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Chapter 22

"Come on Booth" Brennan said dragging Booth from his seat on the plane.

"Oh no, I don't think so Bones" Booth said catching onto what she was doing.

"But Booth, this has always been a kind of fantasy of mine and I thought now was the best time to try it out... with you" she told him in a whisper "Everyone's asleep, it's not like they will know" she reasoned smiling, knowing that she had won when Booth began walking down the tiny aisle to the tiny airplane toilet. Brennan trailed happily behind him.

"Everything is different after this" Brennan whispered her legs wrapped tightly around Booth's waist.


"Agent Booth, Doctor Brennan, it's nice to see you again. I have scheduled a debrief of your vacation for tomorrow, in the mean time I suggest you go home and get some rest" Doctor Sweets said as he greeted his two patients at the airport in Washington DC.

"Sweets, give it a rest. We just got back" Booth protested picking up first his and then Brennan's bag despite her protests.

"That's cool. I'll just drop you two home" Sweets agreed.

"Actually, could you drop me at the Jeffersonian" Brennan instructed while Booth loaded their bags into the car.

"Sure Doctor" Sweets nodded and climbed into the driver's seat of the miniature car that Booth would usually have made a derogatory comment about but on that day it did not bother him.

"You can drop me there too Sweets" Booth added causing Sweets to glance between them wondering what had happened in Australia.

"I thought people usually asked how your vacation was when you returned?" Brennan leant over and whispered to her partner, her breath tickling his ear.

"They do" Booth replied.

"Sorry Doctor Brennan, would you like me to ask how your and Agent Booth's vacation was? Because I thought I would leave all of that until our debrief tomorrow" Sweets explained "But, if you want... How was your vacation, Doctor Brennan, Agent Booth?"

"Very relaxing, thank you for asking" Brennan replied while Booth glanced at the doctor smugly.

"I'm glad, were you and Agent Booth able to resolve any issues that arose between you?" Sweets asked suddenly interested.

"I thought you wanted to talk about this tomorrow" Brennan said grinning "But yes we were able to resolve our issues as you can see"

"Oh look, the Jeffersonian... let's go Bones" Booth interrupted already jumping out of the car, followed more slowly by Brennan.

"We'll be talking more about this tomorrow" Sweets called after them and Booth waved in acknowledgement with his free hand.

"Ten am, guys... bring the journals and photos" Sweets reminded.

"Bones, what are we doing here? We just got back from vacation, we shouldn't be doing work we've still got a few days off." Booth argued as they signed into the Jeffersonian.

"I need to tell Angela" she replied firmly, suddenly pausing her purposeful step next to Booth "I called her that first night, after I... freaked out. We talked and she got me thinking, this is because of her Booth, she deserves to know" Brennan explained, willing Booth to understand.

"I get it, girl talk... I'll go wait in your office if it's okay" Booth decided veering off towards his partner's office.

"You know you didn't have to come, we could've met up later or something"

"Perhaps, but I think my keys are in your suitcase" Booth admitted.

"Who's fault is that, if you hadn't got horny and thrown everything into the suitcase then you would have your keys... I guess Angela can drop us back at my place in a little bit and we can sort out the suitcases... no distractions this time" She told him laughing slightly.

"Oh my god" Angela called noticing her two friends who stood in the middle of the lab luggage in front of them dressed only in light clothes despite the frosty DC weather "Sweetie, you're back" she shrieked running across the lab and hugging Brennan tightly.

"I'm gonna go... lab" Booth gestured awkwardly picking up their bags and heading away from the two women.

"So how was it?" Angela asked her eyebrows waggling suggestively an arm still around Brennan's waist.

"Can we go to your lab?" Brennan asked.

"Uh oh... what happened?" Angela asked making a leap that the other squints were careful to avoid.

"It's not like that Ange... can we just go to your lab, I need to talk to you" Brennan insisted.

"Yeah sure, but Sweetie, I want to know everything from the moment you left here on your last day until now... Everything" Angela insisted leading Brennan to her office.

"After I left here I went home and ate, did a little bit of writing, checked our itinerary and went to bed" Brennan recounted when the two women were sitting comfortably in Angela's office hot coffee cradled in their hands.

"Maybe you can skip a few things Sweetie. Just get to the juicy part"

Brennan recounted her conversation with Booth on the plane along with everything that came after while Angela listened attentively gasping in shock or squealing happily every so often.

"Told you the bathing suit would leave him breathless" Angela interrupted smugly.

Brennan shook her head grinning "How did you know?"

"Didn't you ever see the way he looked at you?" Brennan shook her head again "That man has been in love with you for a long time, you're lucky he's so patient." Angela commented.

"I know... But what do I do now? This is the furthest I've been from him in three weeks and the longest time we've spent apart too. It feels weird, I miss him and I don't like it. When did I become so co-dependent?" Brennan mused almost angrily.

"Well Sweetie, that's what love is. The need to be with him every second of every day will pass eventually. Just accept him though, you two have been dependent on each other for a long time now, just not like this. As for the other thing... I'm going to drive you two back to your place and you're going to drop your suitcases in the doorway and make love in every room of your apartment and hope for the best with everything else." Angela instructed her eyes twinkling "He won't hurt you" she added catching Brennan's hesitance.

"I know... I trust him and I trust you" she realised and it was liberating. Temperance Brennan would never be alone again.

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