Astro Chocolate

Chapter 1

Angel at the Beach


"Yeah, Itachi?"

"You need a girlfriend."

Kisame Hoshigaki sweatdropped, lowering his gaze. "Y-Yeah- whatever."

"I'm serious, Kisame, you have nothing to do all day but constantly reapply bandages to Samehada!" Itachi yelled at his partner, who sighed.

"Are you kidding, Itachi? Who would dare date me?"

"I'm sure there's someone who's turned on by blue skin, gills, sharp teeth, and-um- small pupils..."

"You're a jerk, Itachi, you know that?" Kisame growled, standing up.

"Kisame, I didn't mean it like that-!" Kisame stormed out of the base, leaving Itachi alone. "Idiot." Itachi muttered.


Kisame walked alone the shores solemnly, not wanting to be disturbed. He looked out, stopping, as he gazed at the rest of the beach. Girls played volleyball with boys. Guys held hands and walked in the low tides with they girlfriends, who held their shoes and wore either a bikini or a cover up. He spoted a single girl, sitting alone on a rock, looking out to the sea, blonde hair blowing on the wind. Kisame blushed slightly at how the sun glistened on her slightly wet hair from the spray of the salt waves, crashing against the rock she perched on, turning her hair a orangish-red, as well as making an illusion of wings on her back.

An angel-

He blinked, and saw the wings fade, as the angel lowered her head, the gentle ocean breezy, making it dance on the winds. Kisame swallowed, before walking towards her, stopping, when he stood next to the rock she was on. She looked down, her eyes slightly red and a bit puffy- as if she had been crying. She blinked away tears. "C-Can I help you?"

Kisame blinked, realizing where he was. His feet hand just- taken him there. His mouth went dry, and when he tried to say 'I'm sorry for staring', nothing came out- his mind was completely blank. "I- didn't know- angels could cry-" He didn't know where it came from- but even thought it was his voice, he didn't know if they were his words. She frowned, looking away.

"Thank you, but if I'm an angel- then I'm terrible at my job."

"How so?" Kisame said- half of him didn't care- the other half was taking control of this situation today, though.

"My boyfriend- he broke up with me to go chase after some other girl's skirt-" She said, looking down. "I guess- I'm a damned angel- if I can't be with someone."

"Well- I think- he was an idiot for doing such a thing." She looked at Kisame, and smiled.

"Y-You're such a sweetheart!" She said, wiping away tears. "You're not like the other guys- you're cooler than any other guy I've ever met-" She stood up on the rock, stepping forward, but slipped on it because of the ocean waves crashing against it. She yelped, falling, from the 15 foot high rock. Kisame ran up the rock, grabbed her, and jumped back down, holding her. She blushed. "W-Wow! That was awesome! Are you a Ninja or something?" She asked quietly.

"Are you ok?"

"I-I'm fine." Kisame set her down. "Whoa- you have SO earned my phone number!" She said. "Oh- wait- we didn't properly introduce ourslves- I'm Kara." She smiled.

"I-I'm Kisame." He said. "You don't think I'm- weird- at all?"

"Why would I? You've got a cool skin color, and I think tall guys are sexy, and you're, like, twice my size." she smiled, handing him a piece of paper. "Here is my number- if you wanna chat or meet up, call me, ok?" She smiled, before gesturing him closer, making him lean down. She put her hands on his shoulders, using them for support to pull herself up on her tip-toes, and kissed him on the cheek, before letting go and walking off. "That's a 'thank you' for saving my butt- later!" She said, walking off, leaving him there, stunned. He slowly stood up, holding his cheek, before his lips slowly and cautiously, curled up into a large grin.

He'd been kissed by a GIRL!

-Akatsuki Base-

"...A-and then, I ran up the rock and caught her, and she said I was cooler than any other guy she's ever met. Then, she kissed me on the cheek, and gave me her number!" Itachi smiled.

"You see? I told you there are girls out there who like you, and you've already found one! Good for you Kisame!" Itachi said. "Now- all you need to do is tell her everything-" Kisame nodded, and there was silence for a while. "Well? Aren't you going to call her?"

"I would, but my mouth goes dry- what will I say?"

"Ask her out-" Itachi suggested. "Then tell her she needs to know some things about you. If she's ok with that, then it'll work out fine." That sounded relatively easy to Kisame- so, he called her up on his cell phone (He didn't give her his number because he didn't know it.) After the second ring, she answered.



"Hey! Are you using a friend's phone or your own?"

"M-My own phone-"

"Ok- I'll save you number right away-"

"Um- Kara- can I call you Ka-Chan?""Only if I can call you Ki-Kun." He blushed slightly, but nodded.

"I hope you don't mind, but I wanna tell you some things you seriously need to know about me-" "Oh, me too! I've been totally waiting for you to call." "Well, ladies first then-" "Ok, get ready for it- I'm a really bad cook." "That's not so bad-"

They spent the next two hours on the phone, telling each other EVERYTHING. From Kisame's gills under his eyes, to her being probably the worst ninja- she was actually studying as an artist. Finally, when it was midnight, she admitted reluctantly, that she had to go to bed- and invited him to a party at her friend's house the next day and told him to bring casual clothes. And that's when Kisame asked her out- and she even agreed! He eventually hung up, happy- dreams came easier to him tonight.