Emmett:Looks a Greek god would be jealous of and Rosalie:art freak nerd outcast both meet in a bet by his friends. "If you can change that girl to legendary social status you win" They told him. He thought it would be easy, until he found out it was HER

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Emmett Cullen:

"All right. All right. Let's make a bet then gentlemen." Edward Masen, captain of the basketball team, as well as my best friend said and took a long drink of Red Bull. I rolled my eyes and punched him in the shoulder causing him to cough and spill Red Bull on his shirt. The group of popular jocks and their hot cheerleader girlfriends surrounding our lunch table laughed on cue. Edward shoved me playfully and then slipped his shirt over his head. A few of the girls giggled and went on about how 'hot' he was. I rolled my eyes. Edward smiled a crooked smile as he pulled out on his basketball jacket and zipped it up halfway so he could still taunt the ladies. I'd taught him that little stunt. Of course he didn't do it as good as me though.

"Okay. Bring it on." I said and gulped down a Gatorade.

"You… have to…" He gestured for Jasper to come in closer. "You have to take a girl of our choice on a date every Friday night until the end of the school year and take her to prom." Edward smiled evilly.

"What does that have to do with anything?" I asked crossing my arms. If pretty girls were involved I was in.

"If you can change that girl to the height of legendary social status your longtime girlfriend turned ex Jessica Stanley is. You win." Jasper Hale, pitcher for the baseball team smiled in anticipation unwinding his arm from around his girlfriend Alice's tiny waist. Alice was my twin sister, as well as captain of the cheer squad.

The evil Jessica Stanley previously mentioned was my girlfriend for like three months which was way longer than I'd ever kept any girl. Jess and I broke it off right after winter break. She was dating Mike Newton, a guy on the swim team now. Shows how her popularity plummeted after I broke up with her. I had bragged about how any girl that was dating me was updated to top notch social status. It was true! I could have even dated Angela Weber, captain of the math team and made her into queen of the school if I so wished. I liked the power that came with my legendary popularity.

Edward and Jasper had thought I was crazy thinking I could turn a d-list loser into a queen just by being my girlfriend, so we made this bet.

"You agree to the terms?" Edward questioned.

"Yes. I never turn down a challenge." I winked. The girls at the table melted. This would be easy. We all shook hands on it.

"We know. So let's make it more interesting…" Edward's lips spread into a smile

"You have to turn her into the prom queen." Jasper said, enjoying this much more than he should.

"Fine. No problem. What girl?" I was almost afraid to ask. But, Emmett Cullen never admits to fear. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

"What about her?" Edward asked and pointed to a burly girl from the basketball team that was lifting weights and shoving power bars down her throat at the lunch table.

"She's a lesbian." Jasper pointed out. "What about her?" He gestured to a girl eating her feelings by taking it out on a triple cheeseburger. Edward shook his head.

"Her?" He gestured to a girl who had just come back from drug rehab and was now smoking a cigarette.

"Dude come on, do you want me to die before I win the bet? She'll kill me." I teased. Jasper grinned wickedly his eyes darting around the lunchroom.

"Ladies and Gentlemen of Forks High School… We have a winner." He laughed. "That girl." He said positively. Edward nodded and smiled deviously cracking up into laughter. My eyes widened and I looked to where Jasper was pointing to see this girl who was sitting, across the lunchroom on the loser side. I didn't even remember her name. She was sitting alone. I groaned taking another look at her. She was the exact opposite of every girl I'd ever dated. Her clear skin was so white, like she hadn't seen the sun in her entire life. Her unruly, golden blonde hair was unkempt, messy, and pulled away from her face by a clip and a pencil stuck behind her ear. She had thick black glasses, like the ones all the biggest nerds wore in the movies. She had on a pair of paint stained baggy jeans that did nothing for her tiny figure. If she even had one. She had on a long sleeved brown t-shirt with the sleeves pushed up over her elbows and a dorky vest over it. I groaned again, burying my face in my hands. I didn't need to see any more. But for some reason I looked back up. Even by her body language I could tell she was painfully shy. Her thin shoulders were hunched over like she was scared of everyone. She wasn't eating, but she sipped on a diet coke every once and a while; she was focused intently on something she was painting. I had seen this girl around before I think. I believe she is in my Calculus class. Yeah, that's her. But I still couldn't remember her name… I knew she was a painter only because her clothes were always stained with color. She sighed pulling back to admire her work. She quickly brushed her cheek with the back of her hand and smeared black paint along her pale white skin. I rolled my eyes and put my head back down on the table. How could someone be this pathetic…? Jasper and Edward howled with laugher.

"Perfect! Ha! I think you better get going. Your work is cut out for you." Jasper laughed smacking me on the back.

"I imagine her reaction something like this." Edward said clearing his throat. "OHMYGOD! The Emmett Cullen just asked me, the social outcast of the entire school, and the definition of nerd, on a date. Let me go get my inhaler before I excite myself too much. You know what the doctor says. Maybe we can go to the museum together and admire the wonderful artwork! Or maybe if I'm super lucky… We can go buy some Keds!" Edward and Jasper clutched their stomachs in laughter. I looked over to see the girl shoot her eyes down and blush a deep scarlet red, from being caught staring at me. I suddenly remembered the girl's name. Rosalie Hale. I was in for a long month.