Just Me and You

An Inuyasha Story

I hope you enjoy this story it's really cute. Even if it's an AU welcome to Inuyasha in the city.

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Chapter 1 (Naraku's POV)

My name is Naraku this is my story.

It all began last month I met the love of my life on a Tuesday.

He was smoking on a corner of a club I was going into he spotted me and smiled.

I knew from that moment he was the one that was meant for me.

He had black hair and green eyes much more beautiful then my black hair and brown eyes.

His name is Miroku and I wished I could be with him.

I got my wish. After I went in he followed and asked if I would like to dance.

Of course I said yes.

We danced the night away it was so much fun now I just wish I had told him how much I would miss him if the night ended.

When he left he gave me his number but I felt like I would never see him again.

I was wrong.

Though I didn't know I would see him under such circumstances.

(Normal POV)

Hello there you must be Naraku, said a small nurse, my name is Lilly.

Why am I here, Naraku asked?

Well one of our patients used you as their emergency phone call, Lilly said.

Who, Naraku asked?

His name was Miroku I believe only the doctors have seen him they say he is pretty bad. Lilly told him.

What happened to him, Miroku asked shocked and scared that something might have happened to him?

Well I believe he was hit with a car or something like that, he said that you were the only person he trusted, Lilly announced.

Really can I see him, Miroku asked shocked that Naraku would say that?

Yes or at least in a few minutes I will come get you when you can just sit and wait patiently, Lilly told him.