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Chapter One

Ashleigh stood outside Wonder's stall. The mare was huge with yet another foal this time to one of Kentucky's top stallions.

"How's Wonder doing?" Ashleigh's long-time boyfriend Mike asked walking up.

"She's fine. I think we'd better set up round-the-clock foal watch on her though. I bet she'll foal in the next couple days."

"You would know."

Ashleigh laughed and remembered all the foals she'd watched Wonder have. Each one was a little miracle of its own.

"I need to go visit Princess," she said regretfully. Townsend Princess still lived at Townsend Acres. The vet had given the ok on her so they were now preparing her for training. Ashleigh didn't want to miss a moment of it, but at the same time she dreaded seeing Princess's part-owner Brad Townsend. Ever since Mr. Townsend had left to do business with Europe, Brad had been running his father's racing farm. Ashleigh had been trying to convince Brad to allow Princess to be moved to Ashleigh's parents new farm, but she wasn't having any luck.

"Do you want me to come with you?"

"No that's okay. You need to stay here and keep an eye on Wonder for me." Ashleigh smiled and gave Mike a quick kiss before she set off out to her old truck.

She thought about all the progress Princess had made over the last couple weeks and was in good spirits when she finally climbed out of her truck at Townsend Acres.

She walked quickly to Princess's stall.

"Hi girl!" she greeted when Princess nickered at her.

"Still treating her like a pet, are we Griffin? When are you going to realize that a racehorse is a racehorse and not a pet?" the taunting voice of Brad Townsend called from around the corner. He walked into the barn looking as smug as ever. His fancy clothes were spotless.

Ashleigh felt a rush of hatred towards him at that moment.

"And when are you going to realize that a racehorse is an animal and not a machine that is supposed to bring home money every day?" I asked him coldly stroking Princess's sleek neck.

Their argument was interrupted when Maddock walked up.

"Hello Ashleigh," he said. "Come to visit Princess?"

"Of course."

"Good, I needed to talk to you. Princess has been doing great with her training and we hope to have a rider on her back in the next week. We were hoping you might like to be that rider."

"I'd be delighted."

"We also have a horse running at Churchill Downs this weekend. You know Drop that Top. Would you mind taking him too?"

"No, I don't have any mounts this weekend."

"Great. Well that's all I needed to talk to you about. I'll let you get on with your visit. Princess won't be worked today by the way." Maddock walked off easily heading off on his busy day.

"Did you hear that, Princess? I'm going to be the first person to ride you!" Ashleigh crooned excitedly, completely ignoring Brad.

"Excuse me, still here you know," Brad interrupted.

"I know. Why don't you just go on and do whatever it is that you do. You must be busy running this place all by yourself."

"Now that you mention it I do have a lot of work to get done today. I'm sure you want to be alone. I'll see you later." He walked arrogantly off.

Ashleigh glared at his back and then turned to Princess when he was out of earshot. She went down to the tack room and grabbed her grooming box. If Princess wasn't going to be worked today then the least she could do was give her a good grooming.

Ashleigh spent an hour with Princess before she finally pulled herself away. She climbed into her truck and set off down the road. She was only a mile down the road when her cell phone rang. She dug it out of her purse and checked the caller I.D. It was Mike.


"Ashleigh, Wonder's foaling."

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