As Long As You're Mine

A High School Musical fan-fiction based off of the events that occurred in HSM and HSM 2 ( May have the character of Jimmie Z from HSM 3 in later chapters.)

I have only seen a little bit past the end of 'I want it all' in HSM 3 since the quality of the video I found was very poor and it was getting on my nerves. If I find a better quality version, I'll watch the whole thing.

This story takes place during their senior year of high school.

Pairings: Starts off Troyella, ends Troypay. All character pairings will be changing throughout the story... other pairings will be mentioned / hinted at parts.

Obviously do not own HSM (that's why it's called fan-fiction). And do not own songs that are from the musical, Wicked.

Monday morning at East High began normally for its many students. For those seniors who were lucky enough to have Ms. Darbus for homeroom got ready to endure another long, sleep-inducing lecture of the horrors of cell phone use in the theatre.

Troy Bolton, East High's basketball superstar and heartthrob, had his head resting on his right hand struggling to keep his eyelids open. The only thing keeping him awake was the presence of his one year long girlfriend, Gabriella Montez, who was sitting in the seat in front of him.

In contrast to the sleepiness of her boyfriend behind her, whom she frequently turned around in her seat to give him a smile, Gabriella was wide awake. Her daily regiment of a cappuccino from the coffee place next to the school each morning has never failed to wake her up to get her ready for the day since she started at East High last year. (AN: It's around the beginning of April of their senior year). Gabriella was thankful for discovering how great those cappuccinos were for she wanted to be attentive for when Ms. Darbus announced the time for the auditions for the spring musicale.

Behind Troy's seat, Chad Danforth was lightly snoring with his head on his desk and basketball clutched to his stomach underneath his desk. He was suddenly awoken with a great jolt as Ms. Darbus slammed a hand down on his desk.

"Mr. Danforth!" Ms. Darbus exclaimed at high volume causing the rest of the class that were falling asleep to wake up, "I will not tolerate sleeping in my class, even if this is only homeroom! And what have I said about bringing that basketball to my class?"

"Um…y-you said n-not to Mrs. D?" Chad stuttered in a question still a little shaken from being woken up and not entirely sure what was going on at the moment.

Across the room by the window, a blonde girl, Sharpay Evans, sitting in front her twin brother, Ryan Evans (who also has blonde hair), rolled her eyes and shook her head slightly,

"Typical," She said under breath and then turned around to face her brother, "he probably has saw dust stuffed underneath his big hair in place of a brain," she began to giggle.

Chad Danforth heard her comment and decided to butt in with one of his own, after all, they've had a longstanding rivalry for who knows how long.

"Oh, yeah, Well at least I don't have a cold, Ice bi-- princess heart," he responded, catching himself before he said 'bitch' realizing that Ms. Darbus was still in the room and would probably get him into even more trouble. He was now leaning over his chair into the aisle between the desks to get a closer view to glare at Sharpay Evans, who had just called him out.

"Oh please, Danforth," Sharpay said rolling her eyes once again, "Can't you think of anything more original than that?"

"Oh why I oughta--!" Chad began, swiftly standing up from his chair, but before he could step out into the aisle between the desks, Ms. Darbus' voice rang out,

"That will be enough," she said forcibly, waiting for Chad to sit back down, she began speaking again in her somewhat haughty, theatrical voice and hand and arm gestures. "Now, as I was starting to say before you people began sleeping during my class, the auditions for the spring musicale will be held this Friday after school, as I have been informed by many students that their free periods do not correspond with my own..."

"Are we auditioning together, Shar?" Ryan lightly poked his sister's back whom he realized had stiffened at the mention of Friday. Ryan was not sure whether he would be auditioning with his sister this year. After he started hanging out with the gang over the summer, they seemed to distant themselves from each other. Although they had continued to talk to each other about any problems they were having, both Sharpay and Ryan began to do things on their own. Ryan especially, always getting invited to do things with the other wildcats, was out of the house more often. Since Sharpay can not stand to be alone, she realized that she should do something productive and began getting interviews and auditions at various universities, often scheduling an audition at a university near where her father's next business trip would be so that she flew out with him and then used her credit card to come back home again for school the next day. She had already been accepted to a few universities, but was still going to wait to see about two others, one of them being Julliard.

Sharpay turned her head to face her brother once again with a bit of a worried look on her face, which Ryan took as worrying whether they would be auditioning together or not, but it was not that at all. She opened her mouth to answer, but no sound came out for a couple seconds,

"I know we always audition together, Ry, but you're going to have to do it without me this time" Sharpay started, trying to explain as calmly as possible. She loved performing with her brother. She lived for it, however she had made a drama school audition at the New York University for Friday and would have to leave straight from school to catch her flight. "On Friday, I...well, have to do something important after school that day so I won't be able to audition," she finished a little unsure of how he would take the news. She had not told him about this audition yet and did not want her brother to become upset over not knowing where she was going.

Looking at his twin's face, Ryan knew she was telling the truth. "She hardly ever acts this uncertain about telling me things. I guess we really have drifted more apart than I thought. She would never miss a musical audition," he thought and then said aloud, "Why? Where are you going?"

"I'm--" Sharpay began but was interrupted when Darbus raised her voice,

"Sharpay and Ryan!" She began, causing the rest of the class to look over since she hardly ever called out her two favorite students, "Although you both are considered very highly to me as presidents of the drama club, I do not tolerate anyone talking while I am talking. Please refrain from speaking to each other until I am finished."

The whole class snickered, including resident nice girl, Gabriella, for even she knew that Darbus never got the twins in trouble. The only person who did not chuckle was Troy.

When he heard Darbus start explaining the day for the auditions he expected to hear a soft, high-pitched squeal and a few soft claps coming from the girl two seats to his right, but it was to no avail and he heard nothing but the sound of a conversation beginning between the twins. "Why is she not excited? She's Sharpay! The drama queen, she always gets excited at the mention of auditions," Troy thought

He took is arm off of his hand and turned to look over at Sharpay. Noticing that her face was sporting a look unfamiliar to him coming from the ice queen. He contorted his face in confusion. "It looks as if she...actually cares about something other than...herself? She always has such a confident, and certain look on her face, but now why isn't she jumping for joy for the spring 'musicale?' Oh! I bet it's because she finally realized she'll be nothing without Ryan since he left her side as her poodle since this summer. ha-ha I guess she finally gets what she deserves. But then again, when she was singing with me?..on stage at Lava Springs, she had really good stage presence, we work well, Troy! get a hold of yourself. This is the ice queen we're talking about. Let's turn back around to face the front of the class," Troy thought to himself as he turned back around from looking over at Sharpay.

"Alright, now that everything's under control, I would like to inform you that the musical that we will be performing will be announced on Friday at the auditions. I will be holding the auditions differently from last time so be prepared to choose a song the day of and perform it to the best of your ability. If you can not make the auditions, well, I hope to see you at the next production. Now, onto other announcements..." Darbus explained to the class.

A few minutes later, the bell signaling the end of the period rung, Ms. Darbus mistakenly thinking it was a cell phone again, and most everyone shuffled quickly out of there except for Sharpay who stayed behind.

"Ms. Darbus?" Sharpay asked as she approached her teacher's desk where Darbus was standing in front of her desk at the front of the room.

"Yes, what is it Miss Evans?" Ms. Darbus answered, looking up from the papers that were in her hand.

"I'm not going to be here after school on Friday, but I still want to be a part of the production. Is there any way that I can audition on Thursday or Monday or something. I'll do the audition any way you wish, because performing is my life and--"

"You are aware Miss Evans that the theatre waits for no one. The audition day is set and I will not change it this time," interrupted Ms. Darbus as she started to walk behind her desk.

Sharpay moved a little closer to the front of the desk, "Yes, I know that Ms. Darbus, but I can not miss my appointment on Friday. You see, I scheduled a drama school audition at NYU at night so I need to go to the airport right after school to make the flight and I was hoping that being president would allow me a little flexibility with auditions. If you let me do this, you could even choose the song that I will sing! Give me hardest one in the whole musical or one in which I'm not used to the tempo! Please Ms. Darbus! I really need to go NYU! I know I have a chance there if I don't get into Julliard. Please?"

Ms. Darbus looked at the young girl in front of her. She knew that Sharpay Evans was very headstrong and very talented and should make a good life for herself after high school, but it was weird seeing her in a position like this. She wouldn't be asking for this if she didn't really want it, because after all, she has never missed a single drama production and she was always on time for everything....

"Oh, alright!" She finally exclaimed

"Thank you, Ms. Darbus! Thank you so much!" said Sharpay enthusiastically while giving a quick hug to her favorite teacher before turning to walk out the door. As she got to the doorway, Ms. Darbus' voice rang out,

"But remember, you will do the audition on Monday by singing the song that I pick for you, understood?" Sharpay nodded and continued into the hallway and smiled happily toward her next class.


Friday After School - Spring Musical Auditions

"Alright people! You have all gathered here in this theatre to showcase your talents in the performing arts!" Ms. Darbus announced theatrically walking down the aisle between the rows of seats to stand in front of the stage. She faced the students who were sitting in the first few middle rows of the theater, "For this musicale I will be conducting auditions a bit differently. In a few moments, Kelsi will be handing out scripts to everyone with all of the lyrics for the songs included. You each will pick a song that you would like to audition with and I will choose the character that fits your singing choose wisely," she explained motioned for Kelsi, who was sitting at the piano, to gather the scripts that were on top of the piano and start handing them out to everyone.

Kelsi started with the first row and began giving the scripts to the students as Ms. Darbus continued, "As you receive your scripts, you should notice that the production that we will be putting on this spring is, Wicked. You will have to portray intense emotion and really become the character in which you are given. All parts will be chosen carefully by myself, alone. No one will be getting any special treatment. Now, you all have 15 minutes to choose your song, get going." Darbus finished and walked over to the table she had set up in front of the stage.

"So, Troy, who do you think you'll be trying out for?" Gabriella asked as she was looking through the script, then looked up at her boyfriend, who turned to look at her from previously looking around the auditorium, "I was thinking of Elphaba. There is so much to that character since she is trying to show people who she really is but is held back by her mask of green."

After receiving the Wicked script from Kelsi, Troy held it uneasily for he knew something, or someone, was missing from the auditorium that day. The audition setting just didn't seem the same. He looked around at the people sitting in the seats around him and noticed that there was no one dressed in over-the-top or glittery outfits...the drama queen was missing! He was pulled out of his thoughts by Gabriella talking next to him asking about the play.

"I think you'd make a great Elphaba, Ella," Troy said sportingly, "As for me, I don't really know that much about Wicked so I'm not sure who I should try out for or even what the songs are like. Maybe you could help me with that?" He ended with his perfect boyish smile.

Gabriella seemed to jump at this opportunity. "Oh! I think you should try out for..." she looked at the list of characters on the second page of the script, "...Fiyero. He's the main guy lead in this musical and since we both did so well as the leads in Twinkletowne, we will probably do well together this time too."

In one of the seats near where Ms. Darbus was sitting, sat Ryan Evans. The seat to his right, which would normally be filled by his 20-minute-younger twin sister and co-drama club president, Sharpay, was empty. Being one of the drama club presidents, he had one of the perks such as more time to prepare his song since he would be going last as always, but this time would be the first time (since the summer) that he would not be performing with his twin. It pained him to realize that they had drifted away from each other this past year so much that he did not know everything going on in her head as he had before. Sharpay told him Monday night after school about her audition at NYU and Ryan could not be happier for his sister, although he would have liked to know earlier so maybe he could have helped her prepare or something. He felt very out of the loop.

The students were all practicing what they could during the 15 minutes, but now it was time for the first person to head up to the stage and audition.

She was a talented, blond haired, freshman singing Galinda's upbeat song, Popular.

"Wow! She's really good!" whisper exclaimed Gabriella to Troy, "She will definitely get the part of Glinda." Troy nodded.

The next few people were alright, but some not so great. Many were trying out for Fiyero, but there were a few Boqs as well. The other girls were mainly singing songs for Elphaba, Glinda/Galinda.

The current student auditioning was singing "I'm not that girl". Ms. Darbus was utterly appalled, remembering this student from her other disturbing performance during last year's winter musical auditions.

"That was very disturbing. Please see a counselor..again," Ms. Darbus said shuffling a few papers in front of her, "Up next we have Gabriella Montez and then Troy Bolton." She finished announcing the names with a smile for she knew they would not disappoint since they did well in the winter and fall musicals. (AN: It's very Troyella now, but just hang in there for Sharpay's entrance and Troypay-ness)

Gabriella slowly got up out of her seat and started making her way towards the stage. Troy gave her a soft pat on the back and quick kiss for good luck as she walked past him. Although Gabriella had come out of her shell a lot this past year, she still gets a little nervous before having to stand in front of crowds.

Approaching the piano, she told Kelsi which song she would be singing and began to sing a part of Defying Gravity.

The piano began and Gabriella started to sing, "Something has changed within me, something is not the same. I'm through with playing by the rules of someone else's game. Too late for second guessing, too late to go back to sleep. It's time to trust my instincts, close my eyes and leap..."

As the song got more powerful, so did her voice showing how she has improved from her once very soft voice, however all was not perfect. Besides her voice, she was not getting into the song that much. She was standing still holding the microphone, not showing any of the emotion of the song in body movements.

Next was Troy's turn and he got up on stage with a confident smile and was singing the beginning of Dancing Through Life. He was able to get into more than Gabriella was for her song, but it was not as enthusiastic as Ryan's audition of a different song when he went after Troy.

"Okay people! Well done for most of you. I will have the cast list up on Monday, but please be prepared that some of the roles will not be definite. Sharpay Evans, our other co-drama president still needs to audition. Unfortunately she could not make it today, but I have given her another chance to try out. To make it fair for everyone, I ask all of you not to mention the name of the musical that we are performing as none of you, not even Ryan, knew of it coming in as well. Bravo, Brava, and goodnight," Ms. Darbus addressed the drama club members as she flipped her scarf over her shoulder and walked out of the theater.

"Good job, Gabs, Troy. See you Monday. I have to get home early tonight, so sorry I can't go out with you and the gang for our usual Friday night pizza run," Ryan said to Gabriella and Troy as they were dismissed. Since the beginning of senior year, every Friday night they all, Troy, Ryan, Gabriella, Taylor, Kelsi, Chad, Jason, and Zeke that is, went out for Pizza at their favorite pizza place on the corner in town. Although Ryan had tried to get Sharpay to come out with them, she always found an excuse not go, but he never stopped asking; he wanted his sister to have good friends as well.

"That's alright, Ryan, Jason also said he couldn't make it, although he didn't say where he was going...odd, as well as Zeke since some of his relatives are coming over and he has to be at his house," Gabriella replied kindly then looked at Troy, "I guess it's just going to be us, Chad, Taylor, and Kelsi tonight--"

"Oh guys!" Kelsi interrupted coming over to them, "My mom wants me to finish my homework before the weekend starts and I have to work on an essay. And you know me, I take forever writing essays so I have to bail on pizza night tonight. I'll be there next week, promise." She finished with a little wave as she headed for the door.

"See ya, Kels," the three of them said as they also made their ways out of the auditorium.

The three were silent as they made their way to the outside of the school, consumed with their own thoughts. Troy had his arm around Gabriella, who was leaning into him while Ryan was off in his own world contemplating whether or not Sharpay would get the audition. He really wanted her to go there. He wanted the world to see how talented and what a great person she is even if she hides under the ice queen persona around most everyone else. He constantly tells her that she doesn't need to be so over the top to show what she can really do and he has been encouraging her to show her true colors. "I hope one day she takes my advice," Ryan thought as he opened the door and held it for the two a little bit behind him.

The three teens walked together towards the parking lot, Troy's arm around Gabriella's shoulders protectively.

"See you both on Monday, my car is this way," Ryan said pointing to his shiny, black Lexus, which was on the other side of the parking lot compared to the location of Troy's truck which was on the opposite side.

"Alright, we'll see you Monday Ryan," Gabriella answered kindly and continued walking the other way towards Troy's car.

"Wait, hold up Gabi," Troy said and grabbed her arm gently. He was still curious as to why Sharpay was not at auditions, "Ryan, where was your sister today after school? It was weird not seeing her at auditions, I mean she's the resident drama queen!."

A little taken aback at Troy's sudden abruptness, Ryan answered hesitantly, " she's in New Y-- I mean...she is just.... busy... that's all." He contemplated whether or not Sharpay would want people to know where she went. He didn't see any harm in it, but did not want to upset his sister if he told without her permission.

Wearing a confused look on his face, Troy departed for the weekend with his girlfriend hanging on his arm. He knew that he would be wondering about this all night.... so much in fact, that thoughts of Sharpay Evans will occupy his time more than those of Gabriella this weekend.

When Ryan got home, he got a snack from the kitchen and headed up to his room. Sharpay had said she would call him at 10:30 New York time, which would be when she is at the airport. "Sharpay told me 10:30 New York time would be 8:30 Albuquerque time," thought Ryan as he settled into his bean bag chair to watch TV. It was 6:00 now, he had two and half hours to wait.


By the time Monday came around, those who auditioned for the musical stood out in the crowd, for they had big smiles on their faces, excited and nervous for the cast list. Gabriella, and Troy walked toward the drama bulletin board with Chad and Taylor following for support on whatever roles they happen to get. They had a feeling Gabi and Troy would get the leads again.

When they got to the bulletin, they were all surprised to see a notice posted that read:

Cast List For

The Spring Musicale

Will Be Announced

At The First Rehearsal

Today After School

Thank You,

Mrs. Darbus

"Well, this sucks," Troy exclaimed throwing his hands in the air in a giving up matter, "Why would Darbus want to do this?" "There aren't even callbacks this year," Troy thought.

They all nodded and a few seconds passed before Gabriella said, "She did say it was going to be different this year..."

"But that does not explain why she couldn't post the cast list!" Taylor added. A few seconds later they all heard the clacking of 3-inch wedges coming down the hallway to where they were standing. Ryan, who was walking next to his sister, knew that Darbus was announcing the cast at the first rehearsal, but nudged his sister to say that he was going over the group to hang with his new friends. He insisted that she come with him instead of being by herself before class starts. Sharpay reluctantly agreed and followed her brother.

Sharpay saw that Chad and Taylor were standing by the drama board, "Oh no, did Danforth and McKessie audition yesterday" Sharpay thought, "I miss one day of auditions and we get more outsiders! Although... much to what everyone thinks, I do like when the drama club gets more members, but I have to keep up appearances. If Chad did audition, I guess I can't complain if he's good, but how likely is that?"

"Danforth, don't tell me Troy and Miss Brainiac here persuaded you to audition this time too," Sharpay said dramatically as she approached the group after Ryan.

"Please, Evans," Chad said rolling his eyes, "I wouldn't be caught dead in that theater willingly." He took a step toward her as Sharpay stepped back and smirked,

"Well that's good then, because I doubt you'd be any good anyway."

"Hey! I would be plenty good. In fact, I would probably wipe everyone else off the stage--"

"--Yeah, since everyone will be running away from your horrible voice," Sharpay finished for him with her smirk growing bigger into a closed lip smile on her face. "Ryan was right," Sharpay thought, "making fun of people but joking about it is fun. Why is Ryan and everyone looking at me like that? Don't they know I'm joking?"

"Shar..." Ryan said warningly, not knowing exactly what she was doing.

After taking a few seconds to think, Chad said, "You're one to talk ice princess, or should I say, Miss-I-Got-beat-out-of-the-musical-by-two-amateurs last year! ....No offense Troy."

"None taken." Troy said absentmindedly, watching the two throw words back and forth.

Sharpay was fuming. How can they not see that she was joking?! Didn't he see her smirk? "I was just having some fun, making a joke... isn't that what friends do? Even though they're not really my friends, Ryan always says that they are...could be...whatever. I've seen Ryan make jokes the same way before, why can't I? Chad Danforth is an idiot! I mean at first I was upset not getting the lead last year, but then I gradually started to accept it.... and I think I've finally gotten over Troy, knowing he will never like me. I'm trying to be a better person, showing everyone my immense passion for the theatrical arts. I--" Sharpay's thoughts were interrupted, her face still contorted angrily.

"Why so silent, Evans? Afraid of the truth? Troy told me you weren't at the auditions on Friday... afraid you'll loose your lead part again? It was probably smart that you didn't audition, you just saved yourself the embarrassment," Chad added smugly, although Troy did tell him she was auditioning today so he was just trying to push her buttons and win the battle. (AN: 1)

"Y-you know what, Chad, just... just..." Sharpay said struggling to keep her voice steady as her eyes began to glisten with threatening tears. Normally this would not affect her, Chad's been making fun of her for years, but this crossed the line. She always tried her best in the theater to really know her part, but to be told that, that was just mean... meaner than anything she had done. "...Shove it!" Sharpay finished forcefully, blinking rapidly to keep her tears from falling while facing the group as she turned around sharply, her hair hitting them as she spun around and walked briskly down the hall to the bathroom where she could cry without any onlookers. When she got to the bathroom, she was glad it was empty, but she went into a stall anyway until her tears ceased. She got out quickly and reapplied her makeup before heading off to homeroom with Darbus.

(Next chapter will have Sharpay's audition)

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