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Chapter 3

Tony woke to the sound of Abby's voice.

"She's still sleeping...one bullet nicked her jugular, the other went through her side and did minor damage. The surgeon said the surgery was successful, but she was incredibly lucky...yeah...he's in with her now...it was a Mala Halo?...okay, we'll see you soon." She hung up the phone and went over to where Tony sat next to Ziva's bed. "Gibbs and McGee got the guy. Member of the Mala Halo on his own revenge mission."

Tony blinked groggily. "Revenge mission?"

"For Ziva's threat and arresting Hector José."

"How the hell did he get into the Navy Yard?"

"Found a breach in security. Like Mikel all those years ago," Abby explained. She had managed to get a level head by now. "Gibbs and McGee'll be here soon."

"Great." Tony was still quiet. He didn't remember falling asleep, but he did remember surrendering to himself and taking Ziva's hand, where it still sat now.

Ziva had moved since he had last looked at her face; last time her face had been facing the ceiling, now it was facing him. Her eyes were closed, and she was breathing slowly and evenly.

"The doctors told me she is really lucky to have such a small amount of damage," Abby told him. "It could have been so much worse."

"Yeah," Tony replied, still staring at Ziva's closed eyes.

Abby noticed his distraction. "I'm gonna go call Timmy," she said, leaving the room.

Tony had seen Ziva sleeping before, but this was different. This time she looked weak, vulnerable. In the pale blue hospital gown she looked even skinnier than usual, and the drip in her arm didn't help the image.

"I don't know what to say to you," he said quietly. "I can't believe this happened. You hear of people getting shot all the time, but this…this is different. Not because it happened in the lab but because it's you. I'm sure something like this has probably happened to you before, but it's still different. I don't think I've ever felt the way I felt when you fell to the ground. And I never want to feel like that again. The thought of losing you forever…it's terrifying." He paused, as if waiting for her to respond. "I don't think I've ever felt like that about anyone before. I've lost partners before, but like I said, this was different."

Abby's words continued to circle around his mind. "You either tell her now while you have the chance or you might never be able to."

After taking a deep breath, he continued.

"The reason I've never felt this way about my other partners was because I wasn't…I wasn't…I wasn't in love with them. But…I love you." There. He'd said it. "It's probably completely pointless to say it now since you can't even hear me. And it's stupid that this had to happen to make me say it. And when you wake up I'll have to say it again which will be even harder." He gripped her hand tighter, before bringing it up to his face, placing a light kiss on her knuckles. "Just get better, Ziva. That's all I can ask of you."

A noise in the doorway distracted him. He turned, only to find Gibbs, McGee and Abby all watching him. McGee looked surprised yet strangely pleased, Abby looked like Christmas had come early, but Tony was most worried about his boss. As usual, his expression was pretty much unreadable, but Tony could see that Gibbs wasn't about to explode at him for breaking at least one of his rules.

Instead, Gibbs put his hands on McGee and Abby's shoulders, leading them away from the room.

Tony turned back around to see Ziva looking at him intently, a weak smile on her face. "Ziva," he breathed, before remembering their hands. He almost dropped hers, but she reached over and held them together, still looking directly at him.

"How are you feeling?" Tony asked, completely rattled now that she was awake.

"I heard you," she said, not answering his question, but posing another one.

"What?...oh," Tony said. "You…you heard that."

"I was resting my eyes. I was not sleeping," she said, still smiling.

Tony suddenly realized how close they were, within mere inches. As if by instinct, he went to move away, but she caught him again and moved her hand to his face, drawing him closer than before. He completed the action by closing his eyes and leaning even further, pressing his lips again hers and holding them there for a moment, which became even better when she reciprocated.

They drew apart, then Ziva moved so her face was over his shoulder, and he was the same for her. His hands were now wrapped around her, holding her loosely enough that nothing hurt, but tight enough that she felt secure.

"I love you too," she whispered into his ear. "And I will not leave you here alone, at least for as long as I can help it."

Tony laughed lightly. "Thank you."

Abby had been right. Don't hold back if you need to say something, or you could lose it forever. And if you do do it, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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