Nine participants.

A letter was addressed to nine people, all across time and space, sealed and stamped, with the words in curling, careful script. Each was attached to a package.

There was no return address.

Eight contestants.

Eight of the letters said the same thing, though written in the various languages its intended audience read.

Dear competitor,

You have been chosen to play the Game. You and eight others have received a letter like this. You will meet them, wearing the articles sent to you in the parcel attached, by Westminster Bridge in London, England, May the twenty-third, 2010.

Seven of them are players like you.

One of them is the Sly.

Seven challenges.

Over the time of the Game, you will participate in challenges. They may be difficult or dangerous. If you are injured severely, to a point at which there is any challenge in which you cannot participate, you will be disqualified from the game.

Throughout the challenges, you will get to know you teammates. Trust no one! Any one of them could turn against you, and the Sly will use any means, take any opportunity, to disqualify every player. If only two player remain, the Sly has won.

Six chances.

Every four days, a campfire will be held. You will come to the campfire unmasked, and there you can discuss anything you wish to, but remember that the Sly is always listening. It is at the campfire you may make a guess as to who is the owner of each mask...and who plans to betray you all.

But be careful. If you make one wrong guess, you're out of the Game and the Sly is one step closer to victory.

Five rooms.

When you arrive at your destination, your first task will be to decide on the living arrangements for nine people into five rooms. You will also have to come up with a way to unmask for campfire without revealing your identity.

Four weeks.

For four weeks, you will reside in the selected place, with these living arrangements, so choose wisely. Over the course of this time, your job is to find the identity of each player, locate the Sly, and stay in the game. The challenges will become more and more difficult, and injury will be more and more likely. Be careful, and watch out for the Sly.

Three finalists.

If the Game goes as planned, three of you will be left at the end of it. Those three are the finalists: the three most powerful, most skilled, most intelligent, and most cautious...supposedly. If you make it to the finalists, you have proven yourself a hundred times over and you will depart the game rich even if you are disqualified.

Two rivals.

Two of the finalists really have showed themselves to be the best players. Congratulations to them, whichever of you they may be. Now they must abandon all trace of teamwork. Everyone is a rival by now. The other one is the Sly, and it is your job not to let the traitor win.

Good luck.

One traitor.

The other letter said only this:

You are the Sly. You know what you must do. It begins now.

This is...Seek Out The Sly.

Nominations for Seek Out the Sly: Doctor Who are now open! Review or PM with with any and every character you would like to see in the story. If you cant decide on nine, send in more, because the votes begin in two weeks.

Good luck!