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In an attempt to gain a lead on the gallian forces that were encamped an hour or so back, the Marmota began moving in the dead of night, creeping along the ground as its engines moaned a painful sound. The two Valkyria had severely damaged the front of the Marmota an hour ago and it was paying the price. Eventually, the Marmota made a loud hissing sound as its engines hissed their last moan.

"Your highness, we're going to have to stop for an hour and repair the engines. They're heavily damaged." A soldier explained. Maximilian slammed his fist on the small plate next to him, shattering the plate and spilling his food all over the floor.

"Those damn Valkyria! Even when Selvaria listened to Us and atacked that girl, she still ruined my plans!" Maximilian roared in pure anger, "At this rate, We'll never get to Randgriz before those annoying pests catch up to Us!" The soldier backed away a little at Maximilian's outburst.

"Sir, We can still stall them from reaching us. We'll simply deploy the forces from Fhirald to delay them. That way, we can get the engines repaired and get a move onto Randgriz without the Gallian militia catching up to us."The soldier explained in a calm voice, trying to reassure Maximilian.

"For your sake, you had better be right." Maximilian threatened before storming off to the deck of the Marmota.

Even if they did catch up to Us, they will have to deal with our newest weapon. Even a Valkyria would fall before it's raw power.


A man was slowly walking inside a grand, massive hall, the only noise coming from his foot steps. He eventually reached a door and pushed it open. Inside was a majestic room, with many decorations fashioned from gold, diamonds and many expensive jewels.

"It appears that Maximilian is going to become too powerful at this rate." the man said, bowing his head at the person who was sitting in the chair in front of him. The man stting in the chair smiled.

"So he's after the Valkof I assume?" he asked. The first man nodded. "Then let him go after his fairytales. Gallia will finish him off for me and rid me of a bother that's plagued my existence for a while now." he said. The first man got up.

"Then I shall go...my future emperor." The man took his leave, leaving the figure on the chair to himself.

Let Maximillian pursue his Valkof. I on the other hand, will be pursuing the artificial valkyrian research that gallian family has been researching. Gassenarl was it? hahahhahah.


What happened...? The woman said as her vision became more focused, revealing three figures standing next to her.

"Selvaria!" Several voices echoed around her, which snapped her out of her drowsy state.

"Where am I? What happened?" Selvaria softly questioned as she looked around at her unfamiliar surroundings, her body and head feeling extremely heavy.

"The emergency medical tent. You lost control of your powers and fought against Alicia." Jaeger answered.

Selvaria quickly snapped out of her dazed state when she remembered a voice shouting in her head and taking control of her.

"Is Alicia okay?" She worringly asked. Jaeger nodded in confirmation. Selvaria let out a relieving breath. She was about to get up when her stomach growled, which caused Jaeger to smile.

"Why don't you go see Alicia up on the cliff nearby while I fetch something to eat for us?" He offered. Selvaria simply nodded, then left the tent to find Alicia. When she had left, Jaeger's face became worried.

Selvaria...please watch yourself.


Half of the the Fhirald tank squadron was moving through the forest, intent on delaying the gallian forces while the Marmota was being fixed to operational capacity. They stopped a couple kilometres away from the Gallian camp, setting up camp and fortifications in the surrounding bush to ambush the Gallian forces when they resumed their pursuit tomorrow.

"So why did Maximillian only send half of us to attack the Gallians? They outnumber us!" One engineer complained.

"Most likely because Maximillian sees us as expendable, especially since we're Fhiralden." Another engineer commented.

There was an air of uncertainty amongst the Firahldin soldiers, with a mix of doom. The majority of them knew they would not survive the next day, yet deserting their orders meant death by the Empire and perhaps even worse, even harsher treatment of their homeland by the Empire for their insubordination.


The other half of the Fhiraldin forces were heading towards Vassal bridge, to prevent the Gallian forces from escaping, as well as to lock down the city.

Most of the Fhiraldin soldiers were demoralized by the loss of their leader Jaeger, but they still had resolution in their hearts. The sun was beginning to rise as the soldiers looked onto the horizon, knowing a great battle and the end of the war was on the horizon.


Maximillian didn't sleep that much that night. The repairs to the Marmota kept him awake. He got up and looked out at the rising sun.

Once We have the Valkof, not even the two Valkyria could survive its almighty power. Then, I shall get Gallia's surrender. Once Gallia has become Ours, I will bring the Marmota back and kill every single one of my brothers and my father for the murder of Our mother, and the throne shall be mine. Then not even the Federation will be able to stand against Our divien might.


Selvaria found Alicia on top of a nearby cliff, who was talking to Welkin. Welkin seemed to have noticed her, as he waved, ushering Selvaria over.

"Are you alright Alicia?" Selvaria asked, worried.

"Yeah, I'm fine. You don't need to worry." Alicia replied back.

Selvaria released yet another relieved breath and sat down next to the two. Varrot shouted at Welkin to come with her, so he bid the two goodbye and left, leaving the two Valkyrur alone.

"I have a question to ask you Selvaria. What do you plan to do after we defeat Maximillian?" Alicia asked.

"I plan to help Jaeger reclaim Fhirald's independence, but after that, I haven't really thought of that." Selvaria replied.

"If you don't have any idea where to go, why not come stay with me and Welkin in Bruhl? You could help me with my Bakery I plan to start up!" Alicia cheerfully reccomended.

Selvaria thought for a minute. She had been raised as a soldier, so there was many things that were foreign to her. She had seen a few bakeries when she was younger, and they had always interested her. Everyone looking happy as they purchased their bread, the baker looking happy...


Doctor Forrester decided to bring Selvaria to the imperial city so she could be introduced to the Emperor, who was funding the Valkyria research. Forrester stopped by a bakery to buy a snack for herself, as Selvaria was on a strict diet of food mixed with strength and endurance enhancing pills and powders. Forrester took the sweetroll she had bought when a young Selvaria innocently asked:

"May I have one please?"

Forrester quickly contemplated and then bought another one for Selvaria. The baker handed it to the young Selvaria. "Enjoy!" the baker exclaimed. Selvaria smiled and began to eat the sweetroll.

"Do not mention this to the other scientists, and never tell me I've never done anything good for you. You got that Selvaria?" Forrester hissed. Selvaria nodded and continued eating her sweetroll.

*End flashback*

She had killed many people in her life, perhaps to the point that her soul was stained with death. But if she could help people and make them happy with her cooking, then she felt it would help easy the sins of her past.

"Very well then Alicia. When I'm done in Fhirald, I'll come and work at your bakery." Selvaria said. Alicia nodded happily, as the two looked out onto the horizon as the sun rose, its rays of light bringing a sense of hope to Selvaria's mindset.

We must win this war...At all costs!

*********************End Chapter************************

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