Ben 10 Alien Force


By Crystalquirt

The trio went to California to investigate some alien tech believed to have been used in a series of crimes, and responsible for a string of unexplained explosions. While there Gwen and Kevin become very close and explore their feelings for each other. Violence and angst.


Gwen was late. Kevin went out to the deck overlooking the ocean, wearing his green Speedo swimwear. They fit his form nicely. He sat his Pepsi next to the lounge chair and stretched out on his back nearly flat with his feet up so he could see the sky. The warm varnished wood felt cool under his hands as he let his arms hang down on either side.

Kevin turned his face toward the sun over the ocean and closed his eyes. The cool breeze off the ocean combined with the warmth of the sun, and made goose bumps run across his chest and flat stomach.

This was bliss. It couldn't get any better, except, impossibly, it really was about to get better for him. Gwen would arrive any minute, and in fact she was already later than she had planned and he had hoped. He grinned at the image he had in his head of Gwen and the image smiled back at him. He kept his eyes shut so he could stare at Gwen Tennyson longer.

Ben Tennyson was at the local library researching newspaper articles concerning explosions that had been happening in the area. One of the plumber kids living near Monterey Bay in California had reported seeing a load of Ether Point Energy Cells being transported from a warehouse known by the plumbers to have been used to receive and ship smuggled alien tech.

Kevin was aware of the warehouse long before the plumbers knew. The beach house belonged to one of Kevin's past local contacts and he had arranged for them to stay in it while they investigated. Of course he didn't tell his old 'friend' what they were doing, he told them he had a girl and wanted to collect on an old debt.

"You owe me a month's stay with the girl of my choice in your beach house if I wanna stay that long." Was pretty much all it took to convince the sneak. His 'friend' didn't give him any argument. Kevin referred to the guy as his 'friend' only because they had worked together when it was mutually profitable, but he knew better than to trust him.

Ben said he would be at the library all day finding all the information as he could. He thought if he could find a pattern for the crimes that had been happening, locally and up the coast to San Francisco, and the 'unexplained' explosions and where they occurred, then they could predict where it would happen next and set up a trap to catch them and get the alien tech back.

The library! What a good place for Ben, Kevin thought. It will give me and Gwen some alone time. Another image of Gwen, this time in a bikini, entered his mind. She was smiling at him as she played volleyball in the warm sand. He really was looking forward to her arrival.

Gwen's family had a wedding to go to that she couldn't gracefully get out of. So she was coming by air and would arrive in an airport shuttle. He had left the front door open for her.


Kevin shifted his legs and moaned happily as if he was eating something wonderful, he was drifting off to sleep. The skin covering his tight stomach muscles quivered. He felt a finger's light touch make a circle around his bellybutton before sliding up to his chest.

"You know - you're late." He teased without opening his eyes. "I started without you."

"I'm here now."

"That makes me very happy." He opened his eyes and looked at Gwen. She was even lovelier in person than she had been in his dreams.

"Can I join you?"

"I insist."

It had been a long car ride for Kevin and Ben but they had left days earlier. When Gwen arrived she found the front door open so she put her bags down in one of the bedrooms and quickly showered. She put on her bathing suit before joining Kevin on the deck.

She stretched back in another lounge chair after placing it next to his. "Where is Ben?"

"He is still at the library so we still have some alone time." Kevin sat up on the edge of his lounge chair and faced her. Gwen raised her eyebrow at him. "Alone time, huh?" He smiled, and couldn't help but look at her beauty from her head to her toes. She pushed the lounge chair out flat so she could lie on her stomach. Kevin got the lotion and started rubbing it into her back.

His strong hands were also so gentle. Gwen relaxed right away. When he was through with her back, he sat back on his chair sideways, just to look at her while she rested. Gwen moaned and without looking at him, said softly, "Kevin? . . . More please." He smiled and warmed more lotion in his hands. He laid one hand tentatively on each of the back of her thighs.

"Ok?" he asked permission to continue.

"Oh yes, please!" she answered and as he started to move his hands over the skin on her legs, she tingled all over. He gently but firmly rubbed lotion into the skin on the backs of her legs from her thighs to her heels and then back up to her arms and shoulders.

When he was finished, she rolled over and sat up to face him. "Hey Gwen, you haven't had time to get tan yet, where are you going?"

"Your turn."

Kevin smiled at her and turned to lie on his stomach. After warming the lotion with her hands, she began at his shoulders, and proceeded down his back covering each muscle. Her fingers explored every inch of his shoulders and arms before moving lower. She warmed more lotion and started in the middle of his back. She worked his muscles gently in circles with her fingers.

Kevin's skin tingled and quivered when her fingers went down his sides and across his ribs. He was purring. She leaned up to his ear, "Do you like?"

"MMMmmm, yes!" Even his teeth felt relaxed.

Her touch revealed how much she cared for him. He got a quiver in his stomach and tingling on the back of his neck when he felt her breath by his ear. She lingered and lightly kissed the edge of his ear and nuzzled in his hair behind it, before giving him a line of kisses and down the back of his neck. Gwen continued giving him light kisses down his shoulder before returning her hands to his back.

Gwen's hands returned to his lower back. She slid one finger on each side under the waist of his Speedos and pulled them down just a little – just to have a little more room to put the lotion on. That was all. She massaged his hips and loins, working in circles before she moved back up his back for a little more massage.

She squirted, straight from the bottle, lines of lotion down both of his legs from the bottom edge of the speedos to his heels. It was cool, and his feet came up off the chair a little. He moaned as the tingling went all over his body. It seemed like an eternity while she put the cap back on the bottle and set it down, but finally he felt her hands on his legs. His muscles turned to pudding very quickly under her hands.

As she worked his leg muscles she felt such a tight knot in the back of his thigh near the edge of his swimsuit. She moved both hands to it and began working around it. Then she realized, it was a scar, a deep one. The scar tissue went deep into the muscle. She frowned.

Kevin felt her looking at his scar, one of many – but she wouldn't have seen this one before. He told her "it's from a bullet, when I was 12." Gwen continued working down his legs, "What happened? Can you tell me?"

"My father was angry with me for bringing home a stray dog. He shot the dog and then he laughed as he tried to shot me in the butt as punishment. It burned and hurt so bad I think I passed out. I don't remember much until being in the car on the way to the hospital the next day. My dad felt kinda bad when he sobered up and decided he better take me to the hospital. He yelled at me and threw me roughly over his shoulder because I couldn't walk from where he parked to the emergency room doors.

He laughed and cracked jokes the whole time thinking it was still real funny. He told the doctors that I had found his gun and s-shot myself accidentally!" Kevin's voice was getting louder and Gwen could feel his muscles tightening up as she massaged him.

"Can you BELIEVE that? How stupid were they? A twelve year old kid can't 'accidentally' shoot himself in the butt!" Kevin's voice cracked like he was going to cry. Gwen picked up on his shoulder indicating she wanted him to sit up. He sat up reluctantly and faced her, quickly wiping his eyes with his knuckles. "I'm sorry."

"You have nothing to be sorry for." Gwen pulled him off the chair by his hands and they sat on the wooden deck on towels. She put her arms around him and held him tight with her head on his shoulder. He hugged her back with his eyes shut tight. Gwen heard Kevin sniffle a little. She lifted her head to look at him, to see his eyes. He blinked as he looked back at her.


"Don't talk anymore." She closed her eyes and pressed her lips to his. His eyes got huge for a moment, but then his eyelids closed slowly as he melted into her kiss. Their tongues met and he put his hand on the back of her neck and jaw trying to get even closer to her.

When the kiss was finally over Gwen stretched out on her side looking out at the ocean. She had her hands together under hear head as she put it down. Kevin scooted in close behind her and supported his head with his hand so he could look down at her. Gwen reached back and found his hand to pull his arm around her waist. She left her hand on top of his and pressed it into her stomach.

Kevin and Gwen heard the door, and small noises in the small house. "Ben must be back. Do you think he will say anything?" Kevin started to get up.

Gwen held his hand tighter pulled him back down. She rolled over to face him. "I don't care if he does, but he won't." She explored his chest muscles and the lines of his jaw before she put her arm around him and pulled him closer. He pressed up closer to her too and they kissed again.


In the house, it was not Ben. Two masked men wearing black sweats came in without being very quiet. Even though Kevin's car was parked in the driveway, they had been told that no one would be there. "You run the wires, be sure they cannot be seen and don't disturb anything." The guy pulled out the stove and started making connections using the gas lines. The other one stuck his head in the fireplace and found the gas lines and electric wiring for the ignition.

As one of them moved through the living room, he saw Gwen and Kevin's feet on the deck in-between the curtains and stopped to carefully look out. He went back over to his partner and spoke softly, "There are two kids necking on the deck out back!" What do we do?

"We keep working, sounds like they are too busy with each other to notice us if we are quiet. This will only take another moment. All that is left is the timer." The guy moved quietly back to the fireplace and picked up his tools. The largest item among them, was a folded crossbow. The black clad figure unfolded the crossbow and loaded an arrow. Then he leaned back on the couch, where he had a clear shot at the front and back doors.

While his partner finished he playfully aimed at the teens on the deck. The other guy gathered his tools and made sure there was nothing out of place in the area he worked in, and when he saw the other guy playing with his crossbow he checked his work areas too just to be sure.

When he was sure everything was just like it was when they got there, he joined him and they started back to the front door.

It was almost dark, but still very warm outside and Ben finally got home. He wore a white t shirt and jeans while out in the heat of the day. The white shirt made it easier for the home invaders to see him in the dim light.

Ben came on in and closed the door behind him, with his arms full of maps and papers. He turned to see to masked men standing in front of him and gasped.

"HANDS UP!" Ben dropped everything and put his arms up, intending to slap the Omnitrix while his hands were up. He wondered very briefly where Kevin and Gwen were.

Before he could cry out for them, or slap the Omnitrix, the crossbow fired. The arrow hit Ben in the arm, and lifted him up a little as it pinned him to the wall with his arm well above his head.

His arm was in the air when the arrow hit and it went through between the Omnitrix and his elbow. Some of his weight now hung on the wound and he screamed as he tried to get up higher on his toes. The pain prevented him from reaching the Omnitrix with his other hand. The two invaders ignored his screams and shoved his body aside to open the door and run out.


Kevin and Gwen were startled out of their bliss by Ben's screams. All they had on the wooden deck was, wood – so that is what Kevin touched to armor himself before they ran in. Gwen shook her hands down and ignited the energy balls before running in.

They ran in toward the source of the screaming. It was dark and they couldn't see what was going on. Gwen brightened her pink glowing energy surrounding her palms and Kevin found the light switch. They saw Ben and ran to him. They couldn't tell exactly what was happening to him until they got to his side.

"Oh NO! Ben!" He gritted his teeth trying to cope with the pain as he looked at Gwen. Blood from the arrow pulling against his flesh with his weight hanging from it, ran down under his arm and soaked his under arm and side of the shirt.

Gwen put her arms around his hips and lifted him up to relieve the pressure some. Ben put his head back and tears ran into his hair. Kevin's armor dissolved from his body as he reached up and pulled the arrow out of the wall, but it didn't come out of Ben's arm.

Ben was shaking like he was going into shock. Gwen let him sit down on the floor. "Ben! What happened?"

"I-I don't know who they were, they were in here . . ." Kevin wrapped his fingers around Ben's arm. The arrow stuck out between his fingers. He grabbed onto the end of the arrow with his other hand. He told Ben, "Brace yourself!" and he yanked the arrow out of his arm. Ben fainted.

"Why did you do that? He didn't get to tell us what happened or who attacked him!"

"Well, how was I supposed to know he was gonna faint?"

Gwen sat down and pulled Ben's head and shoulders into her lap. She patted his cheek, "Ben?" Kevin handed her a clean washcloth and Gwen folded it and wrapped it around his arm being sure it covered both wounds. She applied light pressure to stop the bleeding while Kevin searched the rest of the house for any sign of intruders and to make sure they were alone.

"Whoever it was, they are long gone." he stated, as he joined Ben and Gwen back by the front door. ". . . and I don't see any sign of why they were here or what they did.

Ben's eyes fluttered open and he looked up at Gwen.

"How are you feeling?"

"Ow." Was all he said as he looked at Kevin and frowned.

Kevin smiled mischievously at him "Sorry man."

Ben leaned forward to get up. Kevin took the hand he offered and helped him up. Ben kept his injured arm with the Omnitrix against his body. He set the dial to Swampfire while Gwen and Kevin stepped back. He slapped it, a little more gently than usual, but his arm still hurt.

Ben turned into Swampfire and watched as the small holes in Swampfire's arm smoothed over. He turned back into Ben and cautiously felt where the holes had been. He made a fist and watched his arm as he opened and closed it. "Feels good as new!" His arm and shirt still had smeared blood all over one side.

"That is a cool trick, Tennyson." Kevin observed. "Now, who was here and why did they attack you? That is the question."

". . . and when did they get here? We didn't hear anything until you screamed." Gwen was picking up all the papers and maps that Ben had brought with him.

"I'm afraid I don't know much either. I came in the front door and saw two of them. They wore black clothes and black masks. They didn't talk much."

"What were they doing?"

"They were leaving. Whatever they came for, they must have gotten it."

"Kevin, this is your friend's house, what does he keep here that thieves might be after?"

"I don't know! I doubt he would leave anything of value here, while he knows I am here. We probably trust each other about the same.

Ben unstuck the drying blood from his skin by pulling the shirt out from under his armpit. "Ewe, I'm going up to get a shower."


To Be Continued . . .