I Loathe it All!

As Long As You're Mine - Chapter 4

Based off of HSM and HSM 2.

Mid-April of their senior year of high school. Features some characters from HSM 3.

Perspicuously, I do not own HSM, nor songs from the musical, Wicked.

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Previously in As Long As You're Mine: Awkwardness ensues for Troy and Sharpay when Sharpay realizes that she's not going to throw herself at him. Hailey is exhibiting ice queen traits and Chad, Taylor, and Gabriella just arrived at the Evans' on a Monday night. And that's what you missed on... HSM!

"Alright, guys! We have to get to work right now. We only have until ten since Gabriella still has a curfew as well as the fact that we have school tomorrow and I need to teach you talentless people how to, well, be more like me," Sharpay announced, hands on her hips, trying to command the divided attention of the room.

The six high school seniors were all lounging on the couches and chairs in the living room adjacent to the music room, just chilling. After finishing all of the pizzas, – two pies, Chad and Troy having four slices each – instead of practicing scenes from the musical, they all, minus Sharpay, decided to sit around and just… talk. It was now 8:30 and they had nothing to show for the time they were together except for the finished food and drinks. Hailey, who had arrived at home a few minutes prior, decided to join the group of seniors to practice, as she was part of the production as well. She found a place to sit in the massage chair at one end of the coffee table and was observing the older teens with keen interest.

"Chillax, Pay-pay, we have plenty of time to practice. We don't have to do it today," Ryan chimed in, giggling, using the nickname Hailey had used for Sharpay when she was younger. Sharpay scrunched her face in disgust as she watched Ryan act oddly giddy and slouch – he never slouches! He looks so… inebriated! – further down the couch, resting his feet on the coffee table.

"Ugh, Ryan!" Sharpay groaned, putting her hand on her forehead, "I can't believe you ate so much of that candy. Don't you remember the last time you ate that much sugar? You were bouncing off the walls and you couldn't even walk straight! You might as well have been drunk!"

Turning her head, she glared at Chad, who is sitting on the other couch smirking, clearly amused with the whole situation. "I can't believe you found the stash of chocolate in the pantry! It was hidden for a reason so this wouldn't happen again!" Sharpay yelled frustrated before letting out a large, dramatic sigh and sitting on the black, lounge chair she previously occupied; "Now we'll never get any practice in."

"Hey, it's not my fault it was poorly hidden," Chad held both his hands up in surrender to the ice princess.

Sharpay picked her head up and looked at Chad pointedly. "The bag was in the back corner, hidden behind boxes of cereal and a bag of chips. How is that not a good hiding spot?"

"I—" Chad started to retort.

"Guys, chill," Troy said standing up between the couch and chair, "What's done is done. Chad is sorry, Sharpay," he said looking calmly at Sharpay before turning sharply to his best friend.

"I am? That chocolate was really good and Ryan looks happy…" Chad responded, a bit confused, glancing at Ryan, who was conducting an orchestra in his head. He smiled a goofy smile and moved his fingers and hands in a rhythmic motion.

"Yes, and you won't do it again, right?" Troy tilted his head down as he raised his eyebrows in a questioning manner. Chad nodded reluctantly, though mumblings under his breath could be heard about not being able to have any fun.

"Okay, Sharpay, what do you want to do first?" Troy asked kindly. After helping Sharpay set up the music room for their practice, he felt bad that they had all decided not to do anything. Being the nice guy that he is, Troy tried to rectify the situation.

Sharpay smiled appreciatively. Thank you, Troy. She turned to the three boys just as Gabriella and Taylor reentered the room. Having finished the soda and iced tea that Ryan and Sharpay had put out, everyone was still thirsty so Gabriella, needing to get up to go to the bathroom anyway, volunteered to go get something else to drink in the kitchen. Looking for an excuse to leave the room and talk with her friend privately, Taylor elected to go with her. As they both returned to the living room, their hands were surprisingly empty of soda or water or any other drink. As they both sat down, no one paid attention to the lack of drinks as Sharpay answered Troy's question.

"Well, I was thinking that you could work on singing Dancing through life. Ryan told me that you were flat in places and I believe that I can help you hit those notes," Sharpay stated in a typical critical fashion, though genuine in the offer.

Sharpay stood up and walked over to Troy. She grabbed his arm lightly, leading him to the door of the music room without so much as a wink or flirtacious smile, just business. Before she made it even three steps, however, Gabriella jumped up from her seat.

"I'm coming with you!" she exclaimed, rising to her feet. No way was she allowing them to be in a room alone together. Not after Troy's obvious lack of judgment during Sharpay's audition piece. Who knows if he will be able to control his urges? He's a teenage boy and Sharpay is, unfortunately for Gabriella, a pretty, teenage girl, who has no trouble gaining the attention of the opposite sex.

Troy and Sharpay looked her with identical quizzical expressions. Letting a few seconds pass by, Sharpay spoke up first.

"No offence, Gabriella, but you would really just be a distraction while I try to show Troy the notes he has sing. Your part in that song is small anyway so it doesn't need as much time as Troy's," Sharpay stated matter of factly. She leaned most of her weight on her right leg, left hand on her hip. Her frustration with this lack of practice time was steadily increasing.

In the background, the Wicked soundtrack started on its next song, but hardly anyone was paying attention to the show music. Chad and Taylor, having taken up residence on the love seat in the room, watched the two girls and Troy with piqued interest. Ryan, still conducting his sugary orchestra in his head, had oddly picked up the tempo to the music with his flailing arms. Hailey, seeming to be the only one paying attention to everything, smirked as she found all of this increasingly funny given the circumstances.

There's been some confusion over rooming here at Shiz, but of course I'll care for Nessa, but of course I'll rise above it, for I know that's how you'd want me to respond...

"Yes, I agree that my part is small in that song, but I don't agree that I will be a distraction!" Gabriella exclaimed, raising her voice with each word before adding in a know-it-all voice, "I happen to think that I will be very helpful since I have a good singing voice as well."

…Unusually and exceedingly peculiar and all together quite impossible to describe….


"Well, I guess you can call it good," Sharpay mumbled barely audibly under her breath. My years of training have improved my voice far passed the vocal ability of Gabriella. Sure she has some natural talent, but does she have to act like a know-it-all all the time? Although she has improved since last year, she doesn't have any theatricality! Maybe if she had more sparkle, more confidence, and more emotion when she sang…

Gabriella heard Sharpay's soft retort and only angered further, "Need I remind you, Sharpay, that you were my understudy for the winter musicale last year and I did exceptionally well as Minnie. Isn't that right, Troy?" She put her hands on her hips, lifting her eyebrows up to show a wide, innocent look in her eyes as she acknowledged Troy.

"Well, I uh," Troy stuttered, rubbing the back of his neck. He didn't know what to say. On the one hand, he loved Gabriella's singing, that's what drew him to her when they first met at the ski lodge over last winter vacation. But on the other hand, he believed that Sharpay was able to call all the attention to the stage at all times. She had the stage presence to capture and enthrall each person in the audience. Sure, Gabriella gave off the sweet persona with her voice, but he felt it ended there when compared to Sharpay. What Troy did not know was how to explain what he was feeling while sparing everyone else's feelings.

He did not want to choose sides. Part of what made him likable among his friends was his ability to be the neutral party, the one who tried to do the right thing without upsetting anyone. This time, however, he knew someone was probably going to be hurt with whatever he said.

"I think that you are—" Troy started to explain.

What is this feeling so sudden and new? I felt the moment I laid eyes on you.

"Save it, Troy," Sharpay interrupted, holding her hand in front of him before speaking to Gabriella again. Of course, he's going to agree with Gabriella. I don't need to hear him say it too. Sharpay sighed somewhat dejectedly.

"So you got the lead last year. How many more leads have I had previously?" Sharpay paused looking pointedly at Gabriella, "Don't go preaching what you think is the right thing to do when you obviously know nothing of the theatrical arts! This is one subject, Montez, that you are not the best."

"Well, I obviously know enough about the arts that I beat you out of a role. How does that make you feel, Sharpay, to lose out on a lead to the smartest girl in school in her very first production? Hmm?" Gabriella shot back, surprisingly, uncharacteristically confident, "And another thing, I am always the best in everything I partake in."

Sharpay's pulse was rushing. Her head was reeling. Gabriella's face was flushing. They glared fiercely at the other, not wanting to be the first to break the intense stare.

What is this feeling? Fervid as a flame? Does it have a name?


Gabriella was the first to break the tension, "You're nothing but an ice queen... with no friends."

Sharpay's breath hitched in her throat. She could feel the tears beginning to well up in her eyes. She had already defenestrated herself metaphorically for not having any close friends, especially after Ryan abandoned her over the summer. (AN: #1) He had always been her best friend so she never felt the need to find anyone else, thus not caring that she had none. She blinked hard, keeping her face firm to hide her real emotion. If it was an ice queen that she thought, it was an ice queen she was going to get. She wouldn't let Gabriella and everyone else see her break.

"Oh, how original, guess being the top student has its consequences," Sharpay retorted, "At least I still have my creativity."

Loathing. Unadulterated loathing. For your face, your voice, your clothing.

Gabriella crossed her arms with a pout. She was not used to someone with good comebacks. Even when she got into a disagreement with her mother, she would always end up getting her way at the end, eventually. She was not going down without a fight.

"At least I still have my creativity," Gabriella mocked, "Of course, why couldn't I see that? You're so original because you dress like a glittery, wannabe star every day of the week."

"Wannabe star? Oh, I think you're mistaken, Montez," Sharpay countered confidently, "I don't just want to be, I will be a star. It's inevitable. And what will you be? Do you have aspirations or are you esteemed to be an annoying know-it-all your entire life?"

Gabriella dropped her jaw. She glared sharply at the blonde teen standing in front of her. "I'll have you know, Sharpay, that I will be a well-renown scientist, making a difference in the world of chemistry or medicine. Which is more than I can say for you! What can you possibly give back to society as an actress? You won't last long. You'll end up as a singing waitress somewhere trying to make ends meet! Face it, Sharpay, you are not better than me."

"Gabby, Sharpay. You're taking this too far," Troy calmly tried to intervene, stretching his arms out between the two of them, "There's no need to take shots at each other like this!"

"Stay out of this!" Both girls yelled together. This was to be handled by them and them alone. Too much anger and animosity had been hiding beneath the surface since the day of the junior year winter musicale that needed to be released.

I loathe it all! Every little trait how ever small makes my very flesh begin to crawl with simple utter loathing!

"You know Gabriella," Sharpay started sweetly, "you would have made a great Elphaba that I'm sorry I missed your audition with Defying Gravity. Ryan told me you sang that... decently."

Hailey's eyes widened. Being Sharpay and Ryan's little sister, she would always follow them around. It got to the point where she thought that she had their expressions figured out so she would be able to know what was coming, but this was completely out of her element. Hailey could not for the life of her figure out what Sharpay was trying to do by talking so kindly to Gabriella, having just previously had her eyebrows scrunched in frustration and anger. And for good reason. She knew that Sharpay had a long road ahead of her if she was going to make it on Broadway, but she was going to make it. And if not Broadway, then Hollywood, or televison, but she will make damn sure that she gets recognized somewhere.

Gabriella leaned back, tilting her head slightly to slide. Having no idea what was going on with the sudden change of attitude, she chalked it up to Sharpay being her typical drama queen self and responded suspiciously, yet yearning for compliments,


"Oh, yes. I'm sure you would have made a lovely Elphaba, especially since you already have dark hair. Unfortunately or should I say, fortunately for us, Elphaba is supposed to be headstrong and actually have a strong voice that does not break on her belted high notes. Elphaba does not include any character descriptions such as whiny or timid. I'm so sorry, Gabriella." Sharpay placed her hand over her heart in an expression of mock pity.

There's a strange exhilaration in such total detestation. It's so pure so strong!

Gabriella gasped, dropping her jaw again halfway down to the floor. "You did not just say that!" Gabriella exclaimed incredulously, glaring at Sharpay. Her anger increasing as she continues to see Sharpay's nonchalant expression.

"Oh, I think I did," Sharpay responded confidently, leaning back, smirking as she crossed her arms over her chest.

And I will be loathing, loathing you my whole life long.

The music from the CD reverberated against the walls, getting louder and more powerful as more people were singing. The drums and the chanting were blurred noise for Sharpay and Gabriella, who were entirely focused on getting the other to crack first.

"Why you-" Gabriella started as she moved forward, but was brought out of her stance when Hailey stood up dramatically with her hands held wide.

"These things are sent to try us!" Hailey sang her highest notes. She smiled innocently, arms held in the air for her dramatic finish.

Everyone's heads turned to look at the youngest girl. Ryan stopped conducting his make believe orchestra, his sugar-high waning, to focus on Hailey curiously.

Sharpay lifted an amused eyebrow at her sister, "Hailey? What… are you doing?"

She shrugged nonchalantly, "singing my part. I am Galinda."

Sharpay smiled proudly at her little sister as her eyes shown with amusement. They were a family of theatrics and this just proved it once again. How many people would start singing along to their part to enhance a conversation or argument that is taking place? Only an Evans.

"Very nice, Hails," Sharpay said encouragingly as she patted her sister's back a few times, "But you were a little sharp on the last two notes. Would you like me to help you work on that, now?"

"Sure, Sharpie! Let's go! You can also help me get that shrill high note you are able to reach. That's my goal for the end of this year, to reach that note too," Hailey answered enthusiastically as she looped her arm through her sister's and looked up at her face with a giant smile.

The two sisters smiled at each other before facing forward and walking toward the open door of the music room. The other teens scattered around the room, besides Ryan, looked on with confused expressions etched on their faces. Chad, being the loud, assertive guy he is, was the first to break the silence.

"What? That's it? After all of that? You're just giving up and working with your sister?" Chad asked incredulously, spreading his arms in a wide 'w,' "I thought you were trying to work on the song with Troy."

Sharpay shrugged nonchalantly. She pointed tiredly at Gabriella, "Well, Gabby seems to have problem with it so instead of continuing to argue, I'll make better use of the time and help Hailey. It will be easier to help her anyway without Gabby constantly interjecting. Of course, she also has her natural, Evans talent."

Sharpay paused, looking around the room daring anyone to contradict her. She chose to ignore the bubbling anger that Gabriella was beginning to show again from her previous comment and instead looked at Ryan to communicate what she was going to do. "We've wasted enough time already." She nodded once as she softly smiled without showing her teeth.

As the music room door closed and the soft sound of Wicked music reverberated through the wall, the five teens looked around at each other, all of them thinking similar thoughts.

That was weird.

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