Title: Leave the Light On

Summary:Lisa Cuddy's world was tumbling into a dark abyss, all her hard work and nothing to show for it, she was still miserable, if only one doctor could have the cure for her bleeding heart. Huddy. A different spin starting from the kiss scene in "Joy" 5x06.

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During that one night, when Lisa Cuddy thought everything in her life had gone so completely wrong, diverted despite her wishful planning, was the night a defining moment stirred the healing powers of love back into her life.

Her wants in life are a brilliant job, where she helps people, a family she can care for, a child who would love her back as much as she would love it, a real relationship with a person she could spend the rest of her life with sharing their blissful moments together, being happy together.

All her dreams and ambitions seemed to spiral into a black, empty abyss when her one hope, her future, her Joy was taken from her. She was so close to fulfilling one of her dreams, to be a mother. There was nothing like loss to put her life back into focus.

She hated herself. She hated herself for letting her life be taken out of her control by the things she's done to herself. Being a workaholic, barely able to say she's got any true friends. Despite her numerous tries at dating, her social life was none other than her annoying and at the best, tolerable coworkers and employees.

She lives in a huge, beautiful yet empty house, which makes her loneliness sear through her heart when she comes home to an empty house, empty bed, an empty heart devoid of love. How could she live this way? Was it not meant to be for her to be happy? Was that too much for her to ask for?

She was already blessed beyond belief. Having loving parents who inspired her to do what she wanted, supporting her with all her decisions. She graduated the top of her class in both her undergraduate and medical school classes. From school, soaring her way through her fabulous career, youngest Dean of Medicine, not mention she was female. Being able to support herself better than most people could dream of. Yet, with all of that, she was still such a miserable person.

She thought she hid it well behind her make-up, dolled up hair, flattering feminine business suits, her spiked high heels, and tight skirts, showing off what God and her mother gave her. She had all she could ever ask for, the looks, the intelligence, the life most would dream of living.

She is the responsible, admirable doctor, attending to the needs of the world and yet partying at the best parties in town surrounded by the rich and intelligent people of her own league. She runs an entire hospital for goodness sake. She was the man, metaphorically speaking. She had it all, yet none at all. She had nothing to show for her hard work, and dedication except for an unfulfilled longing in her heart and soul.

That all changed the night she was so down, so low she didn't think her personal drive which had gotten her this far in life, could pick her up off the nursery floor. Until she heard a soft knock on her door, then the rap of shuffling feet entering her hallway.

Curiosity and fear gripped her and she pulled herself together, a part of her already knowing who would dare to mock her by his presence at such a time.

To be continued...

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