Don't worry, I haven't forgotten my many, mnay other stories. I plan on updating this weekened. I just need to sit down on day soon and update all of them lol. But while watching Heaven and Hell a little scenerio played in my head of what if Allastiar comes back and captures Sam and tortures him? Right now I think that would be one of the many things that would push Dean too far, so of course I had to write it :)

Yes, the Sam torture scene is gonna be somewhat similar to the Ruby torture scene.

It was night, and he couldn't sleep. How often does that happen to Sam now? Pratically every night. Even more so now that Dean told him what he went through. Every time Sam closed his eyes he thought of Dean being ripped apart like that, just to be put back together again. So they could start all over. It got to the point where Sam could barely close his eyes, without waking in panic. He stared at his brother, sleeping peacefully on the bed next to him.

Quietly and quickly he escaped the room and headed out to clear his head. His mind was swimming with guilt. He was so not worth it. Dean gives his brother way to much credit. He kicked a pebble. He'd have given anything to be down there in hell instead of Dean. He deserved it more. Hell, he was the one with the demon blood in him, right?

Suddenly he felt a presence lurking behind him. Quickly he turned around. He came face to face with Allastiar.

"Allastair," he whispered, trying to control his voice. "How..."

"Did I get out of hell?" Allastair whispered. "Believe me, it wasn't easy Sam. But God has to do a lot better than tossing be back downstairs to get rid of me. But that's not important. What's important is that I'm out...and I'm more than a little pissed. Especially at your brother." He stepped closer to Sam. "I would love to get my hands on him," he breathed. "But you?" He shrugged and smiled. "I guess you'll do."

Before Sam could raise his hands in another desperate attempt to exorcise Allastair, two demons came out of no where and grabbed him. Allastair took out a knife.

"This, I think belongs to you," he breathed. "I tortured your little girlfriend with it. Hope you don't mind. I wonder if it works on humans too?" He ran the knife sharply across Sam's cheeks. Unable to stop himself Sam began to yell in pain as the blood spilled out. "It does!" He exclaimed cheerfully. "Most excellent! Let's see if you're as easy to break as your big brother is."

Soon Sam was strapped to a table. blindfolded and gagged. He struggled against the straps and cried out when the blade carved down his stomach. But his cries were muffled through the gag.

"Let's have some more fun," Allastair said, and took off the leathered gag and took Sam's cell phone out. "And let's call up your brother, shall way?"

Sam was gasping in pain as the knife continued to carve on his body. Tears filled his eyes.

Dean answered the phone groggily. He looked around to realize that Sam wasn't there.

"Hello?" He asked, while frowning. "Sam, is this you?"

"'Fraid not, Dean," a familiar voice hissed. "Don't tell me you forgot who I am," he added. Dean had started to sit up, but froze in horror.

"Allastair," He felt sick as he said the name. "How..."

"Did I escape? Your brother asked the same question. And I'll say the same thing to you as I did to him. It doesn't really matter, does it?"

"Sam." Dean closed his eyes, trying to control his anger. "What the hell did you do to him?"

"Oh he's still alive," Allastair chuckled. "Aren't you Sammy boy?"

Dean flinched as he heard Sam scream while the knife carved into his arm.

"Sorry Dean, he's a little preoccupied right now," Allastair added with a sneer.

"You sonofabitch!"

"Careful Dean, you know what I'm capable of."

Dean's throat closed.

"All right, what do you want? You want me? You can have me-"

"Sorry kid, it's not gonna be that easy. I have one of the Winchester boys and that's enough for me. I don't want anything else."

"Than why the hell did you call?"

"Just so you'd know where your baby brother is. I didn't want you to worry after all." Allastair was laughing now.

"Damn it, I'm gonna kill you!"

"Well you'll have to find me first. And don't think about trying to track Sammy's cell phone. It's getting smashed as soon as this conversation is ending. Which is right now. You want to say goodby to your brother Sammy?"

More screams were heard from the other end. Dean started to shake. More threats started to escape his mouth,but they felt stuck inside of him. He knew it wouldn't do any good.

"Whoops, I guess not," Allastair said while laughing. "Try not to take that to hard, Dean," he added calmly.

"Please...."Dean let his voice trail of. "Please...don't do this."

"Ah, ain't that so sweet?" Allastair pratically purred. "Sorry Dean, this is far to wonderful to pass up. Say goodby to your brother now."

Dean opened his mouth, but than closed it.

"No? Well than guess he'll see you later...when he's dead and I no longer need him. I hope you have a nice life Dean, I sincerly do." With that he hung up and smashed the cell phone. He smiled at Sam who was fighting back tears.

"Now where were we?" He whispered as he loomed over the terrified young Winchester.

Dean put his hands over his eyes and yelled in rage. He couldn't believe his baby brother was in the hands of that monster. Dean knew from first hand experience what Allastair was capable of. He didn't care if it happened to him anymore, hell he deserved it, but he'd have done anything to spare his brother that kind of pain.

He closed his eyes and took deep breaths. He slowly stood up. Trying to control the shaking he grabbed his gun and jacket and headed out to the car. He may not know where his brother was but this was far from over. He was going to find Allastair now, no matter what, and when he does he'll make sure that sonofabitch pays for what he did to Dean, but especially for what he's now doing to Dean's baby brother. Oh yes, he'll pay. Dean was going to make damn sure of that.

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