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Chapter One: Prologue

Casey and Alexander were walking out to Alexander's car after seeing a movie. It was a calm and cool night, and they were having a good time, completely unaware of the events that were about to go down. As they reached their car, Alexander turned to Casey.

"Have a good time, Casey?" Alexander asked her.

"Yes, I did." Casey said, wrapping her arms around his neck. She leaned in and planted a kiss on his lips. Alexander felt his face heated up. He stepped back and began to unlock his truck. Just as he did, he felt something press against his back.

"Give me your keys." The voice said gruffly. Alexander turned around and dropped the keys right in front of the carjacker. The gunman began to eye Casey with a sinister look on his face.

"Nice girl you have." He said in a suggestive way.

"You leave her alone." Alexander said, stepping in front of Casey. "You want to fight someone, fight me."

"Hah, fine with me." He said, the gunman took the gun he was carrying, and struck Alexander across the face. Alexander fell to the ground with a thud. In a daze, Alexander looked up and mouthed the words 'RUN' to Casey. Casey began to slowly back away, and she tried to run away. The gunman was ready, however. The gunman shot twice, hitting Casey in the back. Alexander watched in horror as she fell to the ground. Alexander tried to get to her, but he was hit in the leg with a bullet. The gunman's weapon clicked, and he ran off in a direction. Alexander limped over to Casey, who was lying on the ground red stains all over her back.

"No." Alexander said, tears forming in his eyes. Alexander took her in his arms, and held her close.

"Alexander, I have...something to tell you." Casey said, weakly.

"No, save your breath. Help is on the way." Alexander said, pulling out his cell phone and calling 9-11.

"Alexander, I'm..." Casey said, before she closed her eyes.

Alexander held her close to him, and closed his eyes. "God, please don't take her from me, please." Alexander looked up to the clear sky, and hoped that the girl he loved wouldn't die right here in his arms.

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