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The stars were going out one by one.....

The stars had begun going out since she arrived in this parallel world. This meant that the universe was in trouble, but there was no Doctor here to save it. 'But it has me' thought Rose. She touched her stomach protectively. She had lied to the Doctor on that fateful day on that beach. It wasn't her mum that was pregnant. It was her, Rose Marion Tyler, that was going to have a baby.

"Rose? Rose are you in there?" called Jackie from the other side of the door.

"Yeah, mum."

Jackie walked into Rose's room. "Sweetheart, what's the matter? Your thinking of him again aren't you?"

" I just wish he was here." Rose sniffed. " Mum, you think I did the right thing by tellin' him it was you?"


"I mean, he is no longer the last one of his kind, and he doesn't even know it." Rose began to cry.

"Rose. What could he have done if you had told him the truth? He would have destroyed the seal and two worlds would have been destroyed. You did what you thought was right. Now how about we go and get some chips?"

Jackie got up and left the room leaving Rose alone again.

Rose turned her head back to look out the window again. She let her mind wander back to the possible nights that this child could have been conceived.


Flash back 1 .....

The Tardis was gone, and they were now stuck here. The Doctor was upset at the thought that he and Rose where now stuck here. Forced to live the slow path, and never being able to return to their travels.

"Doctor?" asked Rose as she laid there on the bed.

They had been given the only room that was open, mostly cause that person had died. It's not like they hadn't shared a room before. There were planets that it was the only way they could stay the nights or even the days. Barcelona was one of them, though the Doctor hadn't realized it before.

"Doctor? You there?"

"Hhhhmmmm? Oh right, sorry." He was lost in his mind and hadn't noticed that Rose had said his name.

"So now what is going to happen? I mean we are stuck here, and there is no way for us to get back." she began to fight back tears.

"Rose. There is nothing I can do. The Tardis is gone and we don't even have a time watch like Jack. So yeah we are basically stuck here. But stuck here together." The Doctor reached for Rose's hand. "And I wouldn't want to be stuck with anyone else but you."

Rose smiled, and wiped her eyes. " There is room for one more...."

Flash back 2....

Rose was laying there with the Doctor holding her in his arms. It was the second time they had sex with each other, and it was of course incredible.

"Doctor? What did you mean when you said that you were a father before?" She glanced up to look at his face.

"Well, it was quite a long time ago really." he let out a sigh before continuing. "It was back in my first body. Even before I regenerated for the first time. I had been forced into an arranged marriage right after I graduated from the academy. It was normal on my planet that the government arranged marriages. Supposedly to help make the next generation smarter than the parents. Anyways I was married, her name was Serenity. We lived together after the ritual but we never connected like some couples would. Soon we were asked to go to the Loom chamber to create a child." The Doctor looked down at Rose.

Rose looked at him with a confused look on her face.

"Time Lords don't procreate like you humans do. We had these things called Looms." still seeing the confused look he tried to dumb it down for her. " Think of cloning but instead of one set of DNA you take two sets and put them together."

Rose began nod as it now started to make sense.

"So what happened? To your child, I mean."

"They were created and we never saw them till they had reached the end of their gestation period. A whole year till we saw them. They were twins."

Rose could see the pain in the Doctors face. She reached up and placed a hand on his cheek. She lifted herself on her right elbow and moved up to his face. She kissed him but not before saying, "I'm sorry."


Parallel world...

Rose began to think of the very last time she and the Doctor made love. It was the night before she and the Doctor were separated. She closed her eyes as she remembered. The dinner by candle light the Doctor had paid for at a restaurant on Barcelona. The run back to the Tardis, only to be caught at the door by the Doctor. The tickling that led to.....

It was a sharp knock at the door that brought Rose back to the present.

"Rose. Your father is back with the chips. You coming?"

Wiping away the tears with her hand, Rose stood up and walked over to the door. As she went to open it she took a deep breath. She opened the door to see Jackie standing there.

"Yeah, I'm coming. Bit hungry lately."

"Well, why wouldn't you be? I remember when I was pregnant with you, I couldn't stop eating. Your father kept tellin' me that if I kept eating anymore that I'd be fatter than an elephant."

Rose giggled at that statement and proceeded to walk with her mother downstairs to the kitchen. The stairs were rough for Rose. 'Being 7 months pregnant isn't easy.' though Rose as she navigated the last of the stairs. She walked into the kitchen to see Pete kiss Jackie.

"How you feeling?" asked Pete.

"Alright, I guess." replied Rose as she went strait for the chips.

"Mickey will be stopping by later tonight. When he gets here send him to my study, Jackie."

Jackie mock saluted him and said, "Yes sir."

Pete simply smiled and took his chips with him as he headed towards his study.

"So, what do you want to do tomorrow?" asked Jackie as she began to eat her chips.

"I was thinking on going to the hardware store to get some paint for the baby's room. Then go baby shopping." replied Rose.

"It's good to see that you no longer want to hide in that room of yours. You had me and your father worried about you. I know you're on maternity leave, but you shouldn't close yourself off. Hows' about I come with ya. Give you some help with what you're gonna need."

"I think I would like that. Mum."


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Chapter 2 preview:

Rose stared down at their child laying in the crib. She smiled and thought of what the Doctor would have said at the 14 hours of labor that it took for this child of theirs to enter the universe. He would have forgotten about it after seeing this little one, just like she did.

She walked away from the crib and went to close the window to her bedroom. As she latched it tight she looked up to say something to the stars. Only to see another star go out.