A/N: Hello, darlings! Spices here. Sooo...I recently discovered Greek mythology fan fiction! There wasn't a single story for these lovely guys, and I see it as my duty TO UNLEASH TWINCEST ON THE GRECIAN FANDOM! MWAHAHAHAHA!! You have been warned...

When they made love, it was heaven. It was ecstasy. Nothing mattered. They were in the clouds. The doubt in their minds and the guilt in their hearts couldn't touch them. Not here. Not now. There was nothing but gasping breath and velvet skin slick with sweat in this heaven of theirs. And pleasure. Because in heaven, there is no such thing as pain.

Outside of their little heaven is bitter reality. A reality that tears them apart, because even in a society so loose in sexual restrictions, they have crossed the invisible line, forcing them to express their forbidden love in secret. Only Helen knows, and she's not telling. Her brothers have enough on her to keep men miles away, no matter how pretty her face or how curvy she's grown. And of course, a part of her loves the starcrossed pair. Not that she'd ever admit it, of course. So they hide in the stables, in the armory, in the pantry, in the woods. It's not easy, but they make do. Because they have to. Because they love each other. Because they need each other. Because no matter how hellish their life on earth becomes, they know they still have their heaven.

But what Polydeuces and Castor love best is in between their two worlds. When they are still groggy from their lovemaking, when they are still panting, and the night breeze over their sweat soaked skin raises goosebumps, and they lie in each other's arms, lazily floating down from their high. Their fears have not yet caught up with them, yet they are aware enough of reality to feel the sting of pain and the beating of each other's hearts. And for them, that is enough.

A/N: It's a little weird for me to be writing something outside an anime fandom for once in my life, so I hope this turned out okay. There will be more, by the way. BROTHERLY LOVE ONWZ UR SOUL.