to look at her, or her sigh at the holiday music drifting from the speakers scattered around the park.

Worth it to feel her hand in his as they strolled through the archways strewn with white lights. He would always remember the touch of her cold lips against his after he'd confessed to her how much she meant to him.

The shine of her eyes, not because of the lights, as he'd pulled away. The slight part of her lips left in the wake of the tactile admission. The intake of breath as he'd invited her to spend the holiday with him. The feel of her arms around his neck when she'd accepted.

More than anything, though, it was the observation of another that had hit it home.

"Now that's love." The older woman had said, almost achingly.

He had looked at her then, and she'd peeked up at him from where her face was burrowed into the warmth of his shoulder. Her agreeing laugh had been so soft and infectious, causing a smile to find its way to his lips.

And that's when Daniel knew this had been worth it.

To see Vala in love…with him.

That made it all worth it.


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