Chapter 9

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5 Days Later; Saturday night.

"Rose, you know you want to change her nappy tonight." Emmett teased. His eyes and mouth were both grinning. "Don't deny it to yourself"

We were up in Baby Cullen's nursery at the Cullen's house. Alice had been right in saying we would need the room a lot. Victoria still hasn't come back after taking off 5 days ago and we haven't been able to get a hold of her. We went to Irina's house searching for Victoria a couple of days ago; but according to Irina and Laurent, Victoria's left Forks.

"Not going to work Emmett. You're not getting out of changing her nappy this time." I laughed back. Emmett isn't a fan of nappy changes. He's gotten a little better since the first attempt I admit though.


"Ehh Emmett seriously, did you have to do that here." Edward yelled at his brother. My nose wrinkled as I took in a breathe; there was a really bad smell in the room. It's worse than what I would imagine wet dog to be.

Emmett opened his mouth "What?! You think that was me. Not even. Props to you though Jasper." He boomed.

Jasper who was sitting on the far couch next to Alice, looked up from his conversation with her.

"What'd I do?" he asked, then his face turned disgusted. "No way! Don't blame that stench on me."

"Then who was it if not one of you two? One of the girls?" Edward asked sarcastically before all the boys faces turned serious and looked towards Bella and I.

Automatically we turned to each other. Bella's expression mirrored mine; eyebrow raised and a smirk that said 'you've got to be kidding me.'

"Not us" We said back to them at the same time. A pixie laugh started, all heads automatically turned.

"You, Alice?" Bella asked in disbelief. "Yeah that's my sister for you!" Emmett yelled.

"I knew it would be one of the girls." Edward said and I saw Bella cast him a glare. Alice's small features looked offended.

"It was not me! But it was a girl." Alice said matter of factly. I feel an Alice prediction approaching. "I think it's time for Baby Cullen to have her nappy changed."

Baby Cullen was in the middle of the lounge, with all of us surrounding her on different chairs. She was on her sheep skin mat that Alice had imported from New Zealand.

"No way! How can someone that small make such a giant smell." Jasper gasped. Edward and Bella made comments also but I was concentrating on Emmett's reaction. His face was glowing with pride. I had to laugh.

"Emmett I think you should take her upstairs and change her." Edward pat his brother on the back. Emmett's glowing face quickly turned to horror. I had to laugh even harder, yet I wasn't alone.

"No no no. I'm not doing that. I can't." he scrambled to make an excuse.

"Emmett she's your daughter! You have to learn!" Alice said sternly.

"But you're her aunty, Alice. Don't you want to do everything for her?" Emmett tried.

"Uh no. I want to take her shopping and throw her a party but changing nappies is not my thing." Alice laughed back.

"Bella? You are her aunty too" Emmett said turning to a new victim.

Bella shook her head "With my weak stomach? I don't think so Emmett."

"Edward? Jasper?" Both of the uncles said no. Emmett fully turned to me, smothering me with his green eyed stare. I was momentarily stunned when Emmett asked me. "Rosie, can you please change my daughters nappy? You're so good with her and all."

My voice was silenced as I tried to move out of my stunned state. Luckily my friends were there. " No Emmett Rose won't do it either." Alice answered for me.

"Fine I'll be a man and change her. But where do I change her? Mum will tear me to pieces and burn them if it goes on the carpet!" Bursts of laughter rounded again.

"Emmett that's why I brought a changing table and put it upstairs in her nursery." Alice said, not letting Emmett have any excuse.

Emmett huffed and picked up his little girl.. I got up of my seat and followed them upstairs. Something told me it would be too good to miss.

Emmett had put Baby Cullen down and was looking around the room, searching, while keeping a hand on her tummy so she wouldn't fall off. He may be clueless but he was still very protective. Someone help the boys who try to go out with his daughter.

"Emmett what are you searching for?" I asked from the doorway.

"Tongs or something. I saw it on TV that the new dad used them to change the nappy."

"Emmett that was TV. You obviously didn't see the ending to that episode. Here I'll help you." I said giving in to his needs. Curse the whole I'll-do-anything-for-him attitude. I explained to him what he needed to do. "Are you ready?"

"Yes. No wait, I'm forgetting something. The peg." Emmett answered.

"The what?"

"Hold her please." He said running out of the room.

I held onto baby Cullen. She calmly looked up at me. "Isn't your daddy silly? Going to get a peg. Yes he is. But don't worry he'll learn and he's going to be the best daddy you could ever have. He is! You're going to love him just as much as I do. That's a lot baby girl. A giant lot."

Before I said anymore I could hear Emmett's footsteps start back up the staircase. He entered the room wearing bright yellow dishes gloves and a large wooden peg; that Esme uses to hang blankets on the line; on his nose.

"I'm ready now Rose" Emmett grinned.


"He shoots he scores." Emmett cheered throwing the nappy into the diaper bin. "Did you see that Baby Cullen? Daddy got it in." We were still calling her Baby Cullen as Emmett couldn't seem to find a name he deemed 'fit' for his little girl.

"Emmett you really need to decide on a name soon" I laughed. "Can I hold her?"

I held my arms out as Emmett placed her in.

*It had taken Emmett a few days to let anyone other than myself and him hold his daughter.

After Victoria left her, he was worried that if he let her get attached to anyone they'd leave her. I was surprisingly left out of this which explained the phone calls I got in the middle of the night.

Baby Cullen woke up and wouldn't stop crying. Emmett tried everything he could think of until Esme woke up and said to try feeding her a bottle. He couldn't get her to take it but wouldn't let Esme or anyone try so I was woken by the phone at 4:36am.

We soon managed to convince him that his family wouldn't go anywhere.*

"Are you going to sleep all the way through the night today?" I gooed to her. "I'm going to have a sleepover with you tonight so if you don't I'll be on the bed right next to your cot ready. Ok?"

"Rosie I know your secret." Emmett boomed. I looked away from the baby's priceless face towards her dads. I only had one secret and that was the way I felt about him.

"What's that Emmett?" I asked urgently.

"Your secret is that you love my daughter. Rosalie Lillian Hale loves Baby Cull-…. Holey hell! Damn!" Emmett's taunting turned to shocked amazement.

"What is it?" I asked him.

"I know what I want to call my daughter!"

"What? what's her name?"

"I can't tell you just yet. Everyone has to hear it…. Mum, Dad, Alice, Edward, Jasper, Bella. Everyone to the lounge!"

Emmett bounded out of the nursery but poked his head back around the door frame.

"Could you please bring Baby Cullen down for me?" he asked for taking back off.

I looked at the baby in my arms and sighed. "Lets go see what daddy has to say. He's going to give you a name."

Alice and Jasper were at the stairs when we got there. Alice looked questionly at me "What's going on Rose?"

The sentence she spoke was the same she had asked 5 days ago.


Silence was defined in the last few minutes. Emmett, Baby Cullen and myself remained on the front porch, unmoved. Emmett's arm was still wrapped around my back, while I rested my head on his shoulder. Baby Cullen was still asleep in my arms. We saw no need to move; to move would be to take action for the future.

Emmett's tensed muscles told me that he was struggling with the thought of the future. Edward's silver Volvo quickly pulled into the driveway. I took my head off Emmett as Alice got out of the car. Her eyes bulged and she quickly reacted by racing towards us.

"Emmett what going on? Why is baby Cullen here?" Alice asked him. She knelled down so she was at eye level with Emmett. I turned to watch his reaction. My side vision showed that the others were now out of the car and making their way over.

Emmett just watched his sister, his face blank. "Emmett?" Alice repeated. He doped his head.

"What's going on Rose?" Alice asked me. Edward sat beside me, while Bella and Jasper stood behind Alice. My eyes drifted to Emmett whose eyes were closed, then to baby Cullen. She was still peacefully dreaming, unaware of the drama that was interfering in her life. The worried expressions of my friends were what convinced me to tell what they needed to know.

"Victoria has left, guys."

"What?!" Alice jumped back to her feet.

"Victoria, discharged herself from the hospital and dropped baby Cullen here to Emmett before taking off. She doesn't want to be in baby Cullen's life and refused to tell Emmett where she was going."

Their reactions came strong; Alice gasped aloud. Jasper was too busy focusing on Alice to response. He simply pulled her to him in his calming mood. Edward let out a furious growl, which if I hadn't been holding baby Cullen I'd have jumped up startled by. But it was Bella's reaction which took me my surprise the most. She become very angry; her hands urgently balled into fists and her chocolate brown eyes glazed with fury.

"She did what?! How dare she. Ahh that superficial…" Bella's voice grew louder with each word. Emmett looked up for the first time since Alice had asked him what happened. He was Emmett-typically amused by Bella's reaction. As was I.

Edward jumped up and picked Bella up. Alice, Jasper and Edward all mused "Bella". The combined levels of their voices formed a shout louder than Bella's rant. Baby Cullen stirred in my arms and I knew what was coming.

She opened her mouth and let out a small scream. Emmett's attention automatically turned to comfort his daughter.

"Here Emmett, I'll try." Alice offered.

"No!" Emmett snapped towards his sister. Alice looked offended. "What? Why?" she answered back.

" Rosie and I have it handled, thanks. We can take after my daughter ourselves. Don't touch her alright?" Emmett's tone was firm as he directed his words at baby Cullen's 2 aunties and 2 uncles. "Come on Rose, let's bring baby Cullen inside" he softly said to me before opening the front door. I followed him, rocking the crying baby in my arms.

Edward, Bella, Alice and Jasper stood shell-shocked. I looked back at their stunned expressions and smile apologetically. I entered the door Emmett was holding open and heard Edward call "Why Emmett?"

Emmett shut the door without an answer to them.

"Because I can't let someone else she loves leave her. But since I'm obviously powerless to stop that, my daughter can't become attached to anyone. No one will abandon her again." I heard Emmett whisper.


Alice's stamp of her foot pulled me back to the present. "I don't know Alice. He screamed something about knowing what to call baby Cullen before calling you all and running to the lounge."

Alice's green eyes, which identified her easily as a Cullen, squared. "OMG. Wow this is huge! How did I not see this coming?… Come on Jasper" She grabbed hold of Jasper's hand and ran down the stairs. Jasper through me a look before getting pulled along.

I followed Alice and Jasper to the lounge. Baby Cullen was so good in my arms, she refused to cry. Bella and Edward were already sitting on their normal couch while Emmett sat in his arm chair. More specifically his lazy boy.

Jasper and Alice typically went to sit on their 'love seat' across from Bella and Edward's. Which left me and Baby Cullen to find a seat.

"Rosie, could you please give my daughter to me?"

I handed Emmett Baby Cullen and sat on the bean bag. I wouldn't have sat there with baby Cullen. We were just waiting on Carlisle and Esme now. Emmett's leg was twitching with impatience. He clearly wanted to tell everyone the news a.s.a.p; and by the looks of everyones' faces, we were all eager to hear it.


I looked up in response to Alice's word. Mr and Mrs Cullen were entering the room.

"What's going on?" Carlisle asked the question openly.

"Emmett knows what he wants to call baby Cullen, Dad!!! Hurry and sit so we can find out" Alice nearly squealed back. The pixie was a bundle of excitement. She kept fidgeting with her hands.

They quickly sat down and we all turned to Emmett for him to start.

"Sooo you all know how I haven't been able to find a name fitting for my little girl?

Well I just did. You also know I'm not one for speeches so I'm going to cut right to the chase. Rose is amazing to Baby Cullen. And Baby Cullen already loves her to pieces. So I think the most fitting name for my daughter would be to call her….Lillian Cullen."

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