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The rain beat steadily against the slightly fogged-up windows of the Bentley. Kun Kang, nationally-acclaimed male model, drummed his long, slender fingers against the steering wheel as he waited at a traffic light. Despite being surrounded by luxury in the black leather upholstered vehicle, a dour from still marred the model's handsome features. After a photo-shoot that ran late because of a shitty partner, he was crankier than usual.

The light switched to green, and the blond hit the accelerator, only to slam on the brakes a second later as a figure darted out in front of the car, then dropped out of sight. Kun swore and raked a hand through his ash-blond hair. He did not want to deal with this. Growling obscenities, Kun shoved open the car door and got out, standing next to the car. The only good part was that because it was so late and he was on a side-street, there weren't any other cars around. He searched the ground for a body, probably writhing in pain and already plotting to sue him for all he was worth.

A thin figure lurched into a standing position in front of the car. Illuminated by the headlights was a thin male with pale skin, dark eyes, and dark blonde hair. The school uniform he was wearing was soaked through, and his hair hung down to drip in his shadowed eyes. Kun Kang recognized Jung-Woo Im, the classmate who was the look-alike cousin of Ga-Woon's girlfriend Tae.

"Can't you watch where you're going?" Kun narrowed his eyes.

"I was," came the bland response.

"You ran out in the middle of the street, you moron." Kun rolled his eyes at the other's ineptitude.

"I thought I saw my dog."

"What a fucking lame excuse. It's the middle of the night, and it's raining. Just go home already." Kun was getting irritated and impatient. He could feel the rain soaking through his expensive linen shirt.

"Can't." Jung-Woo moved around the side of the car, peering under the vehicle. "You didn't see him, did you?"

"See what?" Kun snapped.

"My dog," Jung-Woo stated. He glanced up at the model.

"No I have not fucking seen it. It's probably off chasing a fucking cat or getting itself run over. Good riddance. One less mutt in the world I don't have to worry about running over. Too bad the same couldn't be said for you," Kun said callously. He saw a flicker of emotion cross Jung-Woo's face, and almost felt like apologizing. Jung-Woo stood, turned away, and began to walk off.

"Hey," Kun called after him, after a moment's hesitation. "Just get in the car and I'll drop you off at Ga-Woon's place."

"Can't. I have to find my dog." Not even a glance back.

"Will you forget the fucking dog already?" Dark eyes flashed.


"Get in the car, Jung-Woo."

"I have to find my dog first." Jung-Woo froze, peered down a dark alley, then seemed to confirm something and took off. His pale outline was quickly swallowed up by the inky darkness when he turned down another street.

"Hey!" Kun gritted his teeth, seething. He had been passed up for a mangy mutt. That was a first. He got back into the car, scowling at the thought of his wet clothes ruining his pristine leather seats, and put the car into gear, driving off in the direction Jung-Woo had taken.

If he didn't find Jung-Woo in approximately ten seconds, he was going home. He no longer cared about the tongue-lashing Tae was sure to give him if she knew he left her precious cousin to fend for himself in the dark alleyways of South Korea in the middle of the night-

Kun thought he saw something over to the right. He slowed, and came to a stop at the mouth of an alley. There was definitely something moving down there, but he didn't want to find out the hard way that it wasn't Jung-Woo. Then he heard a dog's yelp, and he knew he had found the right alley.

The blond parked and headed down the alley, trying not to get too much mud and grime on him. At least he didn't have to go far. There, sitting and leaning against the wall halfway down the alley, was a very wet Jung-Woo, with a very wet and very dirty furball in his lap.

Jung-Woo looked up when he walked over. They stared at each other for a moment. Then Kun jerked his head a bit, indicating the Bentley. Jung-Woo blinked, and surprise registered on his face. He stood, cradling the lump of fur to his thin chest, not seeming to notice the mud that was being ground into the fabric.

They walked back to the car in silence. Well, mostly silence. Kun made grumbling remarks under his breath about idiots who ran out in the street and their idiot pets who looked like they had been dumpster diving. Jung-Woo ignored him and stroked Snowball, who was shivering against his t-shirt. He wished he had been wearing a jacket so that he could wrap Snowball up in it.

When they got to the car, Kun Kang stopped in front of the passenger-side door and loomed over Jung-Woo with his feet planted, his arms crossed, and an imperious look on his face.

"The dog does not touch any part of the car." It was a statement that offered no flexibility whatsoever.

Jung-Woo nodded demurely. Kun Kang stepped aside, and walked around to the driver's side to get in. Jung-Woo carefully maneuvered the dog onto his lap as he sat down, but he still ended up jostling him a little, eliciting a yelp from the dog.

"No barking in the car," Kun Kang growled. He turned the key in the ignition and drove onto the road.

Jung-Woo wanted to tell him that he was being a hypocrite because he growled like a dog, but figured he was getting a free ride so he'd better just keep quiet. He looked down at Snowball and smiled softly, petting the dirty fur. He was going to give Snowball a bath in Ga-Woon's bathtub as soon as he got home. He scratched under the dog's chin and petted his head, running his hand from the crown of his head down his spine, brushing against his back leg. The dog yelped. Kun Kang glared at Jung-Woo.

"What did I say about barking?"

"I think his leg is hurt." The leg was turned at an odd angle. It didn't look right.

Kun Kang glanced over, then turned back to the road. "Looks broken. Take it to a vet."

"Can't afford it."

"You have to treat broken bones."

"I still can't afford it..." Jung-Woo looked down at the dog in his lap. He pet his head, and Snowball turned to lick his hand with a pink tongue, content with the knowledge that even though his leg hurt, his master would fix everything for him. Jung-Woo bit his lip. He wished he could. He would do anything. But veterinarians were expensive, and he could only just make ends meet as it was.

Kun Kang glanced over at his passenger, and had to tear his eyes away to focus back on the road. Jung-Woo was gazing at the animal with such a soft, despairing expression in his chocolate brown eyes that it looked to be causing him physical pain. His pale face with its delicate features contorted in sorrow. He pet the furry white head with a tender caress of affection. Jung-Woo just looked so… Beautiful, in a sad, angelic sort of way…

Kun was tired. Very obviously tired. He needed to go to sleep. Clear his head. Get it back in working order. Because it obviously wasn't, if it was making him think what he just thought about Jung-Woo, a male for crying out loud, and if it was making him say what he was about to say.

"I'll pay for the vet," Kun heard his mouth say.

Out of the corner of his eye, Kun saw the pale hand petting the dog freeze. "…You will?"

"Yes. It'll also need a license. And dog food. And housing. Ga-Woon won't want a dog in his apartment. Don't think I didn't notice you were planning to take the thing home. Anyways, I'll take care of the formalities."

"…What do you want?"

"Correct. I'm not doing this for nothing." One side of Kun's mouth quirked upwards, an almost-smile. His brain wasn't completely gone just yet. It had just enough voltage left to conjure a lovely scheme. "If I pay for all of this animal's needs, then you will have to do what I tell you from here on out."

"Will I still get to see Snowball?"

"Snowball? …Oh. Fine, Snowball. Yes, you'll be the one taking care of it, spending time with it, taking it on walks, training it. I will just be providing the means to do so."

"…And I have to do what in return?"

"Simple. Obey me. From now on, I own you. Like how someone owns a pet. Understand?"


"And you accept?"


"Yes or no, slave."

"I said yes already." Jung-Woo rolled his eyes, feeling a bit like he had just sold his soul to the devil. He leaned back and closed his eyes, feeling very tired. He pet Snowball's head, trying to ease the dog into comforting sleep.

"Good." Kun revved the engine, not caring that he was going over the speed limit. He wanted to quickly get the animal to a vet, get its leg or skull or whatever checked out and fixed and whatnot, and then go home. He needed sleep. As for the rest… He glanced over at Jung-Woo, and saw the youth leaning his head against the window, eyes closed, hands resting protectively on the dog in his lap. His eyelashes made small shadows on the porcelain skin of his cheekbones. He sighed softly, and shifted in his sleep.

As for the rest, he'd wait and see what the new day brings.

A/N: I know pretty much no one reads K2 fanfiction, much less Kun/Jung-Woo, but I love it and wanted to write it. I'll continue this, cause I have a story in mind, but it helps to know if I'm posting this for it to hangs in empty cyberspace or if people actually read it.