Final chapter. It's quiet short, isn't it? Will Izumi and Goemon have a happy ending, or will they broke apart… forever?

Rated: T for teen, 13+ for Language, Mature Content, Mild Violence, and Sexual Themes

Recap: Izumi tells Goemon how she feels. He leaves her alone to go to the ninja meeting. Izumi skips it… meaning that she won't get her qualification?!

Ninja Izumi

Chapter 5: The Last

I sat against the wall, unable to sleep. I could only sit there and cry. I didn't run out for the while two hours. I could only think of Goemon's face, and the way he completely dumped me. How he didn't say he loved me. He still completely loves Usagi. How could I be so stupid to think we'd ever have a future? Goemon would hang on to Usagi forever.

I wished that I got the assignment to marry Hanzo. Then maybe he'd fall in love with me, and Goemon could get Usagi. Either way, Usa and Hanzo got a happy ending. But it wasn't going to end that way, was it? We weren't going to have a happily ever after, were we? At least, not me.

I don't think I'll ever get over this. Ever.


I didn't realize the door opened until I looked up and saw Goemon sitting across from me. His face too, was sad. I wiped my eyes and sighed.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"I wanted to know if you were ok." Goemon said.

"Yes, I am." I lied. "You don't have to worry about me. Why don't you make yourself useful and go say good night to Usagi?"

Goemon was quiet.

"Oh, you already did?"

"No." Goemon looked at me. "I… I wanted to see you."

"Why?" I asked.

"To tell you that I love you." He said.

My face went pale. I felt my heart begin to beat faster.

"You were right. Usagi is in love with Hanzo, and we'll never be together."

"I didn't say that." I said softly.

"Well, you meant it." Goemon smiled. "Anyway, the point is, during that meeting it was hard to concentrate. Because all I could think about… was you. I couldn't stop thinking about you."

"Stop it." I snapped, turning away. "I… don't want to hear it."

"What?" Goemon asked.

"The 'I think of you as a sister' thing." I said. "I can't bear it."

"Bear this."

Goemon leaned in and pressed his lips against mine. I gasped softly and the sudden contact. Just like before, it was a forceful kiss. I breathed in sharply and he pulled me away from the wall. He laid me down on my bed and massaged his lips against mine. I felt complete pleasure when I knew this kiss was for real.

And it was for me.

He pulled his shirt opened and came back down to kiss me. I was breathing hard against his lips. He wrapped one arm around my waist. He leaned in closer. I grabbed his head and tangled my fingers in his hair. His hand slid into my kimono…

(C'mon, it's only rated T, remember?) Later….

"Goemon…" I sighed. We were on the road again, almost half home. The walk was going by fast, cause I was remembering that wonderful night. My first time. I blushed when I thought about it. It was completely amazing. I've never felt anything so…

"Oh no!" I cried. "I won't qualify as a ninja now!"

"Why not?" Goemon asked.

"Because I wasn't at the meeting…" I whimpered.

"No problem. I was there." Goemon smiled. "I'll tell you everything, and then you can tell Master Momochi."

"Really?" I smiled.

"Yep." Goemon said. "And then… you'll become a ninja."

"And I'll always be by your side." I said. I grabbed his arm and hugged it.

"Yes." Goemon smiled. He kissed me on the lips. "I love you, Izumi."

Those four words made my whole world spin. I gulped softly, my face heating up again.

"I love you too, Goemon." I said. "I love you too."

The End


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