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The Tardis lets out a chime sound to let the Doctor know that they have arrived to their next destination on Earth.

After leaving Rose with Donna, the Doctor had hidden himself away deep inside of the Tardis. He had allowed the tears to flow, and knew that the Tardis was "wasting time" on getting them to their destination out of compassion for him.

Once the Doctor had reached his destination, he had moved into the room before leaning against one of the cement pillars. Looking over to a cement slab, inside of the dusty cloister room, was the body of his double. When the Doctor had entered the room, he wanted nothing more than for that man to be alive so that he could pummel him. But now, thinking back on it, the Doctor let out a few chuckles at how human of a response that was.

'Our wolf waits for you.' The Tardis says in the Doctor's mind. 'She has already seen to it that our brood keep themselves occupied in the movie room. They don't need to witness our Noble girl's end.'

The Doctor takes a deep breath to try and compose himself before having to face Rose and returning Donna to her family.

'Our brood, old girl?' The Doctor asks the Tardis.

'Yes, my thief. Our two pups and our wolf.' The Tardis chuckles to the Doctor.

The Doctor lets out a sigh and moves away from the pillar and leaves the cloister room. Slowly, he makes his way back to the console room. Reaching the console room, the Doctor notices that Donna is no longer lying on the grate of the floor, but is lying on the bench seat.

"I figured she wouldn't appreciate waking up to grate marks on her back." Rose's voice up from behind the Doctor. "Would you like me to go with you?"

"No. I have to do this myself." The Doctor says while not looking towards Rose. A hand takes hold of one of his and gives it a squeeze.

"You don't have to, though. I am sure Donna's family would appreciate another person to help them understand." Rose says softly.

The Doctor lets out a sigh. "Very well. But after Donna is returned home, I will be needing your help with taking care of the metacrisis body."


The Doctor and Rose are quiet as the Doctor moves towards the bench seat. Being as careful as he can, the Doctor gently scoops up Donna in his arms. Once he has a firm grip on Donna, the Doctor follows Rose out of the Tardis and they make their way towards the home of Donna Noble.

With the doorbell rung, Rose and the Doctor wait for someone to answer the door. They don't have to wait long, for Wilf is the one to open the door for them.

"Donna?" Wilf asks, shaken by the sight of his unconscious granddaughter. "Donna?"

Rose, seeing that Wilf is thinking that Donna is dead, speaks comforting words to Wilf. "She isn't dead. Just sleeping, Wilf. Is there a place where the Doctor had lay her down?"

"Yeah." Wilf answers before letting Rose and the Doctor into the house.

Once Donna is placed, laying down in her bed, the Doctor and Rose speak with Wilf and Sylvia in their living room.

"She took my mind into her own head." The Doctor says. "But that's a Time Lord consciousness. All that knowledge was killing her."

"But she'll get better." Wilf says trying to hold back his tears.

"But that's just it. She won't be the same." Rose says, attempting to ease the tension in the room.

"I had to wipe her mind completely. Every trace of me, the Tardis, even Rose. Anything we did together, anywhere we went, had to go." The Doctor says as calmly as he can.

"All those wonderful things she did." Wilf gasps out, still holding back his tears.

"I know. But that version of Donna is dead." The Doctor states as carefully as he can. "Cause if she remembers, just for a second, she'll burn up."

"You can't tell her." Rose says as she takes hold of the Doctor's left hand. "You can't mention the Doctor to her. Ever."

At this point, Sylvia takes part in the conversation. "But the whole world is talking about it. We travelled across space."

"It'll just be a story." The Doctor says to her. "One of those Donna Noble stories where she missed it all again."

"But she was better with you." Wilf says sternly to the Doctor.

"That may be true, Wilf, but the Doctor does have enemies. If they were to learn about what happened to Donna, they would use her against him." Rose looks Wilf in the eyes to make sure that the old man understands. "But those whom the Doctor calls allies, they know of Donna's sacrifice."

"I just want you to know, that there are worlds out there safe in the sky because of her." The Doctor says, while trying hard not to shed a tear. "That there are people living in the light and singing songs of Donna Noble, a thousand million light years away. They will never forget her. For one moment, one shining moment, she was the most important woman in the whole wide universe."

"She still is. She's my daughter." Sylvia says firmly.

"Then maybe you should tell her that once in a while." The Doctor practically growls out at Sylvia.

"Doctor." Rose growls out in a warning, but the rest of her words are left unsaid as the door to the lounge opens suddenly.

"I was asleep." Donna says as he comes into the room. "On my bed, in my clothes like a flipping kid. What did you let me do that for?" Finally realizing that there is other people in the room besides her granddad and mother, Donna whips out her phone before talking again. "Don't mind me. Donna."

With her attention glued to her phone, Donna keeps tapping away on it oblivious that the Doctor and Rose are in the room.

"John Smith." The Doctor says to Donna as he stands to shake her hand.

"Jane Smith." Rose says, following the Doctor's example.

Both Wilf and Sylvia are anxious about the contact after what the Doctor had just told them. Yet, Donna still hadn't let her eyes leave her cell phone that is in her other hand.

"Mr. and Mrs. Smith are just leaving." Sylvia says, getting up slowly.

Lucky enough, Donna doesn't even pay attention as she talks about her friend Meena and missing several texts before leaving the room without a fuss.

"Doctor." Rose softly says at seeing the pained expression on his face. "We need to go."


Wilf escorts Rose and the Doctor to the door while Sylvia keeps an eye on Donna in the kitchen. As the Doctor opens the door, a rumble of thunder and rain greets them.

"Great." Rose complains to the Doctor.

"Ah! You'll have quite a bit of this." The Doctor says to Wilf while wrapping an arm around Rose's shoulders. Then he looks down at his pink and yellow human. "You'll survive getting wet. Not like you're made from nothing but sugar."

Rose shakes her head at the Doctor's light teasing of her. Then she looks over to Wilf and puts her hand out.

"See you around then." Rose gives Wilf a smile.

"You keep him in line." Wilf chuckles out to Rose as he shakes her hand.

"I will." Rose says before pulling Wilf into a hug. Releasing Wilf, Rose looks at the Doctor. "I'll see you in the Tardis."

Pulling her blue leather jacket closer to her body, Rose hurries away from the house to get to the Tardis. Both Wilf and the Doctor watch as Rose enters the Tardis, before they speak again.

"Bye then, Wilf." The Doctor says, shaking the man's hand. Letting go, the Doctor begins to walk away from the home of his former companion.

"Oh and Doctor." Wilf calls out so that he is heard over the rain. "I'll watch out for you sir."

"You can't ever tell her." The Doctor calls back.

"No, no, no. But every night, Doctor, when it gets dark and the stars come out, I'll look up. On her behalf, I'll look up at the sky, and think of you." Wilf says, letting the tears flow.

"Thank you." The Doctor says before turning away. He heads to the Tardis and enters his ship with a blank look on his face.

Once the Doctor is safely inside, the Tardis decides to go ahead and send them into the vortex. She knows just how hard this is for her thief, but there is still something that needs to be done.

Rose, who was waiting near the console, sees that the Doctor is hurting and makes her way over to him. She pulls him into a hug to let him know that she sympathizes with him. Taking note that the Doctor's clothes are only damp, Rose wonders if the Tardis isn't doing something to dry out their clothes from the rain.



"I am going to be needing your help." The Doctor gently removes himself from their hug. He looks down at her face so that he can see her eyes. "I... I'm going to need help preparing the body. There are some rituals that need to be performed, and I need help to do them."

"Of course, Doctor?" Rose smiles softly.

The Doctor takes hold of Rose's hand and leads her deeper into the Tardis. As they reach the door that leads into the cloister room, the Doctor gives Rose's hand a gentle squeeze. They both look at each other before the Doctor opens the door.

The two of them enter the room and slowly approach the stone slab where the other Doctor's body lays. Unlike the last time the Doctor was in this room, there is a pedestal next to the head of the slab. It holds a beautiful red and gold swirls in the glass that makes the bowl. Next to the bowl is a glass pitcher of the same design filled with scented water. Also on the pedestal are some wash-clothes and several towels.

Without a word being said between the two of them, the Doctor and Rose begin to remove the clothes from the body. Then they begin to cleanse the body, using the scented water which Rose notices smells a lot like frankincense. They are meticulous about making sure that his face is clear of dust and dirt.

Once the body has been cleansed, the Doctor begins wrapping it in a shimmering gold and red blended cloth from the Doctor's home world. The Doctor has Rose light some incense, cinnamon and a light musk smell combination, while he speaks softly in his native tongue. With the ritual words completed, the Doctor moves to lift the body up off of the stone slab.

Seeing the Doctor taking the body and heading towards the door, Rose moves past him to open the door for him. She lets him leave the room first and is quick to follow him out. They move, slowly, through the Tardis till they reach the console room. Waiting in the console room, looking clean and wearing fresh clothes, is Jack and Jenny.

"Somehow these clothes appeared in the movie room, and the screen disappeared. So we went ahead and got cleaned up and dressed. Next thing we know, we were led here." Jenny says as she holds out her arms to show the clean, green and yellow striped button-down blouse and her dark blue jeans.

"Mummy?" Jack says as he moves towards Rose. He holds his arms up, gesturing to be picked up.

"Sweetie." Rose says as she bends down to pick up her son. Feeling the weight of her son in her arms, Rose places a kiss to his temple.

Curling into his mother's body, Jack places his head on her shoulder before speaking. "You and Daddy are sad."

Rose looks over towards the Doctor, who has placed the wrapped body onto the bench seat. Slowly he walks around the console, pressing only a few buttons. Rose keeps watching the Doctor as he sets coordinates for the Tardis to land at.

"We are, love." Rose whispers to Jack.

"Because second daddy died?" Jacks asks, whimpering slightly. He doesn't want to say anything, but he can feel the Doctor's emotional upheaval through their mental bond. While his mother's emotions are lighter, his father's are heavier.

Rose looks up at the Doctor and sees that he is looking at their son. His face is blank, but it's his eyes that betray his feelings. She knows that his emotions are running high, but Rose can't help wondering if Jack can feel them. Watching the Doctor move towards them, Rose keeps her eyes on the Doctor. Once he reaches them, he places a hand on Jack's back.

Jenny, who is watching the whole exchange, notices that the Doctor's face looks just as pained as it did when she was shot on Messaline. Even though she has only known Jack and his mother for roughly twelve, maybe sixteen, hours that doesn't stop her from wanting to go over there and hug them both. So not letting that fact get in her way, Jenny makes her way over to the three of them, and pulls them into a huge family style hug.

The ding from the Tardis is what brings an end to the hug, and it is the Doctor who breaks the quietness of the room.

"We've arrived." The Doctor says solemnly. He steps away from the others and heads over to where his double's body rests.

"Where?" Jenny asks the Doctor as she follows him from a distance.

The Doctor ignores Jenny's question and pick up the body from the bench seat. With the body firmly in his arms, he walks towards the door. The Tardis opens the door for him, and the Doctor steps outside. His small family, not wanting to be left behind, are quick to follow him out the doors.

Outside of the doors of the Tardis is a world that Rose has never seen before. Its rocks are of a copper color with dark brown sand at their base. The sky is a tan color with a tinges of a red sunset color breaking into it.

"Where are we? Doctor?" Rose asks as her and Jenny come to a stop not far from where the Doctor is.

The Doctor places the body of his double into a shallowed out rock where many other burnings had taken place so long ago. Making sure that the wrappings still shrouded the face, the Doctor turns to Rose and looks at her.

"We will burn his body here."

Turning back to the dead body, the Doctor pulls out his sonic screwdriver and finds the setting he needs. Pointing the screwdriver at the body, he presses the small button and watches as the cloth starts to burn with a small flame. With the flames lit, the Doctor steps back and watches as the body is engulfed. Never did the Doctor imagine that he would be back to this planet again.

In the silence that surrounds the Doctor, Rose, Jack, and Jenny the only thing they all hear is the crackling coming from the body.

By the time the body has been burned to ashes, a large pale moon has risen to its zenith in the sky above them.

"Jenny could you take Jack inside and get him to bed?" Rose asks softly, trying hard not to wake her now sleeping son.

"Sure." Jenny walks over and gently takes the sleeping boy from Rose's arms. "Will you be alright?"

"Yeah. I just don't want to leave him alone." Rose says to Jenny before sending the young girl to the Tardis.

As the two youngsters disappear into the Tardis, Rose decides to make her way to the Doctor.

"Are you okay, Doctor? Do you need anything?" she asks very quietly, slightly afraid that he might show his Oncoming Storm personality to her.

The Doctor looks down at Rose, who is now standing next to him by the barely smoking ashes in the stone. His face is red, blotched with tears that had flowed freely from his eyes earlier.

"I'm fine, Rose."

"No you aren't, Doctor. Tell me, please, what it is that is bothering you?"

The Doctor takes a breath and clears his throat before sidestepping Rose's question. "I need to gather his ashes so that no one can try to bring him back."

Rose watches as the Doctor steps away from her and pulls out a large vial from somewhere in his coat. Her heart breaks for her Doctor, and she isn't sure how to help him.

Acting as if the ashes aren't still hot, the Doctor begins to gather them to place them into the vial. He knows that Rose is trying to help him, but right now he really doesn't want to feel his emotions. Ever since the Crucible, and finding out he has a son, the Doctor has been trying hard to keep his emotions in check, but now they are so close to the surface.

Finishing up with gathering the ashes, the Doctor turns to look at Rose. "I'm going to go to where my planet once stood and send his ashes out so that they can join the others."

"Okay." Rose says to the Doctor.

The two of them head back to the Tardis, and upon entering the Doctor moves to the console to send them where he wants to go. It is silent in the console room, save for the whirling of the Tardis, and this is when Rose decides that enough if enough.

"I'm here for you, Doctor. So is Jenny and Jack. Any time you need anything, don't hesitate to talk to us. Okay?" She looks over at him from one of the coral pillars that she is now leaning against.

"Okay." he replies without looking at her.

Rose watches the Doctor punch a few buttons and flick a few switches on the console in silence. The Tardis groans mournfully not only in the room, but in the Doctor's mind as well.

'You idiot! You are upsetting our wolf!' the Tardis yells at him through their link. 'Can't you see she is worried about you?'

'I know!' The Doctor yells back through their link. 'Just let me get this done. Then I will speak with her.'

'You're afraid. Afraid of a what if, my thief.' The Tardis softly tells him. 'Of what might have happened had he lived. You can't dwell on it. He gave his life for our wolf and pup to live. A sacrifice that he was content in making. For you forget that I was link to him as well.'

The Tardis lets out a ping in the console room. '

"We've arrived." The Doctor softly says as he slowly walks towards the Tardis doors. He can sense that Rose has joined him by the time he opens the door.

Outside is black with some floating debris and dust moving gracefully through space.

Rose finally speaks to the Doctor after taking in the sight before her. "So this is where your people used to live?"

"Yes." he replies sadly.

"I'm glad that I was able to see it with you. Even if it was destroyed, at least I know now where you were born and where you grew up." she looks over at him and notices that the Doctor has a tear running down his face. She reaches her hand over and with her thumb rubs the tear away. "You ready?"

The Doctor opens the top of the vial, and tosses the ashes out into space.

"Join the rest of our race in death." The Doctor says as he watches the ashes spread out to join with the dust and debris.

So this ends the rewrite. I hope it satisfied you all, and thank you all again for reading it.