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The wind was gently breezing through the quiet citadel at Ghirlandaio, as imperial troops waited in battle positions for the Gallian army to arrive. The gentle breeze gave the imperials a peace of mind, but in reality, they were afraid. Afraid that the enemy would use the Valkyria they had used at Naggiar again. The same Valkyria that defeated their Valkyria in combat. They knew if Gallia decided to use her again, there hopes of surviving this fight would be reduced to zero. However, none of these soldiers were as emotionally unstable as their commander was. Their commander stood on the higher floor of Ghirlandaio's courtyard, pointing her gun at the south wall, ready to pull the trigger the instant the Gallians breached it and came through.

The gentle breeze flowed through her grayish-white hair, lifting it a bit before the strands fell back down onto the back of of her neck and armor. Her red eyes full of anger as she slowly looked up at the setting sun, then looking back through her gun's scope. Despite how she looked and acted at the moment, she was at war with herself. Her name is Selvaria Bles. She is one of the crown prince of the Empire Maximilian's generals, as well as being a descendant of the ancient Valkyur, who wielded spears and shields, but had the power to crush entire armies with little effort. However, she had been bested at the plains of Naggiar by another scion of the Valkyur, and lost her spear and shield as a result. Now, she was at the citadel at Ghirlandaio, prepared to defend it until her last breath for Maximilian, even though she was now mortal. Selvaria was no longer the god-like deity that the Gallians would have screamed and fled in terror from the instant she entered the battlefield. She closed her eyes and remembered the events that had led up to her current location, a single tear escaping form her eye.

Selvaria loved Maximilian, and wanted to help him achieve his dream of overthrowing the emperor and taking the Empire all for himself. To that end, she would do anything for him. She had even confessed the love she had for him during their talk they had before the battle began, but she wasn't expecting to hear the order that came out of his mouth soon after.

"So Selvaria. You report that the strength of the enemy matches our own. In that case, let the fire of destruction rain down upon them. Use the final flame of the Valkyria."

For a moment, it had felt like someone had just taken her old Valkyrian lance and stabbed her through her heart with it. She couldn't believe what he had said. The Valkyria's final flame…the strongest ability any of the Valkyur could use, but it was so powerful that it claimed the life of the one that dared to unleash such a devastating power.

Her breath deepened as she tried to say something, but words failed to leave her. After regaining a bit of her focus, one word left her mouth.

"But!" her voice was deep with shock, but hidden in that shock was a little sense of sadness, as well as the smallest little trace of anger. She was full of mixed emotions, pulling at her mind from all sides. On part of her was telling her to accept Maximilian's order and to sacrifice herself to activate the final flame, while another was telling her to refuse it and try to find another way to defeat Gallia's forces.

As she was ravaged by her emotions, she quickly returned to reality to find that Maximilian had turned around and began to leave the room, saying nothing to her. At this point, she was in denial, and softly begged "Your grace…" trying to find comfort, but it fell short as Maximilian stopped and stayed where he was for a few seconds.

"The hour of your death shall mark the inauguration of Our rule. Farewell, Selvaria."

These words were all that he said, never showing any sign of emotion as he spoke them. However, these words gave her more pain and sadness than any device of mankind could ever hope to achieve. Her eyes began to water up as Maximilian began walking again, staring at him. When he wouldn't look back however, Selvaria looked down at the ground and fell to her knees, letting the tears in her eyes fall to the floor in front of her.

Little to Selvaria's and Maximilian's knowledge, there was a third person standing outside the door, who had overheard the entire conversation. He was the only other surviving member of Maximilian's three generals that came to Gallia. The final member, Gregor, had been killed when the Equess, a massive train that was set up high on rails, fell into the water chasm below due to a bomb that was attached to the track support beams by a man named Zaka, and the members of squad 7 who set it off successfully.

This man was known as Radi Jaeger. He is an amazing commander when it came to handling troops, even more amazing when it came to tank tactics. In truth, he hated Maximilian to the core, but he was forced to work for him so that Maximilian would give back the sovereignty to Jaeger's homeland. Unlike Maximilian, Jaeger knew about honor, and how Maximilian treated Selvaria disgusted him. Jaeger knew that Maximilian had no interest in Selvaria besides her Valkyrian powers, which was why Maximilian had no problem telling her to use the Valkyria's flame.

Maximilian stepped outside of the room and closed the door, and turned to leave Ghirlandaio, but Jaeger stopped leaning against the wall and walked up to Maximilian, who stopped walking when he knew who was coming to him. Jaeger stopped, and in a stern and bold voice, said

"Can't say that I'm impressed your Grace. Making a lady cry?"

Maximilian turned around to face him, never changing the emotionless expression that seemed to be forever plastered on his face. If you ever looked into Maximilian's eyes, it would feel like he was trying to analyze you. Jaeger certainly felt it as Maximilian's eyes seemed to pierce through him like a sword. Finally, Maximilian broke the silence.

"This is simply one of a number of scenarios we'd planned for since before Naggiar. If her prowess as a Valkyria is insufficient, Selvaria's uses quickly narrow down to one."

Jaeger expected him to say something like this. As much as he would like to start shouting at the prince, he knew that it would have bad consequences, the worst being the destruction of his homeland, and Jaeger wanted to avoid it no matter what, to protect his old friends, his fellow citizens, and to protect his wife and child he had back in his homeland.

"Hmph." He growled. Maximilian raised an eyebrow for a second, but lowered it. He was about to say something, but Jaeger had remembered that the Gallians had sent a letter. "Anyway, there's a messenger here for you straight from castle Randgriz."

Jaeger pointed at the nearby window, which gave a clear view of the entrance hall where people would have to wait until they could be seen by the governor during the times when Ghirlandaio was still an area where merchants could set up shops and sell their wares to traveller coming through the area. Just like Jaeger said, there was a Gallian soldier, holding a letter in his hand from the Randgriz royal family. Maximilian looked at the soldier, then fixed his gaze upon the letter. It was sealed with a different seal than normal, which was how Maximillia knew what it was, but he could care less about it, for he had better things to do.

"So there is." He replied, turning back to look at Jaeger. "Let him wait. I have no time for simple messengers now. We are set to commence operation Steel Scythe. Jaeger, prepare to return to the east."

There was only one reason why Maximilian would want to return east, and Jaeger realized why he wanted Selvaria to remain at Ghirlandaio and use the final flame. Astonished, he asked

"What? Then it's…the Marmota's finished?" He couldn't believe what he heard. The last report they received was that the Marmota was supposed to take another week or two.

The Emperor probably hurried its completion, due to the fact that if it was completed and Gallia was taken, the Federation would fall like ants before the Marmota and the Empire. He thought. It was then that he realized that Maximilian had nodded his head.

"It is. Word has come it has completed its trial run." He said with confidence in his voice. Jaeger knew that whenever Maximilian spoke of something with confidence, it usually means a huge amount of trouble for his enemies. Jaeger gave a slight nod, and Maximilian continued. "The Gallians are hasty to assume victory. We shall see them gutted yet." After he spoke his last word, he turned around and walked off, leaving Jaeger alone. He decided to go in and see how Selvaria was holding up.

He opened the door to find Selvaria in the exact same crouching position she was in before, although it appeared she had stopped crying. Jaeger walked over to her and put his hand on her shoulder, but she didn't respond. The silence had a sense of dread and doom hanging over it. After a while, he finally broke the silence.

"I'm sorry." He apologized. He was going to turn to leave, but he just couldn't bear to hear Selvaria threw away her life for a man that only saw her as a tool. A few moments later, a thought struck him, and he spoke again.

"Selvaria. There's no need to throw away your life for him. The Marmota has been completed, and with it, we'll crush Gallia's army as effectively as the final flame could. You have a full life ahead of you; why waste it if the Marmota is going to destroy the Gallian's anyway?"

Selvaria turned her head a bit, but still didn't look at him. In her head, she knew what he was saying was correct, but the part of her that loved Maximilian just wouldn't go away, and was overpowering her common sense quickly. Trying to hide her sadness, she whispered

"Jaeger…why do you care whether I live or die?" She asked, her eyes a bit watery and red, but not as much as before. Jaeger frowned and struggled to say his next words, as they were painful memories. He finally told her.

"Because I once had a friend who did the same as you are about to do. When the empire invaded my homeland, we were in the same situation as Gallia was at the start of this war. The leader of the enemy forces was inside an incredibly strong heavy tank, and the situation was hopeless. We only had one grenade left, but unless we managed to chuck it inside the tank, we would die. We were going to surrender, but my friends picked up the last grenade and charged at the tank, getting blasted by tons of bullets in the process, but he kept running. He got on top of the tank and managed to get the hatch open and went inside, but since the grenade only had a 3 second time limit, I knew he wouldn't make it out of there. All I could do was watch as my best friend and that tank exploded and went up in flames. We thought we had won, but my friend's sacrifice was in vain as Gregor arrived with enemy reinforcements. I managed to shoot him in one of his legs, but was captured as a result." It pained Jaeger to say it, and Selvaria could hear the sadness and pain in his voice.

Jaeger continued. "My friend died a pointless death trying to be a hero, but it was all in vain. I don't want you to sacrifice yourself in vain either. For what happens if you sacrifice yourself, but Maximilian loses and the Marmota's destroyed? But if you don't kill yourself and the Marmota's destroyed, at least you'll be alive, and be free to live the life you were taken from."

Selvaria looked at him for a second, then turned her head again to avert his eyesight, saying nothing. Jaeger had a feeling she wasn't going to say anything else, so he turned around and he walked out the door and outside where sunlight began beaming down on his face as he walked over to the stationary vehicle. He got inside the comfortable home away from home he has known for many years, the Lupus. The engines roared, but instead of following Maximilian's transport vehicle, the Lupus headed off towards Naggiar, for reasons unknown.

Selvaria did not know know how much time had passed since Maximilian and Jaeger had left, but it felt like an eternity to her as she was struggling with her emotions, trying to get them all back to normal. To her, it felt like her mind was at war with itself. The side of her that was telling her to do what Jaeger said and flee was fighting hard against the side of her that was telling her to activate the final flame of the Valkyria and destroy the Gallians.

Ever since Maximilian had taken her away from that horrible, filthy, dark place that reeked of death and devoid of happiness and light, she swore loyalty to him and him alone, completing any order he gave without any questions asked. It was not until later that she realized that she loved him, although she kept it quiet. She had gained a fierce reputation due to her services, and Maximilian had given her the Ruhm, a prototype gun that combined the accuracy and range of a sniper rifle with the ammo clip, rapid fire and power of a machine gun in one beautifully made package. Despite all these things Maximilian had done for her, and always obeying his orders, she found herself questioning the orders he had given her.

She could only sit and think for what felt like an eternity, before an imperial soldier came in through the doors in a hurry, obviously to report something urgent. He breathed for a couple seconds, and then with panic in his voice, shouted:

"General Selvaria! The Gallian army is on their way to Ghirlandaio, and we are outnumbered! What should we do?"

Selvaria got up from the ground, wiped her eyes and turned around to face the soldier.

"Flip the rail switches, so that Gallia's main force will have to go around the center gates. Man all the cannon bunkers and mortars that line Ghirlandaio's wall!" She commanded, going over to the table in the center of the room and picking up Ruhm, that had been lying there ever since she put it down and reported the results of Naggiar to Maximilian, which was when he gave her the cruelest order. She loaded up some ammo into it and grasped it tightly, then shouted "One third of the forces will remain in Ghirlandaio as reinforcements, and will be the final line of defense if Gallia somehow breaches Ghirlandaio's walls. I will command them. The other two-thirds will head outside to attack the Gallian army. Make sure they use the terrain of Ghirlandaio to their advantage. You'll be in charge of them Liutenant."

The Soldier put up his hand and saluted her, while he shouted "Yes general!" He put his hand down back to his side and rushed off to assemble the troops and get them into battle positions. However, Selvaria remained in the room. After a minute or so, she looked down at Ruhm, which had lost the shine that it had before she talked to Maximilian, almost as if it was reflecting on Selvaria's sadness. Selvaria looked up and ran out of the room to head to the main courtyard of the citadel, where she would get the troops into battle positions and prepare for the events that would unfold in a matter of hours.


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