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The Tardis had chimed to let the Doctor know that they had arrived.

The Doctor got up from his seat at the table and moved to the doorway. Before exiting the room the Doctor looked back at Rose and asked her to follow him.

"Sure." Rose replied. "Jenny can you make sure that this mess is cleaned up and that little Jack is cleaned?"

"Sure. Mum." Jenny watched Rose smile at her.

Rose left the kitchen and followed the Doctor down a few halls till they stopped outside a closed door.


"Rose, before I open this door I need you to listen to my instructions carefully."

Rose nodded. "Of course."

"I... I'm going to need help preparing the body." said the Doctor with a soft voice. "There are some rituals that need to be preformed and I need help to do them. I can't ask Jenny to help me, it would feel weird."

"So, what are we waiting for Doctor?" Rose smiled softly, trying to soften his mood.

The Doctor opened the door and the two of them walked in. They both cleaned the body and wrapped it in cloth from the Doctor's home world. Then the Doctor had Rose light some incense, cinnamon and a light musk smell combination, while he spoke softly in his native tongue.


While the Doctor and Rose were gone, Jenny and little Jack began to explore the Tardis even more. They found the wardrobe room, the swimming pool, a bedroom with a lot of bell bottom pants hanging in its closet. The room that they were in now was the garden room. Jenny had packed a light lunch just in case. Little Jack was running around the gardens chasing butterflies and imaginary things.

"Jack? Are you hungry?" asked Jenny, who was sitting by a stream underneath a small tree that had red and silver leaves on it.

"Food!!!!" Jack came tearing across the small field that separated them.

As Jack settled down a bit, Jenny handed him a small triangle of a sandwich. Jack ate it as if he hadn't ate anything for days.

"Slow down there little brother. Don't need you to choke on it."

Jack finished chewing his piece before asking Jenny a question that had been on his mind since they left that horrible place. "What is gonna happen to daddy?"

Jenny looked down at Jack. "What do you mean?"

"We had two daddies but now we only has one. Is daddy and mummy gonna stay together? Or is daddy gonna run away from us? "

"Why would he run away? Jack you know that dad would never leave us."

"But why is he sad? Why is mummy sad? Is it because of our other daddy?"

"Jack." Jenny had to stop and think about how to answer his questions. She soon decided that she will try and give Jack some answers that way Dad or Mom didn't have too. "Jack. The Doctor is our Dad. The other man was like dad, but he was different. He was mortal."

Jack looked at Jenny with confusion written all over his face.

"Our dad can't die. He can only regenerate, change his appearance so that he can cheat death. Mum is mortal as well. She'll die eventually, but we all die at some point. The other man gave up his life so that we could live. I'm sure dad is upset at the loss of another person. And mum is sad because dad is sad."

" I don't want mum to be sad." said Jack as his eyes started to fill with tears.

Jenny pulled him to her and hugged him as he started to cry. "Shhhh. I know. I don't want them to be sad either."

What felt like years, but was only a few hours, Jenny heard Rose call for them both.

"Jenny. Jack. Where are you two?"

"Over here." yelled Jenny, who was now getting up with a sleeping Jack in her arms.

Rose walked up to Jenny. "What happened?"

"Jack was a little upset."


"Because you and dad are upset."

Rose smiled at Jenny and reached her hand out to stroke Jacks face. "Sweetie. Time to get up."

"Mummy?" asked little Jack as his eyes began to open.

"Yeah, I'm here." Rose moved to take Jack from Jenny. "Jenny, there are some clothes in your room. Could you change into them and meet us in the console room, please."

"Of course. Mum." Smiled Jenny. She walked to the door and left the room to head to her bedroom.

"Now how about we get you ready too. Okay?" asked Rose to her half awake half asleep son. All Jack did was nod his head and yawned.


Rose, Jack, and Jenny were standing in the console room waiting for the Doctor to come. Rose was dressed in a soft red robe with a long black dress underneath. Jenny was also wearing a long black dress but was wearing a pale gold robe over the dress. Little Jack was wearing a black shirt and black pants with a pale silver over his outfit. The Doctor had told Rose that these were traditional mourning clothes from Gallifrey, and that he would like them to wear for this occasion.

"Mummy, where's daddy?" asked a very impatient Jack.

"He's coming. Just wait a little bit longer. Okay?"

Jack nodded his head and looked down at his feet.

The Doctor came into the room with a wrapped body in his arms. His dark blue robes billowing out behind him. Rose went and opened the outside door of the Tardis so the Doctor could walk out. They all followed the Doctor outside and noticed that a small funeral pyre had been built. As the Doctor laid the body onto the pyre he began to whisper the rites. Rose, Jenny, and Jack didn't understand a word but knew that this was important. Rose soon picked up one of the many small torches that surrounded the pyre. She walked over to the Doctor and handed him the torch. The Doctor took the torch from her and whispered his thanks before setting the torch on the pyre. The Doctor stepped away and stood by his family to watch the pyre burn.

They stood there until the sun had finally disappeared from the sky and was replaced by a rising moon.

Once the flames died and the pyre was burnt to the ground, the Doctor walked over to it and began collecting the ashes.

"Jenny could you take Jack inside and get him ready for bed?" asked Rose softly.

"Sure." Jenny walked over and took the sleeping form of Jack from Rose's arms.

As the two disappeared into the Tardis, Rose walked up to the Doctor.

"Need any help?" she asked very quietly. Afraid that he might show his Oncoming Storm personality.

The Doctor looked up at Rose. His face blotched with tears and sorrow. He simply nodded and Rose began to help him.

When they finished cleaning up the ashes, Rose was mulling over asking the Doctor a question.


"Yes?" this was the first word he said in over 5 hours of being silent.

"What are we going to do with the ashes?" She knew it was a personal question but curiosity got the better of her.

"I'm going to go to where my planet once stood and send his ashes out so that they can join the others."

Rose watched as the Doctor got up and she quickly hugged him.

"I'm here for you, Doctor. So is Jenny and Jack. Any time you need anything, don't hesitate to ask. Okay?" She looked up at him to see him smiling at her.

"Okay." he said before he bent down to kiss her. He took her hand and they both walked back to the Tardis.

When they entered the Doctor was surprised to see Jenny and Jack sitting on the captain's chair holding a small cake.

"Thought you might want to hold a wake. In honor of our brother." said Jenny.

The Doctor smiled at Jenny and Jack. " Let me take of something first. Why don't you two go to the kitchen." He watched as his two kids walked down the hallway towards the kitchen.

Rose watched the Doctor punch a few buttons and flick a few switches. The Tardis groaned mournfully. As the groan began to soften the Doctor walked over to the door and opened it. Rose walked carefully and stood by his side. The Doctor open the jar the tossed it out into space, where it could join the others.

Rose finally spoke to the Doctor. " So this is where your people used to live?"

"Yes." he replied.

"I'm glad that I was able to see it with you. Even if it was destroyed, at least I know now where you were born and grew up." she looked over at him and noticed that he had a tear running down his face. She reached her hand over and with her thumb rubbed the tear away. "Come on. Lets go see how badly the Kitchen is destroyed. Yeah?"

The Doctor smiled at her and as she walked away, he turned around and closed the Tardis door. This is the end of one Journey but the Beginning of another.


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