Chapter 9: Part of the Family

Halina stood in the room, not sure how much time had passed. The room was sparsely furnished. It had a bed, a nightstand next to the bed, a desk, a chair at the desk and a closet. The room also had a window with a bench as the windowsill.

Halina crossed over to the window and sat. She hated herself. She had created a trap for herself and had fallen into it like a rat. She was alone, with no friends or support. Well not compleately alone. "It could be worse." Kero suggested and he hovered to her.

"How?" Halina asked gloomily

"That stuff could have been real poison and you could be dead." Kero said flatly

Kero did have a point but she was not going to tell him that. Instead she stood up and walked over to the bed, dragging her feet along. As soon as fell on the bed her whole body relaxed ready for sleep. But her mind was working overtime. Images and memories flashed across her mind. Harry Potter and her dream on the beach, Mycroft teaching her magic back home, her friends at school, the Death Eaters marching into Boston, Vermont, Voldimort… Halina curled up into a ball. She did not want to think about him. All she wanted to do right then was sleep. Her body was weak and tired. She had been through to much to fast. She wondered how Harry Potter had managed to stay strong all those years. She was not sure when it happened but she fell asleep under the watchful eye of the guardian of the Clow.

After Kero was sure the Cardcaptor was asleep he flew towards the door. Upon touching it the door opened. He flew down the hall to the stairs. He entered the dark kitchen and hovered to the refrigerator.

"Hungry?" A voice asked from the other side of the room.

Kero blinked ferously as the lights turned on. "You know she really is harmless." Kero said icily.

Snape strolled into the room. "What you have done in my place?"

"I would not have hurt her like that." Kero growled.

Snape sighed, for the first time looking truly tired. "Do you know how many people think I am dead?"

Kero wanted to reply 'do you know how many people want to kill her?' but instead snapped "Everyone."

"Very true. Do you know what would happen if those people found out I was alive?" Snape took sevarl more steps forward standing face to face with Kero.

"They would probably try to kill you and…" Kero stopped dead and landed on a shelf. "…Everyone here."

"Precisely." Snape reached over Kero and pulled out a chilled caramel apple. "Do you like sweets?" Kero nodded. Snape took the apple to the table. "You understand now. I have no had feelings to the girl I just needed to make sure that the people I was protecting remained protected especially Miss Granger. I am sure you can why she might be important."

"Yeah…" Kero muttered gliding over to the table and landing next to the sweet. Snape cut Kero a wedge and handed it to Kero. Kero ate in silence, watching Snape slice more pieces.

After a long time Snape finally spoke. "Look I never meant to harm her but I needed to make sure she was not…"

"Dangerous?" Kero snapped

"A threat." Snape corrected "I still think she may be a threat, but not quite for the old reasons."

"Oh, I'm glad to hear that." Kero said with a heavy amount of sarcasm "So what is this new reason is?"

"Her family." Snape said shortly. "Let me explain what I understand of this."

Drip, drip…ripple…drip, ripple…ripple. It's that dream again, in the cave. Something is glowing…wings…Yue…Kero I am scared. I don't want to fight him. Someone help me. Sakura-chan.

CRASH- what the…Mhuha hahahaha…

"NO!" Halina screamed. She fell to the floor with a loud thud. "ow…" She sat on the ground and rubbed the back of her head.

The door opened and Miss White peered in with Miss Black at her shoulder. "We heard a cry and a crash. Is everything alright in here?"

Halina looked away, embraced as tears began to roll down her cheeks. "I fell out of bed…" She muttered.

"Are you alright?" Miss White said extending a hand.

"I'm fine." Halina said ignoring the hand and getting shakily to her feet. She sat on the bed.

Miss White and Miss Black exchanged a look; then both looked intencely at Halina. "What happened to you?" Miss Black asked.

Halina looked down at her feet. She hugged herself wishing she had someone to hug. "I'd rather not say…" Halina admitted

"We understand." Miss Black said heading back to the door.

Suddenly Halina looked up "Where's Kero?"

"Down stairs with Snape." Miss White said thoughtfully.

"Oh," Halina muttered. Miss Black and Miss White left the room and closed door. Halina felt more alone then ever. Thought began to churn in her head. Finally she stood and walked into the hall. Plan after plan ran through her head she did not know what to do. There were too many 'if's. She walked down the stairs and stopped right before the door to the kitchen. She took a deep breath and opened the door.

Sitting around a small table was Miya, Miss White, Miss Black and Snape. Kero was sitting on it.

Halina just stood there until Snape said "Sit." Halina sat in the one empty seat between Miya and Miss White. "We have a lot to talk about."

"I know," She muttered "Look I…"

"I know you did not mean to endanger all of us. I understand that. You are, in fact, just like us here." He pointed to each person around the table. They all nodded solemnly. "But that does not mean you are risk."

"Then why don't you just erase my memory?" Halina asked coldly.

"Because it is unnecessarily." Snape said flatly

Halina was floored by that. "What do you mean?"

"Because you have no one to tell. You are no threat, at least not in the same way the Death Eaters are." Snape stared at her.

Halina was stunned. She felt lost, weak. Tears began to roll down face and there was no way she could stop them.

"Hey Hikari, you okay?" Miya asked placing a hand on Halina's back.

"You- you called me Hikari." Halina said confused.

"Well that was how you first introduced yourself to us." Miya said almost brightly.

Halina nodded and turned back to Snape. "What did Kero tell you?" She asked.

"He told me enough." Snape said flatly. He pushed a plate piled of scones on it before Halina. Halina raised an eyebrow. "I did not poison them."

Halina took one without a word and bit into it. She felt less weak, but she wished she could just sink into her chair. "Thank you," she muttered.

"Hikari," Miss White said gently. "We came up with a plan for you till you need to go back to school." Halina nodded. "We will call you Hikari Star, since that was you told us."

This was there big plan to call me by the name I gave myself? Halina felt dubious about this plan. She wanted to say something but decide she really did not have anything good to say, so she stayed quiet.

"… We are also going to call you Snape's niece. That way if people ask why Miya was fallowing you around Salem people will understand that you are new here and Mr. S just wanted someone to keep an eye on you." Miss Black finished.

"Hikari you have nothing to worry about. You're safe here." Miya said brightly.

"What is safe?" Halina finally whispered. "I mean how can this plan work? If the Death Eaters come then…"

"The Death Eaters have come." Snape said, cutting Halina off. "And they will come again. Just because they have come here does not mean they will cause trouble. They have seen Miya and me before."

"How can you be so calm about this?" Halina was shaking. She glared at Snape.

"Because they don't care about me. Most of them do not even know who I am, or was anyway. And those that do remember me seem to not notice who I am." Snape shrugged "Beside they won, a long time ago. Trust me this place is safer then Hogwarts, I promise."

"You can't make that sort of promise." Halina snicker.

"Yes I can. Hogwarts fell over 10 years ago. Right now Voldimort is the head master there. Look Hikari," He said his lips slowly turning into a smile, "they don't care about people who try to fight them. Right now all they are doing is taking over the world, and they can. They are just that strong."

"So we just sit here twiddling our thumbs?"

"Not at all. We plan our next move, and right now you seem like our next move."


"Yes. I am not sure why yet, but Miss White and Miss Black both seem to think you are a very special girl. Isn't that right?" They both nodded. "You may be our last hope."

Halina did not like the sound of that. "What if you guys are wrong and I am not what you think I am?"

"Then we try something else. However I don't think we have anything to worry about." Snape stood up and stretched "So Hikari what do you say about becoming part of this family?"

Halina looked around the table; every stared back at her. Finally she smiled. "You got yourself a bargain Uncle Sebastian." Hikari said shaking his hand.

Everyone cheered. For the first since she had left her home in Boston did she feel so safe. This was what home felt like.

End chapter 9. That took way to long to rewrite and post. I hope you people like it.