Chapter 40

Having carried the pregnancy to full term Cuddy was feeling miserable and huge. The worst part was the morning House woke up to her crying. To be honest it freaked him out a little, this wasn't her typical hormonal crying.

"What's wrong Lisa?" He asks his wife standing in their bathroom holding her hand.

"It won't go on!" She sobs. House takes a look at her hand and laughs.

"Wait here," he says softly and pads out of the bathroom. Lisa hears draws open and close before he walks back in. He stands behind her, takes her wedding band and engagement ring out of her hand and slides them onto the necklace. He gently drapes the necklace onto her chest and clasps it behind her neck. Her lips part in a soft sigh, her fingertips brushing the rings on the necklace.

"Thank you," she whispers softly. "You're welcome," he breathes into her hair and plants a kiss to her head. Her hands and feet had swelled later on in the pregnancy so House gets her a necklace for her to wear them on until after the twins are born and the edema goes away.

They're in her office and Cuddy shrieks "House!" and he cringes from the high octave and intensity of her calling his name.

He looks at her and she's grasping her abdomen and her breathing labored.

He states disbelievingly "No".

She cries out, "yes."

"No" he states adamantly.

"Yes!" She screams as another contraction hits her.

"Nooo" he whispers, "too soon."

"They're coming now! And if you don't get your ass in gear they're coming without you!" Cuddy screams.

Wilson runs out and grabs a nurse, the nurse rushes in and scoops up Cuddy in a wheeler chair and House tries to move quickly behind her but falls behind quickly.

Wilson hurriedly grabs a wheelchair and scoops up House and races down the hall after Cuddy.

By the time Cuddy worries where her husband is at during the birth of their children she hears House shout to Wilson, "Hurry! Mush!"

House yanks open the curtain with his cane, a lady shrieks.

"Sorry," House and Wilson say in together and they go to the next bed and find Cuddy yelling at House , "What took you so long?"

House gets up out of his chair, and soothingly says, "You're doing beautifully honey."

She just gives him a death glare.

Several hours later, Cuddy delivers two healthy baby boys.

"They're beautiful," Cuddy whispers tiredly as she gazes at the newborns lying on her chest.

House seems enchanted by the tiny beings and hasn't said a word until he tentatively lays his hands upon them and whispers, "Hey guys, I'm your daddy," and grins up at their mother. He leans in and kisses her.

"Who knew you could make something so precious," she teases.

The moment is broken when Wilson bursts through the door bouncing on his feet. His eyes widen as he sees his friends' children.

"Hey James," Cuddy greets him with a laugh. It seems to do the trick and Wilson snaps out of it, "Congratulations," he smiles," Uh, everyone's wondering what are their names?"

"Michael Andrew and Matthew Carter," Lisa informs him.

House arrives home late in the night, his latest case finally being solved. The front door light shines like a beacon as he slowly climbs the steps

As he walks into their bedroom he sees Cuddy starring at him from their bed.

"Thanks for leaving the light on this time," House whispers into Cuddy's ear as he lays down beside her in bed.

"I'll always leave the light on for you, I'm glad you're home," She tells him and curls up into him.

"Me too," he whispers back. A soft whimper is heard over the baby monitor on the nightstand. House and Cuddy stare each other in the eyes holding their breath until the whimper turns into a full outcry. Cuddy starts to move, but House stops her, "I've got it."

House pads quietly into the boys' nursery over to their crib. "Hey little guy," he smiles as he reaches in a picks up the blue eyed baby and cuddles him in his arms, "Shh," he says rocking him to and fro, "You're going to wake up your brother," he says and walks carefully over to the rocking chair and sits down. "Now, let me tell you a story…"

Cuddy lays in bed and smiles up at the ceiling as she hears House telling one of their sons about his case he just wrapped up.

When House comes into their bedroom an hour later and slides under the covers he finds Lisa smiling softly up at him but her face is wet. "Are you crying?" He asks carefully. She laughs in response. "What's going on?" He asks. "I just thought I'd never have this… A family with you."

"Well, you've got me and you always will." He promises.

"Goodnight Greg," she whispers.

"Sweet dreams Lisa."

The End.

Author's Note: It's finally finished. When I started this story I would have never known that it would be this long in length or take me such a long amount of time to write it, or that my love for the show House would end and with it my inspiration for writing Huddy. But I couldn't leave the story hanging... it's not my best work or what the storyline deserved but it's all I had to offer... But I'd like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to every single person who has ever read this story, reviewed it, put it on their alerts and favorited it, I truly appreciate it, thank you so much for sticking with it! I hope I didn't disappoint you all too much. Best wishes.