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Pairing: Kagome/Edward, Jacob/Bella

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There is a slight reference to Bleach with Kagome's new last name as 'Kuchiki'

Emerald-green eyes glanced around; an almost non-existent smile could be seen on the person's pale and pretty face. 'This place…' She thought, her coal-black hair soaked by the wet, cool air. 'Is perfect.'

Higurashi Kagome lifted a delicate hand to the air, the rain gathering in her palm rather quickly. 'He'll never find me here.' Kagome thought, looking up at the grey sky. Her smile grew a bit, shoving her hands into the pockets of her nice black coat.

In the state of Washington, U.S.A, a small town of Forks existed. The small town was under an almost constant-cover of grey rainclouds, rain was almost a daily occurrence. It really was perfect to Kagome, as she was on the run.

She had to escape her old life, especially with the way things were going for her now. It had been over a year since she had been dragged into Feudal Japan through the magical well that existed on the shrine grounds. It was her doing that by which Naraku was defeated, and the Shikon no Tama purified for good. The jewel seemingly disappeared, but Kagome knew it was still probably resting somewhere in her body – or perhaps even her uncompleted soul.

Kagome was the intended mate of Inuyasha. However, due to their rather famous standing in the past, they had been targeted numerously by both humans and demons. One horrible night, it had actually happened, her intended mate, Inuyasha, was killed by a demon. It was his human night, the night of the new moon, and Kagome was not there to protect him from the demons. She was in the future, going back to the past to find her worst nightmare.

Her mate was gone – forever.

Kagome, of course, was devastated. Inuyasha's death, that and along with the murder of her family, courtesy of another youkai, simply sent her into a spiralling depression that seemed impossible to get out of. No matter what Sango, Miroku, Shippou, Kirara, or even Kaede tried to do, it just didn't work. They all decided that it was for the best for Kagome to go back into her own time, even if by force.

Even then, it still wasn't the end of her problems.

According to pack law, she was now Sesshoumaru's responsibility. She didn't want that, she didn't want to be a burden to him. The inu taiyoukai saw very differently from her. She was immediately named heiress of the cardinal western lands as he had no mate and no pups. Kagome didn't want that either, the responsibility was tremendous and she knew that she could not handle it. The dog demon either did not understand or he simply didn't care.

Sesshoumaru also named her heiress of his company in the modern times, an electronics company that made Sesshoumaru one of the richest men in the world. Kagome knew that she could not handle that either, though the dog did not listen.

Kagome knew that she could not do any of that, she just had to escape. She still needed to time to grieve for her family and for Inuyasha. This is where her plan came into place.

With the help of Sesshoumaru's mother, who she had the 'pleasure' of meeting, she had escaped to the United States without Sesshoumaru's knowledge. Of course, Sesshoumaru's mother, Sakuya, didn't do it out of the goodness of her heart; she mostly did it for herself. With Kagome gone, Sakuya gained everything that she had, the western lands and the company (of course only if something ever happened to Sesshoumaru, which was very unlikely).

So Sakuya gave Kagome a couple million dollars to escape and try to attempt to make a new life for herself. Sesshoumaru, with the millions he made everyday, would never notice a couple missing millions.

Kagome had to find a place in which Sesshoumaru would never find her in. It was pretty simple to her, a large country with a large population of humans. That pretty much left her with a few choices. Either Russia or the United States of America. The choice was rather easy for her to make, as she heard that Russia had some pretty bad violence going on. That and Russian was a pretty hard language to master, English was just a tad easier.

The next thing to do was find a small town in which to blend in, a town that preferably rained a lot. Forks, Washington was the perfect choice. It was small and cloudy almost all year round, the rain would wash away her scent if, by chance, Sesshoumaru ever found out where she was staying.

Kagome bought a small, cozy home, only enough for one person, with her money. Of course, she bought just on the outskirts of the small town for her own privacy. Also, since she was only sixteen, she had to attend high school by law. That was fine with her, she would merely keep a low profile and try not to socialize with other people.

"Well, Kirara, this is the start to our new life." Kagome muttered to the feline, whose large emerald eyes blinked up at her. The miko smiled a bit, Kirara had learned a few helpful tricks over the past five hundred years she had been living. Since Kirara was a nekomata, she had an ability to shape-shift, as small as it was.

Kirara, on the orders of Kagome, changed into a cat that vaguely resembled Buyo. The feline did that because two-tailed demon cats weren't very common these days, and it would bring up less questions if Kirara was ever seen any anyone else.

Kagome turned back to the cat, giving a small smile. "I'll see you later; I still have to go to school." She said, knowing Kirara would understand her. The feline nodded, curled up her single tail, and dozed off.

'Great,' Kagome thought glumly, driving a small car to the new school that she was to attend. Her emerald-green eyes narrowed as she looked to all the teenagers walking along the sidewalks to the school, all the kids lounging around in the school's parking lot. Hopefully, people would just ignore her, even if she was the new girl.

She winced almost immediately, seeing her new, small car seemed to stand out amongst the other cars in the lot. Most were older, more beaten cars; the only car that really stood out was a shiny Volvo. The other students were already staring at her by the time she slowly got out of her car, though she kept her head down and tried to cover her face with her long, messy bangs.

Kagome shoved her hands into the pockets of her dark coat, easily figuring out the entrance to the small high school. Her pale face burned with red as people whispered rather loudly, some even bluntly pointing at her. It was pretty obvious that she was a new student, and she knew that most small towns rarely got new students.

'Alright, I just have to make it to the office. Hopefully no one will ask to guide me or anything.' Kagome thought, nervously glancing at some people who looked like they were ready to approach her. It didn't take her all that long to find that office, a small building in the front that held a small sign that read 'front office.'

Kagome pushed the door opened, seeing a woman sitting behind a desk almost immediately. The miko hesitantly approached her, hoping that the woman already knew that she was a new student. The less she had to talk, the better it would be for her.

The woman glanced up, recognition lighting up in her eyes. "Can I help you?" She asked politely, grabbing a piece of paper from one of her desk drawers.

"I'm the new student, Kagome Kuchiki." Kagome said quietly, feeling a foreign taste on her tongue when she used her 'new' surname. To get over to the United States without Sesshoumaru finding her immediately, she had to change some part of her name. Of course, since she couldn't stand being called anything else except her name, she chose to change her last name.

"Oh right, the new student." The woman said warmly, trying to welcome the Japanese girl. "Here you are, Kagome Koo-chee-key." The woman attempted to say her new last name, though failing horribly. Kagome winced at the butcher of the name.

"Thank you." She answered, grabbing the schedule and map of the school.

"Now, you come back here or ask another student to help you if you get lost. I'm sure that anyone will be willing to help you." The woman said kindly, pointing out the best routes for class that she was registered in.

"I will." Kagome said politely, though she knew she would probably not ask other students if she did get lost. She wanted to lay low, the less people she knew, the better it was. Besides, she had no idea if demons existed here or not. If she did make any friends, then they could possibly be put in danger if demons did find her. She had no desire for that. "And thank you." She added, giving the woman a small, forced smile, which the woman returned fully.

"The cafeteria is that way." The woman pointed in the direction as Kagome went to leave. It was already lunchtime as Kagome chose to go only a half-day for the first day.

Kagome walked in the direction as she studied the map, hoping that she would memorise it instead of holding it in front of her face the entire day. Whispers started up again as she walked past the students, she was able to hear them rather easily as her hearing had improved greatly while her time spent in the past.

"She's the new kid?!"

"Yeah, I've heard that she lives alone. No parents or anything!"


"Wow, she's so pretty!"

"What's her name again?"

"Something foreign, I don't remember."

"Did she really come from Japan?! But who would want to move here of all places!?"

"How the hell did she afford a house with no parents?!"

"Maybe she's rich?"

"I've heard that she was a model back in Japan."

"No, I've heard that she was involved in 'that' stuff. It's how she makes her money…"

Kagome almost sneered, so rumours were already starting to float around, were they? She had forgotten how immature and shallow some teenagers could be. She, herself, had to forcibly mature at the young age of fifteen, all the death and fighting in the past made sure of that. She had seen things that these people could never understand.

The cafeteria wasn't too hard to find, the majority of students were already there, sitting in their picked tables and seats. Kagome almost smiled as she noticed there were still a few empty tables, somewhere she could sit without anyone else.

'Should I eat?' She pondered, thinking she probably should. She had lost a lot of weight in her spiralling depression, she was painfully thin now. However, the smell of the food really turned her off, and she simply chose not to. She would bring food from home the next day.

Kagome sat down near the back, taking a glance out the window to the rain, ignoring the subtle glances that students were throwing her. Some looked like they were ready to approach her, the very opposite of what she wanted.

'What's… that?' Kagome widened her newly emerald eyes, feeling something that just wasn't right. It was so different from normal humans, though that wasn't what she found surprising. It was also different from youkai, she simply could not figure what it was. 'Over there—!' She turned her head over, only to be interrupted by a rather large group of kids.

"So, you're the new girl, right?" A male with greasy black hair and a rather bad skin condition asked her, his friends obviously standing behind, sitting at the table without an invitation. "So, what's your name again?"

'What?' Kagome was completely unprepared for the sudden assault, tensing as the people sat on her sides like nothing was wrong. The person on her left was a boy with pale blue eyes, and blond hair. He was rather good-looking for a human at least, but Kagome had seen a lot better.

The person on her right was a girl with curly brown hair and blue eyes and was rather pretty. However, the expression on her face was all that Kagome needed to know that the girl would rather not be there at all.

"How do say your name again?" The black-haired kid asked again, more insistent this time. "I'm Eric by the way." He added.

Kagome blinked, surprised. She didn't want this! "Kagome… Kuchiki." She said quietly, hoping they would leave her after knowing her name. Her hopes were dashed when they didn't.

The blond male to her left stuck his hand out, confusing Kagome for a split second, who had forgotten what the gesture meant. "I'm Mike Newton," He said casually. Kagome hesitantly shook his hand when she finally remembered what the gesture meant. "So, did you really come from Japan?" He asked, rather eagerly.

Kagome did not answer, sighing internally. She waited for the other kids to introduce themselves. So long as they were there, she had to be polite. The males were Mike Newton, Eric Yorkie, Tyler Crowley, and Ben Cheney. The two females were Angela Weber and Jessica Stanley. The latter was the girl who looked almost hostile towards her.

Kagome sighed again, answering every question with all the patience she could muster. "Yes, I'm from Japan. I do speak Japanese. Yes, my parents are dead and I live alone." Kagome said, not choosing to answer the question of where she got her money from. It took a while, but the students seemed to finally lose a little interest in her when they figured out that she would not speak on her own, though Mike seemed to be a little too enthusiastic in trying to get her to speak. He finally gave up as well after a while.

Kagome vaguely listened to their conversation, her green eyes observing the room intently.

"Yeah, Bella decided not to come today. I don't why; she said she wanted to spend the day with her new boyfriend, Jacob Black or something." The Jessica girl chattered, completely ignoring Kagome. "You know, her new boyfriend after Edward Cullen dumped her—" Kagome completely lost interest in the conversation, scanning the room once again.

She finally landed her eyes on them.

They were completely different, she could tell immediately. They were sitting at a table, far from everyone else as possible. They weren't talking nor eating, their food trays were untouched.

There were three males – one was very big, muscular, and tall. He had slightly curly, dark brown hair. He looked as if he could be a serious weight-lifter, he would easily tower over her petite form by a foot and more. Another male was more lean, but still muscular. He had golden-blond hair, and an almost pained look to his pale face. He was also very tall. The third male was also very tall, slender and lean, untidy bronze-coloured hair. He looked as if he were the youngest of the group.

The two females were the very opposites of each other. The tall one was blond, her hair tailing down her back. She had a very beautiful figure, easily model-worthy, probably making every other girl in the room envious, and every male drool. She was just perfect in every aspect, and looked like she knew it with the superior expression to her beautiful face.

The other female was small, probably ever shorter then herself by a few inches. She had pixie-like features, dark black, spiky hair that seemed to point in all directions. Her body was almost of that of a graceful dancer. She looked to be the happy, enthusiastic type as well.

Kagome frowned, feeling something very off as she stared at them. The miko completely ignored the others as she stared at them subtlety. They were all deathly pale, even a few shades paler than herself. They also had deep purple, bruise-like markings underneath their eyes, something like herself due to lack of much needed sleep. They all were very beautiful – almost inhumanly so…

Kagome's newly emerald-green eyes widened as she realised something, observing them all rather intensely. Perhaps they weren't even human? Demons maybe? But was that ever possible? She had never felt anything like them before… a new type or species of demon? She ignored repeated calls of her name from the teenagers sitting near her, her attention completely on the five… her green eyes widened even more when she glanced towards them again.

It was the first time that she seemed to notice that they were all staring back at her…