The two authors, sat in her room, bored. The time? 2:18 AM. The time when the idea was born. They lay on the bed- Alex () and her friend, Beth (Dark-Severus-Snape), lay on Beth's bed, Beth mostly taking the covers. The topic? Unknown.

"Can you imagine a girl cheering from the sidelines as her crush hit on his crush?" Alex, rambled mindlessly. "It'd be like, 'Woot, yeah, go Itachi!'."

"We should make a fanfic." Beth suggested. "You should write it." Beth said, before getting up and leaving the bed, resulting in Alex quickly adopting the covers, covering herself up as if she had been caught in bed with her ex boyfriend, covering her unmatching grey sports bra and white panties with pink cherry blossom leaves and branches on them.

"Sure! I'll make it, but you gotta gimme the plot, hun." Alex said, snapping her fingers a couple times.

" 'plot' ?" Beth asked, back on her computer.

"Yeah- who is Itachi crushing on? Who is crushing on Itachi?" Alex explained to her friend.

"Either Sakura or Hinata."

"But Hinata couldn't beat someone up! So then Itachi is gonna be hittin on Hinata?"


"And Sakura? What of her?"


"Sakura! What of her?"

"She'll be on the sidelines, beating someone's ass." Alex smiled, nodding.

"I've got it! Ok, Itachi likes Hinata, but Sakura's stepped up from Sasuke, and is crushing on Itachi now, and-"

"Sasuke likes hinata too." Alex clapped her hands.

"Love Triaaanglllle!"

"More like a square."

"Let's settle with pentagon, sweetie."


Alex jumped on the computer she was using, and began to type up the story she'd call- Erotica.


Chapter 1

Sakura jumped to her feet,quickly running her fingers through her bangs, as her crush walked by. "H-Hi Itachi-Kun." She purred seductively at the Uchiha prodigy who went to her highschool. Itachi just walked on by, closely followed by his younger brother, Sasuke.

"Good morning, cow." Itachi said icily, making her smile drop. Sasuke smiled at her.

"Good Morning, Sakura." Sasuke greated warmly, holding her hand in his. "Would you like to accompany me to dinner tonight?"


Sasuke rubbed his head, turning around to see his teacher, Orochimaru, standing behind him. "Unfortunately, he promises you empty offers, - for he'll be serving DETENTION tonight in my room for misconduct amungst his peers." Orochimaru growled sternly, Itachi gone and hitting on that Hyuuga girl. He got slapped upside the head as well, by Ms. Kamikoro- their math teacher.

"You stupid little brat! I'll have you expelled for sexual harassment! Now get out of here!" She snapped at the Uchiha, who walked off. "You won't get far before class, Uchiha." The bell rang as she spoke. "HA! Told you! Now why don't you drag your sorry ass over to the mathroom, eh?" Itachi growled in protest, but the teacher yelled at him, resulting in his trudging off to his first period. "Good luck, Orochimaru-San." She smiled, waking off. Orochimaru sighed dreamily, before toughening up, and going to his own classroom.

-Math Class with Ryu-Sensei-

Itachi couldn't focus on his classes- only her. Hyuuga Hinata. So in need of protection, this delicate flower. She glanced back at him. He wanted to use the Sharigan on her- but it was a cursed jutsu that only brought nightmares. He wanted her to have sweet, honey-coated dreams. She waved at him- he waved back- before the teacher caught him. The teacher looked at him, a delicate eyebrow arched in suspision.

"Ryu-Sensei, have you ever been in love?" a student asked her, making her look at them. The entire class, listening intently.

"I''d suggest in raising that D of yours, instead of worrying about my personal life." Their sensei said, close to getting side tracked. "Back to math. Mr. Uchiha- since you're making eyes at Ms. Hyuuga, you must fully understand math! So why not come up here and solve problem 27 on the board, eh?" Itachi groaned. "Hey! You were the one held back, pretty boy! Now move your sorry ass and finish the equation."

"You're the Wicked Witch of the West!" The Uchiha said icily, as he walked past her. She cackled, scaring the high schoolers.

"I may be a Witch, but I'm a FREE witch, you little punk!" She laughed, as Itachi stared at the math problem in his book in confusion, not knowing where to start. She sighed. "I hope you can day-dream your way out of freaking DETENTION, Lover Boy, 'cus you just got yourself a first class ticket to it. Consider it a blessing, as you'll have time to study to raise that rather embarrasing 'F' so take a seat, dreamcatcher."

"Sensei! May I help Itachi with his math?" A small voice boldly questioned, making the Teacher look back to see who dare interupt their torturing of the Uchiha.

"Ms. Hyuuga?" Hinata blushed deeply, looking down, fidgeting with her fingers.

"I-If its ok with U-Uchiha-San, I-I'd be happy to t-tutor him."Hinata said quietly, volunteering to assist the Uchiha. Itachi excelled in everything- but math. He should be unhappy about this but instead, it was the happiest day of his life. Him? With Hinata Hyuuga, the cutest girl in the entire school? Itachi felt like shouting, 'Dreams do come true!' but he was silent

"Hm...I guess, if Itachi's ok with it." Hinata's blush lightened as she looked up at Itachi with those, big, round, white-eyes. No distracting colors in the way, allowing the Uchiha to see his own reflection without problem. He nodded, making her smile happily.

"Thank you." He said simply. "I have detention- mind meeting me there?" Hinata nodded as bell rang, making the teacher sigh and dismiss the class.

"Get otta here you brats! I wanna get back to my life too!" The Teacher hissed, shooing hem all out of the classroom. "Oh, and because I love you all so much, your homework is to play a video game and mentally compare it to reality." The smart children snickered- and the Teacher chuckled. "Retards- there are no such things as 'video games'!"


"Haha, you got detention." Sasuke taunted, but Itachi ignored him. He abruptly stood up when he saw Hinata.

"Hinata-Chan, come sit down!" Hinata smiled.

"Thank you, but, we have to get a text book first to study with- U-Unless you have one already, Itachi-Kun." Itachi thought about it- she was right.

"I did forget-" Hinata put her things down, and went over to one of the shelves. Itachi followed, watching, as she looked up at the book required for his studying- on a shelf too high for her to reach. "Here, Hinata-Chan, let me help you-" He offered, grabbing the book, and offering it to her. She blushed slightly, taking it with a 'thank you', staring at him, before there was a creaking sound.

"The shelf!!" Sasuke yelled. Itachi quickly grabbed Hinata and pinned her to the nearest wall (further in front of where they were standing, next to a window). The shelf came crashing down quickly, and she was safe, under Itachi. She blushed, as Itachi leaned down to her, his nose touching hers, making her blush from such close contact.

"Are you ok, Hinata-Chan?" He asked, making her nod quickly. Itachi smiled charmingly. "I'm- so glad- I was able to make sure you were safe in time."

"T-Thank you, now let's hurry up with your tutoring!" She said abruptly, slipping out from under him, when his face got closer to hers.

Itachi was out of luck- but he vowed to take hold of the next oppurtunity. He even punched Sasuke out in irritance with himself. Hinata was shocked, but Itachi appologized and said it would help him better if there was complete silence.

Alex looked over her fanfiction, ashamed of herself. "I can do so much better!" She snarled.

"Remember- no sex until later chapters, Alex!" Beth said, making her sigh.

"I guess- Second chapter will be SO lusty, Beth! Promise!" Alex smiled.

"Mm-hm. Whatever you say. but I look forward to it, Ryu-Hime." Alex smiled to herself at her own plans.

"Itachi is going to corner her, and get it ON!" Alex yelled enthusiastically. "And I'mm make there be a prom, so sex on prom night, woohoo! I am SO Micheal Jackson-ing this, Inu-Chan! No lie!" Beth rolled her eyes, as Alex got up.



"But you need to make another chapter!"

"No time, my bladder is going to implode and smear all over my other organs if I don't go, boss!" Alex whined.

"Fine, just hurry up and get back!"

"Gotcha!"Alex yelled, half-way to the bathroom. Bath rolled her eyes.

"Don't worry readers- I'll force her to make another and even better chapter when she gets back." Beth said, winking at the computer, before turning it off.