Saved and Rejoined

By Dueler312

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Chapter 17

"You want me to be her godmother?" asked Jessica, a little shocked.

"Well, yeah. I mean, I and Cole talked about it, and we just thought that since you did raise her for the past few months, you would be excellent for it," Starr explained.

Jessica smiled while leaking a tear. "In that case, I would definitely be honored, Starr," said Jessica. Both cousins then hugged each other. That's when they heard Bree. M

"If she's her godmother, am I her godsister?" she asked. Both Starr and Jessica laughed and smiled at that comment.

Cole was waiting downstairs for them, though at the same time, thinking about how his life is really going to change now that they have Hope.

"You okay, Cole?" he heard distantly. Cole looked up and saw Starr's aunt, Viki, who was just walking in.

"Yeah, just thinking about how life is going to be different now, with Starr and me raising a little girl," said Cole.

"Well, it definitely is, with you and Starr being still pretty young," said Viki. "However though, I think you two will be able to pull it off."

"Are you sure?" asked Cole.

"Well, I know it will be hard for a while," Viki explained, "but with both your Starr's love for each other, and for your little girl, it will go pretty good. You two really will make good parents."

Cole smiled and thanked Viki for that, just as Jessica and Starr were coming down, with Hope in Starr's arms and Bree right beside her mother.

"Hey, she's all already to go," said Starr.

"She really looks beautiful there," Cole said, looking at Hope.

"Hey, you know what we need, a picture of you three," Jessica suggested.

"I say that's a wonderful idea," said Viki. "Let me just find my camera."

Cole and Starr were all for it, but Cole was looking at his daughter, couldn't believing that this was what he and Starr created.

"Hey, why don't you hold her, Cole?" Starr suggested.

"Are you sure, Starr?" asked Cole.

"Am I sure?" Starr repeated, laughing. "Cole, you're Hope's father. You deserve to hold her." Cole smiled, and nodded. Starr carefully handed Hope in Cole's arms, with Jessica showing him how to hold her.

"Wow, this is really…… awesome," said Cole. "Hey, I'm your father, little one. Hey!" Hope reached up and grabbed Cole's ear. Starr was giggling so much that she had to crouch a little.

"Oh you think this is funny? Because I'm pretty sure she got it from you," teased Cole.

"Oh I don't know about that," said Starr, smiling.

Jessica just laughed and said, "You two definitely fit each other perfectly, along with Hope." Starr and Cole both smiled at that.

"Ah. Here we are," said Viki. "I had to dig this camera out of the closet," she added while smiling.

Starr and Cole came together with Cole holding Hope and then Viki counted to three and took the picture. Once that was done, Viki and Jess went over to the young parents to show them it.

"That's definitely a good picture of the new family," said Jess.

"Yeah, well I think we need to get going," said Starr. "There's a whole bunch of others wanting to welcome this little one."

"I hope she will be okay," said Bree, who came from down the steps.

"Hey, don't worry, Bree," said Starr "She will be, because you helped her take care of her, and you should be proud of that." Bree just smiled. Starr, Cole, and Hope then took off, with promises that they will bring Hope by to visit.

Langston, Dorian, and Blair were setting up everything in Starr's room so she could take care of Hope. Marty was doing the same at the mansion with Nora and Markko in Cole's room.

"Looks like it's all set," said Langston.

"Yeah, now all we need is the newest Cramer woman," said Dorian.

"Yeah, but I don't think that Starr and Cole will let you spoil her that badly," said Blair. Dorian just rolled her eyes.

Just then they heard a car parking in the lot.

"That must be them," said Langston, and the three women headed out of the room, just in time to see Starr and Cole coming in, with Hope in Cole's arms.

"Oh my god," said Blair, putting her hand to her heart. "She's really adorable."

"She certainly is," said Starr. "You want to hold her, Mom?"

"I sure would," said Blair, and Starr handed Hope to her mom. "Aww. Aren't you the cutest thing ever?"

"I'm pretty sure she said to you when you were born, Starr," said Langston. Starr just side-slapped Langston; though smiled at that comment.

"Hey, where's my mom and Markko?" asked Cole.

"We're right here," said Marty, who came in the door with Markko following suit; the door wasn't closed. Markko went beside Langston, while Marty went over to where Starr and Cole were.

"We were making your room over at the mansion ready whenever Hope sleeps with you," said Markko, "along with Nora's help."

"Are you sure that's going to be all right?" asked Dorian.

"Aunt Dorian, its going to be okay," said Starr, who was taking Hope back in her arms. "Besides, she's going to have a really big family who really cares about her."

"You've got that right," said Cole, who his hands on Starr's shoulders. Starr turned quickly and pecked him on the lips and they both smiled at each other, as they welcomed Hope Chloe Thornhart to the family.

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