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The stars were going out one by one...

The stars had begun going out since she arrived in this parallel world. This meant that the universe was in trouble, but there was no Doctor here to save it. Only one person on this parallel world has traveled to other worlds, and knows about how dangerous the universe really is.

Sitting in a dark, hardwood rocking chair Rose Tyler stares out into the night sky. 'It has me.' Rose Tyler thinks to herself. She pulls at the edges of the multi-colored, knitted blanket that she had wrapped herself in earlier. Even though she is wearing a blue, short sleeved maternity top and black maternity stretch pants, Rose can't help wanting to be wrapped up in a blanket.

It has been seven months since she had ended up where she is, and only six months since she last saw the Doctor. She touches her swollen belly as she feels movement coming from the life within. She had lied to the Doctor on that fateful day on that beach in Norway. It wasn't her mum that was pregnant, like she had told the Doctor. It was her, Rose Marion Tyler, who was going to have a baby. Their baby.

A knock on the door, to her cream and blue colored room, pulls Rose's attention away from the dark, starlit sky.

"Rose? Rose, are you in there?" Jackie calls out from the other side of the closed door.

"Yeah, mum." Rose replies back. Letting out a sigh, Rose turns her head away from the window and towards her bedroom door.

Jackie opens the door and walks into Rose's room. Wearing a crisp, soft pink blouse and dark tan slacks, Jackie Tyler looks different from how Rose remembers seeing her wear while growing up. Once they had settled with Pete, at the new Tyler mansion, Jackie had traded in her normal track suits for more of a professional attired look. Especially since Pete was on the UN Council and head of Torchwood.

"Sweetheart, what's the matter?" Jackie asks as she moves to sit down on the edge of Rose's bed, which sits only four feet away from the rocking chair. "You're thinking of him again, aren't you?"

"I just wish he was here." Rose sniffs out as tears begin to fill her eyes at the thought of the Doctor never getting to see their child. "Mum, you think I did the right thing by tellin' him it was you?"

"Rose." Jackie sighs out. She knows how hard it is to raise a child without the other parent, but to go through a pregnancy without the other parent, that Jackie has no idea what that is like. All she can do is hope that Rose will overcome the sadness once the child is born.

"I mean, he is no longer the last one of his kind, and he doesn't even know it." Rose lets the flood gates open, and lets out a gut-wrenching sob. Tears, that she has held back, begin to flow down her cheeks in earnest.

"Rose. What could he have done if you had told him the truth? You know he would have broken through the seal and both worlds would have been destroyed. You did what you thought was right." Jackie replies as she moves off of Rose's bed and reaches out to her daughter.

Pulling Rose into the tight embrace of her arms, Jackie tries to sooth her daughter as if she was still a young child. As she holds Rose, Jackie whispers words of comfort with the hope that it will help. All the while, in her mind, Jackie is cursing at the Doctor for hurting her daughter, and promises herself that if she ever sees him again that she will smack him into oblivion.

Once Rose has had a good cry and calmed down a bit, Jackie lets Rose know that Pete had gone out for take away for dinner. Knowing Rose, Jackie had told Pete to get at least two if not three helpings of chips as well.

"Well I am going to head down to the kitchen to see if Pete has returned with dinner. Will you be alright, Rose?" Jackie asks as she releases Rose from their embrace.

"I'll be fine, mum." Rose answers softly as she rubs a corner of her blanket underneath her eyes.

"All right then. I'll come back to get you for dinner when he gets home."

Jackie gives Rose a kiss at her temple before walking away and out of the room.

After watching her mother leave, Rose turns her head back to look out the window again. She lets her mind wander back to the few possible nights that her child could have been conceived.


The Tardis was gone, and they were now stuck here on this godforsaken asteroid. With no hope of finding the Tardis, the Doctor was upset at the thought that he and Rose could not leave. This will force them to live the slow path, and possibly never being able to return to their travels.

"Doctor?" asked Rose as she laid there on the bed next to the Time Lord.

Earlier that evening, they were given the only room that was open, mostly because that person had died early on in their expedition. It's not like the Doctor and Rose hadn't shared a room, or a bed, before. There were many times where that was the only way the two of them wouldn't be split up during their travels. Barcelona was one of those few times, though the Doctor hadn't realized it before or had forgotten to mention it.

"Doctor? You there?" Rose asked again, wondering just what the Doctor was thinking about.

"Hhhmmm? Oh right, sorry." He was lost in his mind and hadn't noticed that Rose was trying to talk to him.

"So now what is going to happen to us? I mean we are stuck here, and there is no way for us to get the Tardis back." She said while trying to keep her eyes from filling up with tears. Not one to admit it, but Rose was scared. Never before had they gone without the Tardis, and never had they had to take the slow path during their travels.

"Rose. There is nothing I can do. The Tardis is gone, and we don't even have a time watch like Jack did. So yeah, we are basically stuck here. But stuck together." The Doctor had reached out to take hold of Rose's hand. "And I wouldn't want to be stuck with anyone else but you."

Rose smiled at the Doctor and laced the fingers of their joined set of hands together. The look in his eyes had shifted and Rose soon found herself underneath the her bedmate's body with their lips pressed together.

In a different setting, at a different time during their travels, had brought another encounter between the two time travelers. It had occurred during their time at the 2012 Olympics, while dealing with a lonely child.

In Rose's room aboard the Tardis, Rose was lying there with the Doctor holding her in his arms. Her head rested in the crook of the Doctor's neck, while her body was pressed against the side of his own. It was the second time they had slept together, or in this instance made love, and it was just as incredible as it was the first time. The circumstances surrounding both times had involved them needing to seek out comfort that they would always be together.

"Doctor? What did you mean when you said that you were a father before?" She glanced up to look at his face. She remembers him mentioning this early on, but hadn't given it much thought till now.

"Well, it was quite a long time ago really." He lets out a sigh before continuing. "It was back in my first body. Even before I regenerated for the first time. I had been forced into an arranged marriage right after I had graduated from the academy. It was normal, on my planet, that the governing body mad the arrangements of marriages. Supposedly it was to help make the next generation smarter than the previous. Anyways, I was married to a Time Lady named Serenity. We lived together once we were married, but there never was a connection between us. Eventually, we were asked to go to the Looms to create a child." The Doctor looked down at Rose, allowing a small sad smile to grace his lips.

Rose looked at him with a confused look on her face. She had no idea what Looms were, but it sounded like something out of a science fiction movie or novel.

"Time Lords don't procreate like you humans do. We used these machines called Looms to create the next generation." Still seeing the confusion on Rose's face, the Doctor tried to simplify it for her. "Think of cloning but instead of one set of DNA, you take two separate sets and blend them together."

Rose nods as she begins to understand what it is that the Doctor was trying to tell her.

"So what happened? To your child, children, I mean."

"They were created, and we never saw them till they had reached the end of their gestational period. That would be a whole year had passed till we saw them. They were twins. Little things to be sure, but they were very intelligent. Within a year of them living with us, they could already walk, talk, and do simple science and arithmetic. "

Rose could see tha pain in the Doctor's eyes, and she reached up to place a hand on his cheek. Lifting herself up on her right elbow, her face hovered over his before pressing her lips to his. This is how the next round of lovemaking was begun.

End of Flashbacks...

Back in the Parallel world Rose is thinking about the very last time she and the Doctor had made love to each other. It was the night before the whole ordeal with the Cybermen and the Daleks. Closing her eyes, she lets herself drift into her memory. The dinner at the fancy restaurant on Darillium. Dancing to the music made by the Singing Towers. Heated looks of lust before finding herself pressed against the door of the Tardis. The deep, passionate kissing before the loss of control to their need.

A sharp knock at her bedroom door pulls Rose back to the present and out of her thoughts.

"Rose. Your father is back with take away and chips. You coming?" Jackie Tyler asks through the door.

Wiping away the tears from her eyes, Rose stands up and walks over to the door. She takes a deep breath before opening it and facing the reality of a world with no Doctor. Seeing that her mother is still waiting for her, Rose gives her a sad smile before speaking.

"I could eat. Been a bit hungry lately." Rose states just as her stomach growls at the thought of food. Especially chips, and on occasion anything with bananas.

"Well why wouldn't you be? I remember when I was pregnant with you. I couldn't stop eating even if I had just finished a meal. Your dad kept telling me that if I'd eat anymore that I'd be fatter than an elephant." Jackie jokingly says before offering her arm to Rose.

Rose giggles at the statement before allowing her mum to lead her down the hallway to the stairs. At this later stage in her pregnancy, stairs are becoming harder for Rose to traverse. After a slow descend, Rose and her mum make it to the bottom. From there they proceed towards the kitchen where Pete, and the food, is waiting for them.

"How are you feeling, Rose?" Pete asks as he pulls the take away out of the two plastic bags. He sets the containers down onto the white quartz countertop.

"Alright I guess." Rose replies as she reaches out to take a paper wrapped helping of chips.

"Mickey will be stopping by later tonight. When he gets here, send him to my study Jacks." Pete says to his wife before leaving the kitchen with two paper wrapped helpings of chips and a small container of take away.

"Yes sir." Jackie whispers out, while doing a mock salute to Pete's back. Looking back to Rose, Jackie gives her daughter a smile before speaking.

"So what do you want to do tomorrow, Rose?" Jackie asks as she takes her small take away box. She moves to sit next to Rose at the breakfast bar, and opens the container.

"I was thinking on going to the hardware store to get some paint for the baby's room. Maybe go baby clothes shopping after? I don't really know just yet." Rose replies as she opens the paper wrapping. Being mindful that the chips are still hot, she gently blows on a piece before popping it into her mouth.

"Well, it is good to see that you are no longer hiding out in your room. You've had me worried about you. I know Pete has you off on maternity leave from Torchwood, but you still need human contact. How's about I come with you. You're gonna need help if your shopping trip is going to be extensive with purchases."

Giving her mum a smile, Rose gives her an answer. "I think I would like that, mum."

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