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Allastiar laughed in delight as he saw the collapsed body of Sam Winchester.

"I knew he could do it!" He declared victoriously. Dean stared at his brother in horror.

"Sam." He got up from where he was laying at, Allastiar didn't bother to have him pinned down. Despite his wounds he hurried after his brother.

"Damn it, he wasn't ready!" He bellowed with intense anger in his voice.

Allastiar sighed.

"I wouldn't worry about him so much now, Dean," he said. "As about what's going to happen to him later. And what'll happen to you."

Dean stared at him darkly.

"What do you mean?"

"I know he can do it, if he's pushed enough. Your his pushing point. All I have to do is have you tortured in front of him from now on."

Dean glowered at him darkly.

"All right, fine, but can't he have a moment's rest?" He demanded angrily.

Allastiar looked at him and sighed.

"All right, if he must. I don't want to burn him out completly." He nodded to one of the demons who came towards Dean and Dean stiffened. "Relax, Dean, I'm just fixing you up," Allastiar told him calmly. Dean stood still as his wrist was placed back on him again. He stared at it in slight disbelief. He leaned over Sam's body and touched the blood that was coming out of his nose.

He shuddered as he replayed the image in his head over and over.

"I'm not worth it Sammy," he said through gritted teeth. "I'm not worth this, you shouldn't have snapped." He sighed as he pushed Sam's body up to his chest.

"Ain't this sweet," smiled Allastiar with a dark glint in his eyes. Dean glowered at him.

"If you want to torture someone," he growled. "Torture me all you want, just leave my brother the hell alone!"

Allastiar laughed.

"And why would I do that when I have such plans for Sammy?"

"Don't call him that!"

"I can't wait until I'm able to use him myself," Allatiar continued, ignoring that inturruption. "To have him be my own soldier boy. To have him help create chaos on earth." His mouth flickered in a smile.

"He won't help you do that," Dean said softly, tyring to control the shaking in his voice.

"He will...if you're held captive. He can't bare to see his brrother in pain. Just like you can't bare to see him in pain. You're each other's weak spots."

Dean wished it wasn't true, but Allastiar was dead on. After all he went to hell for Sam. And Sam tried to make a deal with the crossroad demons himself to get Dean back. He cradled Sam's head into his arms. Sam woke, while groaning.

"Easy there, Sammy," he said softly.

"Dean..."Sam managed to breathe weakly. "I'm sorry...Dean..."

"It's okay, Sammy," Dean said slowly. "It's okay. Don't worry about that now."

"I could...let them...hurt you," Sam added quietly.

"I know, Sam, I know."

Sam shivered and groaned.

"All right, that's enough rest," Allastiar barked as he forced both of them apart.

"Damn it, are you crazy?!" Dean bellowed as he stared at his brother in horror. "You'll kill him!"

"If anyone dies first, Dean, it'll be you," sneered Allastiar. He turned to Sam. "I want you to move an object again, Sam, like you did before with the knife. Can you do that for me?"

Sam was still trying to recover as he blinked and stared at Allastiar in a dazed manner.

"I...I don't think so," he stammered slowly, still trying to collect himself.

Allastiar stared at him.

"That's not the anwer I was looking for." He turned over to Dean. Dean stared at him.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"Just something to intensify the situation," he said calmly. He nodded to the demon who handed him some coiled rope, as if he knew exactly what Allastiar wanted. Before Dean could protest he felt, to his horror, a noose go around his neck.

"What...what are you doing?" Gasped Sam in utter horror as Dean was placed on a chair.

"Just making it clearer that this isn't a game," Allastiar said and glared at Sam. "You want to save your brother, don't you?"

"Yes but-!"

"Than I suggest you use your powers to do so. He had the rope around the ceiling and Sam forced into a chair, his hands tied behind his back.

"Please...don't.." Sam was still recovering from what just happened but Allastiar ignored him completly as he smiled at Dean.

"I sure hope your brother still has enough strength to save your sorry ass," he snarled and Dean glowered in return. Despite Sam's protesting Allastiar knocked the chair off from Dean's feet...

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