A/N: It's been awhile, hasn't it? In all honesty, I've had this written for...well, awhile. I just hadn't gotten around to putting it up, and, well, no one much reads this anyway. And for those of you that do, I sincerely appologize for the wait. This is from Polydeuces' point of view...and I love this one, because it's adorable!

There are things that you see and hear and feel when you are young that you don't understand until you are older. As you age, each passing year brings new perspective. I was fifteen years old when my heart got broken for the first and last time. He was older and handsome, a brilliant fighter, and I followed him blindly. I didn't understand why Castor was so bitter and cynical about the whole thing. I was happy, couldn't he be happy for me? Instead he just yelled. Those were some of the most vicious fights we've ever had, and they often left me in tears. I didn't understand. I didn't understand because I was too busy worrying about myself. After one of our particularly nasty fights, I fled. I returned late, and Castor had already gone to bed. I stopped in the doorway and watched him sleep. I stood there for a long, long time, in the quiet of the night, just watching his chest rise and fall peacefully. In slumber he was soft and silent, not the roaring, red-faced monster I'd had a shouting match with only hours before. I smiled softly. When I finally took the time to stand still for a moment, I began to understand his love…not that I recognized it for what it was. I went to him and kissed his forehead in a silent apology, careful not to wake him. He was so calm and perfect it made my chest throb. I took it as guilt.

Three weeks later my heart ached with betrayal, my spirit and body bruised and broken. Castor held me as I cried in the dark, silent watches of the night, but I understood neither the anger nor the pain I saw in his eyes. For weeks I was a hollow shell of myself, haunted and broken. I couldn't see how it tormented him as I grew numb and unresponsive. I ignored him, so deep in my own despair that I didn't even notice how distressed my twin had become. I ignored him, in so much pain that I failed to see his own. I ignored him until he did something I absolutely could not ignore. We have always shared a bed, Castor and I, and thought nothing of it. But that night…innocent, comforting touches became heated touches, heated touches melted into frenzied kisses, frenzied kisses became needy, frantic sex. The burning ecstasy, the soaring sort of feeling, everything, it cleared out the cold ashes in my heart and lit a new flame, a stronger one, for someone I had cared for all along. I had just been too caught up in me to notice. I think that was the first time in my young life that everything was utterly still. Castor's eyes were closed, but I knew he was not asleep, because his chest was still heaving, just as mine was. He was covered in sweat and utterly gorgeous; which may seem conceited since we are twins, but I don't see it that way, because there is no way I could ever, ever, be that beautiful, and I realized all of a sudden that his anger was him looking out for me, and his concern was love. And I realized I loved him too.

It has taken me years to understand the depths of these emotions, and sometimes I still don't understand. But when I get too caught up in me, in my own problems and worries, I have learned to stop, take a step back, and just stand still. The way he looks at me is all I need to know.

A/N: I'm terribly sorry I've continued to leave you all in the dark concerning the business with Polydeuces and his lover. All will be revealed in time, I promise. As for next up, that would be Family. Finally, a funny one with no real depth or plot, haha!