Chapter 10

~2 months later~

"Alright, scenario time!" She smiled. "I think I'll pick on- Kiba today." She said, pointing to the Inuzuka, in the back row. She looked at him. "Now, Kiba, you're on a mission to retrieve a package. On the way, you run into a bunch of members from the Bingo Book, and it just so happens, one of them, has the package you need to retrieve and deliver to the Sand Village. What do you do?" Their Math teacher questioned.

"I'd kick their butts and get that package, then deliver it to finish the mission." Kiba replied confidently, leaning back in his chair. "Then, I'd probably kick dirt in their faces and call them losers." Some of his classmates giggled, but, their Sensei just smiled.

"And if you were in battered shape, thanks to thugs on the way? What then, Kiba-Kun?" She quizzed, and he looked away.

"Probably get the package and split." Kiba admitted, as another Teacher entered the room.

"Sorry to disrupt your class, Kamikoro-Sensei, but Sasuke is on the roof and says he wants an extension on the project you gave him or he's going to commit suicide." She rolled her eyes.

"What a Drama King! Neji-San, you're in charge while I'm gone." She ordered, leaving. She returned in 5 minutes, an unconscious Uchiha, over her shoulder. Ryu dropped the Uchiha in his seat roughly, and pulled out a small vial, uncorking it. Naruto leaned over his desk, to watch her waved the vial from left to right, slowly, under Sasuke's nose. Sasuke jolted away, looking around, as she stood up and re-corked the bottle, while he muttered 'where am I?' "BAKA!" She yelled, making him jolt. "If you need an extension, I'm happy to give one, just ask!" She thundered. "If you pull a stunt like that again, I'll just have to leave you in a place you don't want to be in, instead of bring you straight to class, next time. You have the weekend and Monday, to finish the project. That's 4 days. I'll expect it done on Tuesday." She said, flicking him in the head. "That's all. Now, please, try to pay attention and stay in class, alright?" Sasuke nodded weakly, and she went back to her desk. "Now then, I'm sorry, but I'll be passing around a work sheet. It's a partner pair up- a team of two- if you don't have a partner, come see me, I'll work with you if you need help, don't be afraid to ask." She looked up. "Sasuke will be paired with Naruto, so, I'm not going to permit a fight from the ladies. If you have objections to my decision, I'll be happy to talk to you outside about it. But I'm your Sensei, and on that note, I can over-power you." She smiled sweetly, Orochimaru, in the door way.

"Kamikoro-Sensei!" She looked up, smiling at Ten-Ten.

"Yes, Ten-Chan?" She asked.

"You seem, different, did something happen over last break?" She asked, and her Sensei smiled, but said nothing. She glanced over at Orochimaru, a questioning look in her eyes.

"Oi, Orochimaru-San, you should really get back to your class. Your kids are looking for you." She laughed, and he nodded, leaving.

-Lunch Break (Teacher's Lounge)-

"Oi, Orochimaru-San" Orochimaru looked up, as she held a bento, wrapped up in a picnic cloth, above him. "I made too much dinner last night, I how you don't mind, that I made a bento for you with the extra servings." He shook his head, accepting it She sat across from him, opening her own bento.

"Why didn't you answer your student today?" He asked quietly, eating some of the little octopus candies she put in the bento, then sampled the curry rice, before having a taste of the cabbage stir-fry that was in there. "Mmm…I like the curry rice…"

"I didn't answer her of my own free-will." She smiled at his comment, blushing faintly. "I…I tried really hard, with dinner, because, well, I'm not good at cooking, so, if you like it, I'm pleased."

"I was wondering…when I get to meet your parents." Orochimaru mused, but in a questioned form, to her. Ryu shuddered at this, making him glance at her, as she chewed slower, as if in though, the ends of her chop sticks, touching her lips, ever so lightly. "I'd take you to meet mine, but they died when I was really young, so, that won't work well."

"I…Kitsune is the only family I have left. My parents…died long ago." She admitted, trying to change the topic. "Y-You wouldn't want to meet them, even if they were alive. They're really horrid people. Wow, the weather sure is great."

"They couldn't have been that bad, if you came about." She jolted, look at him in shock. Orochimaru smiled back at her. "You need a special kind of chemistry, to bring about someone like you, Ryu-Chan." She blinked, looking back at her lunch, smiling.

"Y…Yeah, I guess you're right." She laughed. "Thanks for the reassurance, Casanova." Orochimaru blushed, yelling, "OI! That's not funny!"


Kitsune walked into the huge room, containing two large creatures. A large, dark figure, and a smaller, lighter figure, sat at the back of the dark room. They were nothing but silhouettes and glowing eyes. The larger one's golden eyes, burned in the darkness, its mates aqua blue eyes, stood out, softening the shadows around it. He got to one knee, a fist on the ground, in a bow to the larger creature.

"Where is the corpse I seek, boy?" The largest one grumbled.

"She's made two barriers." Kitsune informed. "Both block me out. I cant get close to her."

"Then Bring the Human."

"She put a barrier on him, greater than the one on herself."

"What about this Shadow who lingers around?"

"I've made a deal with him, so he's under my command."

"…A barrier stronger than her own for some pathetic HUMAN? Do my ears fail me? HMPH!" The creature snorted. "Since you can't get the job done, I will do there myself, and see hat is so important about this human."

"She works as an instructor for the humans. A day called 'Parent's Day' is coming up. The Parents of the students, arrive, and explain what their occupation is." Kitsune explained, and the large figure growled in satisfaction.

"You've done well, Kitsune. Once your sister is out of the way,. I will have no problem, giving the throne to you." They grumbled, and Kitsune grinned. It was all going according to plan.

~Parent's Day~

Ryu fanned herself with a folder, smiling at all the parents at the back of the room, all the teachers, lined up, in her own room. "I'm so sorry that when all of you took time from your busy schedules to come here, the air conditioning breaks." She said, standing in the middle of the long line of teachers, who sat down at the long tables in the front of her class room. She smiled at Sasuke's Father, who stood in the front of the class, in front of the desks by an inch or two. "Mr. Uchiha, if you please, tell us, what is your occupation?" She requested, unbuttoning the third button on her shirt, making his eyes go straight to the glimpse of cleavage he could see. His wife glared at him, and Orochimaru gave him a death glare, as Ryu tilted her head to the side questioningly.

"I…uh…work for…uh- the Konoha P-police Department…" He said, staring, before his wife slapped him upside the head. "What did I do?!" In that moment, Ryu glanced back at the parents- and froze. This caught the all-too-observant Orochimaru's attention. She stared at the odd and out of place couple, in the back. A red-haired male's arm, wrapped around a slender female's waist, the two stood in the back, their presence was menacing. Ryu gulped, and continued to stare, completely numb.

Th-thump, th-thump

'W-What are they doing here?'

Th-thump, th-thump


She swallowed, opening her mouth, to speak. But no Words came out. Did she unknowingly swallow her own voice? Orochimaru stood up, making her jolt in surprise, at his abrupt and abnormal, silence-breaking action. "You two-in the back- yes, please, step outside, for a moment, would you?" Orochimaru called the male in the odd couple, chuckle, before walking out, hand-in-hand, with the female. Ryu looked at him with a grateful look on her features, and he smiled back, leaving the room and her in charge. When the couple left, she continued, as if nothing happened, as Orochimaru shut the door, standing in the hall way with the couple.

"You two are not the parents of any child here, meaning you have no right to be on this school's grounds." Orochimaru told them, and the female grinned sinisterly, showing dangerous fangs.

"What a foolish human you are, little boy!" She giggled, covering her mouth with manicured fingertips. "Children who speak out of line, should be put in their PLACE, don't you agree, Balthazar, Dear?" She cooed, looking at the male. They stuck out their tongue, which held a single, ring-piercing, which actually INTRIGUED Orochimaru.

"I do agree, but I like this one. He's bold." They said. "Forgive my wife, she's too quick to judge and pick a fight, but, I can not deny that I do not have such attributes either." They told him, honestly. "I am Kamikoro Balthazar, and this is my wife, Fiona Kamikoro." When he introduced himself, he bowed, and when the girl's name was said, she bowed too. Orochimaru blinked his mind in a daze. Kamikoro? As he stared at them, Balthazar grinned evilly, chuckling darkly. Could it be that these people were…

Ryu's parents?

To Be Continued…