A moan escaped him as he felt the warm slightly callused hands of his lover brush over his inner thigh. His back arched as he was grasped lightly and pumped a few times. Relaxing back down to the bed he let his legs be spread wider; welcoming the strangely exposed feeling it caused.

Pain and pleasure mixed to gather—in his mind they were pretty much the same thing—as he was entered. Moaning out shamelessly he thrust his hips forward, pressing against the hard body that was now joined with his. Muttering prayers to his god as his lover started to move inside him.

"Hidan…" the voice groaning his name seemed distant. Crackly, like it was coming through a bad radio connection. Hidan arched and cried out, begging for his name to be said again. "Hidan…." Looking up at the man who called to him tears of pleasure filled his eyes.

Leaning up and wrapping his arms around his tan lover's neck, he let one more deep moan rumble up from his chest as he came. His name was said again in a very strangled voice and this time he answered it.

"K-Kakuzu…" he whimpered as warmth filled him from the inside. "Ah, Kakuzu."

"Aishiteru…. Aishiteru, Hidan." Then the warmth was gone and cold darkness was left in its place.

Hidan gasped as his eyes shot open. Then he coughed a few times do to the dirt he had inhaled—even though he had no lungs at the current time. Eyes darting around the pitch black prison he was trapped in.

It had been… well fuck he didn't know how long it had been. He had no way of telling how many days, weeks, months he had been trapped. Hell for all he knew it could have only been a matter of hours, but even if that was the case it had already felt like an eternity.

His head wasn't attached to his body but he could still feel the ache of hunger and dehydration. Felt the pain of his dismembered limbs. "Oh, Jashin…why haven't you saved me from this hell…" he whined in a pathetic dry voice. "I'm sorry if I sinned. I tried to be good really."

Closing his eyes for a moment to pray he snapped them back open. He had to keep his eyes open, lest he risk falling asleep again. Sleep was the worse torture that his prison had provided so far. Worse than the feeling of starvation, dehydration, and the loneliness of feeling abandoned by his god. Because in his sleep he could dream, and there was one thing—one person—who haunted his dreams every time he fell asleep in this hell.

"Kakuzu…" he whined. "What happened to you? Why, why haven't you come to save me…" the broken Jashinist had long past given up hope that his partner would come and save him but still… he couldn't help but feel the loneliness of abandonment from the one he had been closest to.

He knew that there had to be a good reason for Kakuzu not coming. He was probably dead, although that thought made him sick. But what else could there be? Letting out a shuddering breath he let his eyes close again.

"Aishiteru, Kakuzu…" he muttered into the cold, tight darkness. An icy tear that no one but him and his god would know about slipped down his cheek as he was taken back into the world of sleep that so greatly called.

He silently cursed the fact that he would have to wake up again.


A/N: Aishiteru is one of the many ways to say 'I love you' in Japanese.
This story popped into my head randomly and I just had to write it. I know Hidan is probably dead and not just buried, but still I wanted to write this.