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By: Vexitoire

Chapter One

This was a nightmare just like all the others he experienced. Uchiha Sasuke glanced around. He new the routine, but even though every nightmare was the exact same, Sasuke's never succeeded in escaping the monstrosities that would always follow. It was an endless cycle.

His eyes scanned the room, everything was the same. This was the house that he had grown up with his loving mother and his caring brother. But, the home had lost any trace of the love that it once meant to the Uchiha. The walls were splattered with a dark crusted red, something that Sasuke was very familiar with. The air was heavy with the scent of death.

"Little brother," a taunting voice whispered into his ear. Sasuke's head whipped around. Where's that bastard? Sasuke scowled, his head turning around at break-neck speeds as he tried to locate the whereabouts of that voice. A dark silhouette with blood-red eyes, appeared before him, a hand outstretched and moving towards the Uchiha's neck. "Weak, pathetic… who do you think you are? You never even be a good Guardian. You can't even protect your own family."

Sasuke struggled as the figure's hand clamped around his neck, choking him.

"Who…are…you?" Sasuke gasped between struggling breaths. Though he already knew.

"Come on, little brother," the tall figure smirked tauntingly. The pressure increased and Sasuke's lungs starved for oxygen. "Tell me you remember." Sasuke tried to glare at the person before him, but his brain being so deprived of what was needed, his vision started to spin around.

"I-I-Itachi." Sasuke choked out after much struggle. The pressure around his neck loosened and he feel to the ground, wheezing and coughing. The Uchiha shot a glare at his older brother as soon as he got a chance too.

Itachi smirked at his little brother's antics. "Sasuke, you think you know everything, don't you?"

"Shut up!" Sasuke pushed himself to his feet and launched his body towards Itachi, a fist aiming towards his head. Just at the last moment, Itachi moved out of the way and Sasuke fell to the floor, skidding backwards. The boy jumped up again as his scowl deepened.

Itachi walked towards his younger brother, grabbing his chin with two fingers, his sharp nails digging into Sasuke's skin. Sasuke pulled himself out of his brother's grasp, but Itachi's nails had left a big gash along the side of his face.

"What do you want, Itachi?" The younger boy growled out, trying to suppress the murderous thoughts that were swimming around in his head. No matter what he did, Itachi was always there to plague his dreams at night. Sasuke need to get to the bottom of this…

"It's simple, you have something that I want." Sasuke's eyes widened a few fractions of an inch before the icy mask was overlaid again on his features.

"And what would that be?"

"Her." Suddenly, a girl appeared at in front of Itachi. Her opalescent eyes looked back and forth from Sasuke and Itachi. Indigo locks framed her pale face, contorted with fear. Her hands were tied behind her back, making her squirm in an attempt to get loose.

What the fu-, Sasuke's eyes widened as he stopped in mid-thought. "Itachi, you bastard!" He yelled towards the older Uchiha sibling. "Let Hinata go!" Itachi placed his hand on the delicate's girl head and lowered his body so that his head was resting in the crook of her neck.

The older sibling buried his face into her neck, inhaling in her scent. The girl closed her eyes; as if she tried hard enough, she could make this all seem like a very bad dream. "S-Sasuke-kun…" the girl quietly called out to him. Her eyes were shut, but Sasuke knew that if she was look at him, he would see pools of deep fear.

Sasuke's fist clenched at his side. "Let her go, you damn bastard!"

"Now, now, Sasuke," his older brother chastised, "There's no need to repeat yourself over and over again." Hinata visibly shivered as she felt Itachi's hot breath on her neckline.

"Hinata-chaaann…" He purred sensuously. His teeth nibbled at the curve of her ear. She whimpered as she felt his hot tongue lick her neck, laying a kiss on her bare neckline. Then his fangs pierced her skin.

She screamed.


Sasuke woke up screaming, drenched in sweat and his heart pounding. He sat up and tried to stead his heartbeat. He glanced towards his roommate, who –thankfully—was still sound asleep.

"Damn it." The Uchiha grimaced. Oddly enough, his nightmare tonight had taken a different turn. His damn brother had chosen to attack someone else over him. Someone who Sasuke swore he would protect. His grip on his sheets tightened.

He glanced at the clock that was on his bedstand. The neon-green lights read 6:00 PM. Outside, the sun was just setting. It was a bit earlier than he normally woke up. School usually started at 8:00 PM but Sasuke would always wake up early to train and then to pick up Hinata.

But Sasuke just sat there, still shaken up from the nightmare. His hands were still shaking. He glanced at the clock again before he pushed himself out of bed to take a shower.


The Konoha Academy seemed just like any others. It had large dorms, a big campus, and your standard required classes. It was on a secluded island, somewhere off the coast of Japan, far away from the rest of civilization. But it had one thing that normal academies lacked.


There were only three types of vampires. There were the Dhampirs, results of unions between humans and vampires that resulted in a child that were half-human and half-vampire. The good thing about dhampirs, were that they were strong and intelligent like vampires, though had the ability to stay out in the sun like humans. And it was because of this that the dhampirs were raised and taught in the same academies as the vampire students, for their jobs were to protect royal vampires as soon as they graduated.

The odd thing was that dhampirs couldn't have children with other dhampirs, they could only with vampires. Something that was even more peculiar was that when dhampirs and vampires had children, those would also be dhampirs. One would think that it would result in a child that was ¼ human and ¾ vampire, but that's just not how it works.

Of course, there were the vampires, or 'kyuuketsuki' in Japanese. It was just 'ketsuki' for short. The ketsuki, contrary to popular belief, never killed people intentionally, especially when taking blood. In fact, most preferred to live lives as far away from humans as it could get.

The ketsuki still needed blood, mind you, so the Academy kept a group of people called Feeders. These were humans that lived in the lap of luxury (the Academy had a lot of money) and their only job was to let the ketsuki feed off of them. This would seem very odd, but the ketsuki's fangs released a sort of endorphin into the bodies of whomever they were feeding on, making the victim/prey seem more at ease. Many of the Feeders liked this because it was deemed their personal "high".

The Academy only held classes at night, because the ketsuki couldn't stay outside in the sun, for UV rays were harmful to their skins. But nevertheless, the ketsuki were just as fast and smart as dhampirs, if not more. Except, ketsuki were able to specialize in elemental magic—fire, air, water, and earth.

Because of such powers, the ketsuki and the dhampirs took different classes in the first half of the night, each to hone their skills, but in the early part of morning, dhampirs and ketsuki shared classes like science and history.

And last but not least, there were the Akuma, or the undead. These were ketsuki that have killed while feeding, normally resulting in them going mad. Humans and dhampirs are also able to become Akuma if they exchange blood with one—either voluntary or involuntary. However, there were a significant number of Akuma that retain their sanity; although, they maintain a thrist to kill.

These demons are stronger, faster, and stronger, and there were only three ways to destroy them: decapitating, incinerating, or a stake through the heart. The stakes that are used by the Guardians are laced with magic from the Ketsuki, enabling the weapon to kill more efficiently.


Wearing his normal high-collared navy shirt and white shorts ensemble, Sasuke leaned his back on one of the many columns in the colonnade that accent the outside of the Ketsuki Girl's Dorm. His observant eyes gazed around him, seeing groups of ketsuki girls walking out of the dorm, completely ignoring his presence, and other groups of dhampir girls that would smile at him flirtatiously. The Uchiha ignored those girls, he was used to it by now, not only that, but Sasuke saw love as a petty emotion, hindering to anyone that fell under its spell.

He waited, and waited. His patience was thinning. The large clock tower in the middle of campus indicated that classes were going to start in 30 minutes.

Where is Hinata?

Sasuke's eyes widened considerably as his mind flashed back to the nightmare that he had had just a few hours ago. Though it was fairly implausible for Itachi to be roaming around an Academy with such an accomplished security system, but Sasuke just couldn't keep his mind of it.

Ignoring all the rules about different gender dormitories, the dhampir opened the door and rushed towards the general direction of Hinata's room.


The windows of the large room were covered with large thick curtains. Hinata Hyuuga was a royal ketsuki, meaning that once she was of legal age, she would move to the royal court in Romania to help make decisions with the royal council. However, her status at the Academy meant little except for the fact that the school gave her one of the largest rooms in the girl's dormitory. Sadly, along with a large room, came a large window. Hinata, like all vampires were sensitive to the sunlight. Ironically enough, her name meant "sunny place" in Japanese.

Sasuke gently opened the door towards her room and then closed it behind him. The room was dark, but he could see pretty clearly with his dhampir eyes. He walked over to the canopy bed that was in the center of the room. Under the lavender silk sheets, Sasuke could see someone there. The Uchiha set himself lightly on the bed, careful not to wake her up yet.

Hinata was normally pale, but this was just scary. Her skin almost looked like chalk. The dhampir delicately placed his hand on Hinata's forehead, her skin was dead cold and there were dark circles around her eyes. "Hinata?" he whispered into her ear while shaking her gently in an attempt to wake her up.

The Hyuuga stirred slightly before her eyelids fluttered open. "Sasuke-kun?" she said quietly, but her mouth was dry so her voice was not very loud.

"Hinata," Sasuke started sternly, "have you forgotten to feed again?" The dhampir tried to hold her graze, but her eyes kept wandering around the room, as if she was trying to concentrate on anything but him. Sasuke knew what that meant. "Hinata…" he said gently. "You need to make sure that you get enough blood regularly…"


"I know you don't want to hurt anybody…" Sasuke sighed in desperation. "How are you going to go about school tonight if you can't even get out of bed?" There was a long pause as Hinata shifted uncomfortably in her spot. "How's this, you need to drink from me."

The Hyuuga's white eyes widened. There was no possible way that she would be able to do that to a friend. But as she opened her mouth to protest, Sasuke shushed her and proceeded to help her sit up. He took of his high-collared shirt so that it would be easier for Hinata, however, he had failed to notice the faint blush that decorated her face.

Hinata moved towards him hesitantly. She placed her hand on his shoulder and willed her fangs to surface from their spot hidden behind her canine teeth. She paused for a moment, but Sasuke's hand on her back encouraged her to move on. The Hyuuga placed a small kiss on his neck before her fangs delved into her neck and his sweet blood flowed into her awaiting mouth.


Sasuke tensed as he felt Hinata's fangs on his neck. At first there was a slick pain before the endorphins began to circulate around his body and his relaxed.

The feeling was sensational, but it was not something that was unfamiliar to him, sadly there had been another incident when Hinata had forgotten to feed and he had allowed her to drink his blood. His mind felt so elated. He had never felt so carefree in a long time; in fact he couldn't remember the last time that he had felt so at ease.

Maybe perhaps when he was a child, and his mother used to-

And then it stopped. Hinata withdrew herself from Sasuke, her face regained the normal rosy hue it had and the dark rings around her eyes disappeared. She smiled cheerfully at the dhampir.

He gave a weak smile in return, before falling into her arms due to the lack of strength that normally accompanied a vampire bite.

"Not that wasn't too hard, was it?"

End of Chapter One

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