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Watching her Head of Torture and Interrogation kissing the girl she considered a daughter Tsunade didn't realise she had nearly finished her bottle of sake until Kakashi strode up grabbing it and downed the rest of it. Looking around the room she saw the same stricken faces on everyone, while Yamato was raising Naruto up and Ino, TenTen and Hinata were being raised by their team mates, Gai helped his mini-me clone Lee. Opening her bottom drawer she removed the fake bottom and took out two full bottles and a couple of glasses, before she could say anything Shizune and Jiraiya grabbed them from her hands and started sharing out the liquor to every one.

Oblivious to the state of everyone in the room Ibiki and Sakura only had eyes for each other, slowly pulling away but staying in his embrace Sakura looked up at Ibiki and questioned shyly" Your really happy about this?"

"Yes Hellcat, I'm truly happy about this, and it was time we told them" he said as he lovingly tucked her hair behind her ear.

"Hellcat?" the couple looked over to see every one apart from Lee and even Hinata gulping down shots of sake, looking at Kakashi who had uttered the word in disbelief, Ibiki could feel his face pulling into a shit- eating grin, Oh the fun was going to start now he thought. Deeping his voice and raising an eyebrow he coldly and evilly intoned "Got a problem with that?"

Ino, TenTen, Shizune and Kurenai yipped and grabbed the arms of Chouji, Neji, Jiraiya and Asuma who were next to them, as Hinata once again fainted into the arms of Kiba and Shino, the men gulped and Naruto jumped behind Kakashi.

Steeling herself for what ever was to come Tsunade took a large swig of sake and asked "How did this happen?"

"It was his idea" Sakura accused as she took a step away from Ibiki and pointed a finger at him.

'I'm getting the blame again?' Ibiki thought before responding with a smirk "And you agreed Hellcat"

"Yeah, but only because you took advantage of me" Sakura stated as she faced him full on, a slight smile on her face.

"I don't remember you complaining Hellcat" Ibiki replied remembering well how he had proposed.

"Of course not, how could I complain when you had just fucked me senseless against the wall"

At this point Jiraiya quickly resumed writing realising this display could write a whole book for him, as Tsunade eyed Ibiki slyly and the others cringed at the statement.

"If I remember I had you screaming my name in pleasure and begging me to fuck you" Ibiki growled out as he pulled her to him.

"And you were asking for it just as much as me" Sakura challenged as she grabbed him to her and they kissed each other harshly and hotly, poor Hinata just waking up cursed her lack of control and slid into darkness again.

"Sakura, Morino-san?" the cool crisp tones of Sasuke surprisingly interrupted them as they looked at the group to see most stuck between shock and horror.

"Excuse Hokage-sama, mind if we take this?" an ANBU, suitably shocked, horrified and convinced he was stuck in a cruel genjutsu, climbed in the window from guard duty and grabbed a bottle of sake from her desk for himself and the others on duty, stopping him she reached under her chair and handed him another "This one is full"

Looking a little pale around the edges Sasuke warily suggested to the two "For the sake of our sanity would you please not talk about your sex lives in front of us or give us examples?" as the others around the room quickly nodded their heads in agreement all pale faced.

"Haa hha that's so funny, that's exactly what Idate said!" Sakura admitted sheepishly as they thought 'who wouldn't'.

"Okay, so what, all the bickering between the two of you resulted in mad sex and you were drunk and got married, okay that's easily fixed, divorce" Kakashi tried to reason out half pleading for it to be true, as everyone just nodded their heads after turning into puppets unable to tear their eyes away from the scene before them, but not willing to miss a scrape.

"Kakashi! We were not drunk and the sex came before the bickering, kinda" Sakura said shaking her head as if he was truly foolish.

"WHAT! How long have you been married!" the Hokage screamed out shaking every one out of their stupor.

Giving a little yip Sakura jumped Ibiki, hiding herself from her Shishou's view.

"What are you doing Hellcat?" Ibiki asked in amusement as his pink haired wife held onto his arms and peeked around his shoulder.

"What I wanted to do when we explained the plan, hiding behind you!" Her voice causing Ibiki to chuckle, a sound that swept around the room causing everyone to shiver.

"We're dead" Kiba muttered as the sign of the apocalypse occurred and Shikamaru quietly said "Over seven months ago".

"You took advantage of SAKURA- CHAN!" finally joining the real world and processing the information Naruto pointed a finger at Ibiki in accusation, causing every one and the awakened Hinata to sweat drop in exasperation.

"I did not take advantage of her, she took advantage of me" Ibiki replied sending Naruto a scathing look forcing him to hid behind Kakashi once more.

"I did not take advantage you" Sakura defended as she stood next to him.

"You used me to release your anger, technically you did" Ibiki debated with her.

"Only because you wouldn't let me kill that Rogue Ninja"

"Did you want to scare your team?"

"WAIT!" the shout made them turn to see Yamato looking over the two carefully, "That was the mission to Tea, after Sakura interrogated the rogue and you dragged her from the room" he questioned,

Nodding her head Sakura and Ibiki both said "Yes"

"That was three years ago" Yamato continued.

Another ANBU came in the window looking around the room "Change of Guard" was the answer to the Hokage's raised eyebrow, reaching for her document folder she pressed a button and pulled out a bottle of whiskey "It's not sake but it'll do" nodding his head in thanks the ANBU climbed back out the window.

"But we heard fighting and when you came back you were bleeding, bruised and your clothes were ripped. . . ." Sasuke trailed off as realisation hit him and every one else. Seeing the so called innocent blossom smirking at every one's reaction Jiraiya added his two cents "So that's how you got the name Hellcat?"

Not actually knowing how she got the name Sakura looked up at Ibiki who smirked "No she got that after she shouted me down in the hospital, made the doctor nearly wet himself and terrified her teammates, a veritable, hissing , spitting, clawing Hellcat" he said darkly, pulling her towards him to kiss her again.

"NO,NO NO,NO NOOOOO!!!!" Came the interruptions from everyone in the room, as the two broke apart angrily pinning the group with their own scary stares, ice frosting the room.

"How long have you been married?" Shikamaru asked.

"Umm, two years and 3 months" Sakura smiled lovingly at Ibiki.

"What, Forehead how?"

The mission to Tea when he was my escort, why do you think I call him a manipulative bastard" she questioned them with a raised eyebrow as Tsunade realised she'd been had all along.

"So the whole fighting was all an act?" the stoic Hyugga asked them.

"Some of it was, some of it wasn't. Playing with your minds was fun" Ibiki drawled sending shivers down their spines, just what was this man capable of " But it was a great way to rile up my Hellcat, . ." the suggestion hanging in the air as they looked at each other seductively.

"Wait, if Sakura-chan has a tattoo does that mean you have one too Morino – san?" Hinata shyly asked changing the subject as everyone looked at him. Stepping away from Sakura he took off his coat, handing it to her as he slowly pulled his sweater up over his head.

"I will not faint, I will not faint, and I will not faint"

"Oh my God Forehead, you get that!"

"Wow you could bounce a kunai off those abs"

"Oh my . . ., I may have a new Genjutsu focus"

"Damn if I was only 10 years younger"

The women in the room thought as they oogled the fine specimen of man hood that was Morino Ibiki, his naked chest, broad shoulders, muscular arms and Pecs, the delicious eight pack, and the treasure trail that led to down to his leather pants that rode low on his hips.

"HEY! The tattoo's up here, not down there" Sakura growled out, making them jump guiltily, as the men frowned, to them the display just heightened the reason not to mess with Ibiki, he was big, strong, commanding and exuded a murderous intent without trying - his personality was a whole other reason.

"What is it?" Sai questioned "Well what does it represent?"

"The Celtic Knot was an old symbol, representing two different objects or elements that although strong on their own, together strengthened each other and were unbreakable, within the knot is the traditional Tea marriage symbol, as well as a sakura blossom, to represent Sakura and a coil of hardwire to represent me." Ibiki explained as Sakura came up and gently traced the tattoo on his pec, softly trailing down to rub his nipple ad he raised a hand to rub her tattoo on the back of her neck.

"Stop that!" Naruto whined disturbed by the sight of the two touching each other so intimately.

"You have good taste Forehead" Ino complimented her, the compliment encompassing Ibiki as well, who just raised an eyebrow at her causing her to blush.

"Thanks Pig, but Ibiki chose the tats" she revealed to a stunned audience, looking at them she gritted her teeth at everyone oogling her husband, even Kurenai was starting to get a nose bleed!

"Okay, that's it! shows over, you put your clothes back on, your mine" she said throwing the coat to a smirking Ibiki, standing in front of him as he put his sweater back on, bringing attention to his muscular arms and taunt rippling stomach. Meeting each one in the eye Sakura growled out "INO, tongue back in your mouth, TenTen eyes back in your head, Hinata . . . you already fainted, Kurenai, Asuma is right next to you, Shizune . . . enough said, Shishou stop oogling my husband and you can stop following his ass when he leaves the room" all the women sheepishly scratched the back of their heads as Asuma raised an eyebrow at a flustered Kurenai.

Seeing another ANBU about to come in Shizune walked to the bookcase and removed two bottles of sake from behind the reports folder "Hey where did they come from?" the Hokage questioned in disbelief. "They are my emergency stash" Shizune replied before handing one to the ANBU and opening the other, taking a healthy swig before passing it around the room.

"Sai, Naruto, Lee stop looking at him like that it's creepy!" Sakura said stepping back into Ibiki's embrace.

"Sorry Sakura-chan, just all those muscles" Naruto admitted not in a pervy way, he was genuinely amazed that anyone could be that muscular with out looking like Chouji or his family, a similar thought that was going through the other men's head except . .

"The Flames of Youth have made Morino-san a beautiful specimen of man hood for the beautiful cherry blossom" Crooned Lee as the group eyed him more peculiarly than usual.

"For once I agree with Dickless, in contrast with Dickless scrawny body and shorter stature, does Morino-san's higher muscle count, stronger physique and much taller stature mean he has a larger than normal dick?" Sai questioned with a blank face as the women now started to salivate and the men shyly tried to eye his groin while hoping it wasn't true, if Sakura started telling tales how the hell would they measure up.

Dumbfounded Sakura just looked at them, what the hell, "Sai!!" She growled out as she readied a Chakra induced fist and aimed it at his head. Cringing the group back away only to stutter as Ibiki grabbed her and pulled her into his arms kissing her sinfully "Ahh ahh ah Hellcat, the wall just got repaired, remember, you wanted to go at least a week with out breaking it" he soothed her as the amazed ninja's watched the unbelievable happen for the second time – some one calming Sakura's temper.

"Miracles do happen" Naruto quietly said as he edged out from behind Kakashi.

"Break it up, break it up!" Tsunade ordered, sighing in defeat she looked around the room "Sakura, Morino, take today and tomorrow off, celebrate the pregnancy and don't ever tell anyone how you celebrated" Tsunade half ordered, half pleaded with them.

"Thanks Shishou" Sakura said bestowing her mentor with an angelic smile that would charm the devil, wait it already did –Ibiki. Waving at the stunned ninja she turned around as Ibiki wrapped an arm around her waist and they both walked out the door.

"OWW!!!" Naruto shouted.

"Dope?" Sasuke looked at Naruto who pinched himself again "Owww, it's not a dream!" he cried as Kurenai, Ino, TenTen, Lee and Hinata started to Hyperventilate in disbelief.

"It was all real?" Asuma said as he took his cigar from his mouth and looked at it quizzically, it was just an ordinary cigar, no extras.

Looking around and realising all her sake had been given away Tsunade grabbed Shizune by the hand and uncharacteristically stuttered out "Mm m more Sake. Now!"

"Coming right up!" the dark haired medic called as she ran out the door.

Walking down the road with their arms wrapped around each other waists, Sakura noted the increase of ANBU on the roof tops "Guess Headquarters already know" she laughed as one by one the ANBU would spy them and stop in their tracks only to shake, pinch, or make the hand sign to break a genjutsu.

Chuckling as they passed civilians and off duty shinobi Ibiki agreed with her and gave her a kiss to the temple, the noises of fainting, dropped groceries and collisions could be heard as they left a path of destruction in their wake as people looked on in disbelief, shock and horror.

"You know once they pull out of it they'll gang up on you" she stated.

"I know, but imagine all the mind games I can play until then Hellcat" he admitted making her laugh. Stepping away from her Ibiki strode up to a magazine booth and tried to pay the helpless woman behind the counter, who quickly shoved the magazine at him half screaming "Its free, just take it!" as she ran behind to the back.

Laughing at her reaction and at everyone else's Sakura looked at the magazine Ibiki had been given "Baby and Home?" she quizzed with a smile.

"Yeah, might as well start getting some ideas" he said trying to be aloft but failing in his excitement as he wrapped his arm around her waist, gently caressing her stomach.

Making their way to headquarters, Sakura tutted at the low constitution of many of the ANBU, "You'll have to increase their training, their getting weak in the knees" Sakura lectured Ibiki as another ANBU slumped against the wall as they passed by. Coming into the main reception Ibiki broke away from Sakura "I'll be back in a minute just have to grab some files" he told her as she waved and recognised Keiko's chakra walking up to her.

"Hi Wren, how are you?" she greeted as the ANBU shifted nervously and those near took a step closer.

"Hello Sakura. Sakura is it true?"

"What?" Sakura asked with a way too innocent smile.

Gathering her strength Keiko questioned "That you married Morino-san?"

Smiling Sakura nodded "Yep, I'm officially Morino Sakura, have been for two years!" she cheerfully chirped inwardly jumping for joy as she saw some ANBU stumble out of the corner of her eye.

"How. . . What . . . " Keiko struggled as every one's attention was drawn to a purple haired jounin entering the reception area.

"What the Hell is go . . . "Anko started to shout stopping as she saw Sakure and walked purposefully to her.

'Well Tsunade now knows' so what the heck.

Walking up to the pink haired medic Anko shouted out "What the Hell is this rumour that you and Ibiki are . . ." only to be met with a fist in to the face and sent flying back against the wall.

"What the hell" she groggily spat out raising her hands to her head, why was every thing fucking spinning.

"It'll be fun, I'll even let you chain me up" Sakura spat at the Kunoichi sprawled on the ground, word for word what she had suggested to Ibiki, as she threatened.

"If you come near my husband again Mitarashi, I'll gladly fill that punch with Chakra"

"Hellcat, you can't kill my second in command" Ibiki said shaking his head in amusement.

Murmurs running through the room "Hellcat?" "It must be true".

"She can work with a bruised face" Sakura shot back as Ibiki came up behind her and handed her the magazine with an ear marked page.

"But can she work with a concussion?" he raised an eyebrow at her.

Shrugging her shoulders she said "In a few days" turning around to walk away flicking the pages of the magazine with Ibiki pulling her under his arm.

"Ibiki, I don't care how much you like Kunai's or how much I like you using them on me , we are not getting a Kunai mobile for our baby's crib" the sound of Sakura's voice could be heard as they walked out the building.

"They're only plastic"

"I don't care lets give the baby a year or two at least, then we can break out the toys"

Back in the reception the 1st ANBU captain let out a shaky breath and sent everyone in the room to the ground by saying.

"Oh God . . . their reproducing."

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