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She tore the paper from her notebook on her lap, crumbled it and started to write again another article.

Carefully and neatly, she scribbled her first few sentences on the page with a pen and concentrated on her work. Her eyeglasses slid again from the bridge of her nose, and again she put it back into place.

Kari was determined to get this thing. She wanted to grab that spot as the feature editor and photographer of the school's paper- her goal for this sophomore year. And she wasn't going to waste that perfect opportunity.

It's been almost forty minutes since she sat in the gym bleachers and it took less than a moment for the place to be occupied by the varsity team.

Of course. She thought it would help her make the item seeing as she was featuring the team for their victorious win last year in the state championships; but she found out that she was wrong.

It didn't help her give any inspiration on her work, but rather, the exact opposite. It distracted her. And in that span of 40 minutes, she hasn't written anything worthy of a 'yes' from the Editor- in- chief.

Taking a break from her already painful nape, she looked up from her notebook to see the team practicing. They were going through firmly to keeping their title for this year's competition. The rest of the players were shooting in hoops but one was on the bench sitting. And that's when she spotted a pair of electric blue eyes staring at her. Surprise ran across her face through the lens of her glasses widening her eyes at his unexpected intent look.


And in a split of a second, she embarrassedly looked away, focusing on something else, other than that beautiful carved face of a blonde Adonis. The famous star player, MVP, Asst. Team Captain of the Odaiba High Falcons.

It started during their freshmen that she developed this tiny crush on this famous super hot killer of a basketball player, and until now, that small feeling still lingers. Since the day she saw him play at court, it was like the explosion of the world. She couldn't take her eyes off him. Something about him and the game caught herself off guard. Nonetheless, that was just it. It was only him in the court that gave something away. But outside, by the corridors, in classes or anywhere, she'd just steal glances towards him admiring everything there is to him, an idol. For short, crush when he's in court, and idol when not.

Not only her though. Girls in her school do idolize him too much, desperate for his attention. Even senior girls have the guts to give them their numbers. The only difference is she wasn't too obsessed with him. Unlike other showy, aggressive, pretentious and exaggerated girls, she was the opposite. Simple, timid, shy, innocent and determined.

The shoulder- length chestnut hair and chocolate eyed sophomore with the eye glasses was not the one to chase on the limelight and probably the not- so- attention- grabbing girl in Odaiba High School.

Sure, she thought to herself. Almost every girl practically flings themselves to him. What's the big deal if he looks at me anyway? Sure he had looked at other prettier, sexier and better girls than me. There's nothing to be self- conscious about. Maybe he's just wondering what I'm doing here in their practice. Probably disturbing them.

As her eyes remain fixed on the notebook on her lap, she remembered the matter she was supposed to be doing. She should have written a paragraph from the time she sat on the bleacher.

But nothing happened. All the while, she had been sidetracked by the distractions. Rather, the only distraction. How in God's name was she going to end up being placed in her wanted position?

Giving up, she shoved her things into her small black backpack and stood up. She readjusts the place of her eyeglasses and took all courage to see if he was still watching her. And thankfully to ease her uncomfortable state, he was talking to his other teammate.

She carefully went down, books in hand, and headed off to the exit. The door was on the other side so you'd have to cross the court to get out. Luckily, no one was shooting balls so it was safe to go under the ring.

Just as she was about to finally walk out of the door, she deliberately looked back and saw him focus on her again.

Quickly, she snapped her head from his scrutinizing eyes and left out grateful that no one noticed her except him. Attention was the last thing she wanted, and she wouldn't dare take the humiliation of having to trip herself just because of consciousness that he was staring before she left.



She turned back to see who was calling her and found her best friend, the long blonde haired Zoe running towards her.

"Hey, what's up?"

"Where.. have you.. been? I've been.. looking.. for you.. all over.. the place," Zoe asked her between pants.

"I was in the gym making my article, which turned out to be nothing," she showed her blank notebook.

"Hmm. Well you better make it quick. The submission will be on Friday."

"Yeah I know," the brunette mentioned with a frown. "Well, I should get home early today and start this thing. I don't want to pass any trash to the editor."

"Oh, alright. I was hoping we'd have dinner at this café, but then, I guess I'll ask Kouji if he could come."


"Sure. Maybe next time then. See you. Good luck with your article," Zoe turned and waved goodbye heading to the gym to see Kouji, her boyfriend.

Kari started walking home which was three blocks away from school and it was already sunset. Tomorrow, she needed to take shoots of the basketball team. If she was making a feature article about the varsity, well she should also take the pictures about them. An easy one topic. And she just found out that her one easy topic was not even close to the word 'easy'. Why did she choose this topic anyway? She didn't have a clue herself.

The walk to her home was quite long and silent, especially without someone to accompany you. Usually, she goes home along with Zoe since they were neighbors, but this time, she was waiting for Kouji- not that she minds though. It's not really comfortable having to walk alone particularly when it's almost getting dark.

Finally, she reached the front door of their house and turned the knob open.

"I'm home," she called out to mainly no one.

"Hey sis," Tai greeted as he went out of his room. "Mom and dad are out. We'll have dinner to ourselves."

She went to her room and dropped her things, changed clothes and walked towards the kitchen.

"I'll make dinner this time. I don't want you poisoning me with your cooking," she smirked at her older brother.

"Hey. You better thank me for not letting you starve," he shot back.

"I'd rather starve than eat toxin from your food," she laughed.

She started cooking dinner while Tai just waited and watched TV from the living room.

"So, how's school?" Tai sked.

"You're actually asking?"

"A brother could ask, right? And besides, I care," he joked.

"Whatever. Well, I'm trying out this spot for the school paper, but I haven't written any article yet."

"What are you writing about?"

"The varsity team."

"Cool. Yamato's brother plays there right? Nice kid."

"Uhh, yeah, he does," she quietly stammered and blushed as she remembered the stare he had given her in the gym.

The intent gaze of his beautiful blue eyes was captivating that imagining it made her face slightly crimson again.

"So how's first year of college? Do you still get in touch with Yamato?" she attempted to change the subject.

"Yeah. College's fine. Just missing the good old high school days."

A while later, she prepared the table and the food and started eating dinner. It was Tai's semester break and he would be around for the two whole weeks. Unfortunate for her, she doesn't have their break. So he would be with her in the house for the meantime.'

"Oh. Did you cook enough dinner for four?" tai suddenly asked.

"Uhm. Maybe, why? If you don't eat like a pig, the food might be enough," she joked.

"Very funny," he said sarcastically. "I kinda forgot to tell you. I invited Matt for dinner. You know catching up with things. I don't know if he'll bring his brother along."

That very thought quickly stopped her from her joking and suddenly became still, too surprised to even make her jaw drop.

"Oh. I ddon't knnow," she stammered. "It could fit I guess. I'll just cook some more food in case." And she then began to prepare again.

"You sure it's okay?"

Ok?! Ok?! What's ok with Matt's brother coming here? He was giving me stares all the while in the gym and I don't even know how to react with that. She mentally panicked.

"Hey sis? Is it okay? I could cancel it."

"Huh? Oh, yeah sure."

She continued to make additional food for their 'visitors' and talked with herself on what she was going to do when the blondes would arrive. Her heart was thumping eccentrically in nervousness.

As she mixed the bowl of salad on her hand, she didn't notice how the lettuce would have been crunched if she didn't mix it too forcefully. The adrenaline rush was present- the result of her anxious waiting.

The doorbell suddenly rang and the bowl almost dropped if she wasn't holding it above the table. She quickly prepared the food and cleaned the remaining trash.

"I'll get it," Tai shouted.

Kari washed her hands and took off her apron, only to remember she was wearing only a pink shirt and white shorts. She could have gone to her room and changed if the guys hadn't appeared in the dining room altogether.

She looked up, and the first pair of eyes she saw was his blue ones staring at her. She quickly looked at the three, adjusted her eyeglasses and greeted them.

"Hey. Dinner's ready."

Stupid. Dinner's ready? That's so lame. She thought to herself.

"C'mon. Let's eat," announced Tai. They all went towards the round table and took seats except Kari who has gone to her room.

"Hey, where are you going?" called Tai.

"Just a sec. I'll fix something."

Once inside her room, she couldn't help breathing unevenly at the presence of Takeru. Do they have to stare at each other for twice a day? She looked in the mirror and tried to tie her hair in a ponytail. No wonder he was staring at her just then, her hair was slightly messed.

After that, she went back to the dining room. Takeru shifted his gaze at her arrival and she couldn't help notice that he had turned his head towards her. It was making her so self conscious. He then concentrated on his food as she sat beside her brother and Matt, opposite to TK.

Their brothers talked about a lot of things- college, cars, sports, old times and more while the two sophomores just kept quiet.

After dinner, the two guys continued with their catching up, oblivious to the fact that they left their siblings to themselves in awkwardness. Matt and Tai were in the living room laughing.

Kari started to clean the table and wash the dishes as TK stood quietly in the corner. Who was to start the conversation anyway? They weren't even close. They had different group of friends.

Without hesitation, he helped her put the dishes in the sink, embarrassed to just stand there and watch her work.

"It's okay. You don't need to help me do the cleaning," she said.

"I don't mind. I wouldn't be doing anything else anyway."

She tried to smile. "Thanks."

She started on soaping the dishes while he rinsed and put them in place. There was a short moment of silence before their conversation began.

"So, what brought you in the gym this afternoon?" he asked.

"I was working on an article. I'm trying out a spot in the school paper."

"Oh. What are you writing about?"

"I'm featuring the varsity team," she said directly.

"Cool. So, you're like featuring us?" he asked with a sudden playful egoistic tone.

The way he said 'us' caught her off guard and slightly blushed. "Uhm. Kinda."

"Nice. You should show it to me, afterwards or before you pass it. I want to read it," he said enthusiastically.

This made her look up to him in surprise. "Why?"

"I just want to. If it's okay with you of course," his tone was serious.

"Uhm. Of course. It's okay," she went back to the dishes on her hands.

"So have you started anything?"

"Truthfully, not. When you arrived in the gym, I couldn't concentrate." The focused expression he was giving her, making her eyeglasses fall and blush crimson.

"Oh. Sorry about that."

"It's not your fault. The gym's your spot anyway."

He let out a small laugh.

"So where's your spot?" he asked in amusement.

"Huh?" she looked at him questioningly.

"If you say the gym's my spot, where's yours?"

"Hmm. Anywhere, I guess. As long as I have my camera with me. I love photography," she explained.

"Really? That's cool."

"I don't think so. You're the one who's cool. I mean, it's not all the time a basketball varsity team could have a sophomore for the assistant captain or star player. Mostly the juniors and seniors take that spot."

"Maybe I'm just lucky."

And handsome, she thought.

"Maybe.." she finished the last dish and dried up her hands. He too did the same.

She took off her apron again and hung it.

"What do you want to do?" she asked.

"Anything. What do you want to do?"

"Let's just go outside the porch. I'm not really used to having guys over to visit. Except Yamato though."

"Ok. Sure."

They both walked towards the door, passed the two older guys. He held the door open for her and she tripped on the doormat on the way out. Luckily he was able to catch her with his arm around her waist. She felt very embarrassed and uneasy to feel the touch of his arms. The red color was on her face again. She was doing a lot of blushes lately.

"You alright?" he asked as he slid out his arm from her stomach.

"Yeah, thanks." She stood up straight and fixed her hair and the eyeglasses that slipped on the bridge of her nose.

He looked at her while she did this and could not help but laugh.

"You look cute," he said in enjoyment. This made her eyes widen and eyebrows crunched up. For all she knew, her face was all shades of red. He laughed and added, "Especially when you blush."

She pouted her lips. "Yeah yeah whatever." She couldn't help hide her embarrassment as she walked outside and sat on the stairs of the porch. He then went to sit by her.

"What do you usually do by this time?" she asked.

"Shoot hoops in the court across our house."

"Don't you get tired of that? Coz that's what you always do at school and you keep doing it at home."

"Don't you get tired of taking pictures?" he questioned back. "I mean I did say it's cool, but I just don't get it. What's fun in taking pictures? I don't see anything entertaining in it."

This time, it was her that laughed. "You people just don't see it- the art of contrast, color and balance. There's this beautiful part in it- of how you take the picture, the angle, position, everything. I find it cool."

He grimaced. "I'm sorry. I couldn't understand you."

"You're an insult, aren't you?" she joked.

"Absolutely," he smiled. "So what about you? What do you do this hours?"

"I usually type articles or stories in my laptop, or read novels."

He grimaced again. "You're weird."

She crunched up her eyebrows. "I am not." She lightly punched his shoulders.

"Your punch couldn't even hurt," he teased.


"So you like books and novels and writing and photography?" he summarized the things he knew about her.


"Unbelievable." He shook his head.

"What's so special about basketball anyway? All you do is shooting the ball in the ring."

"Hah. That's what you think. You just don't experience the adrenaline rush. The burn and heat in the body when you play the game. And the feeling of victory when you win. It all feels so good."

"Well I don't feel that."

"I bet you don't," he assured. "And I'll never understand those contrasts and angle and whatever those were."

Both of them smiled at their irony. Suddenly, a question popped out of Kari's mind and she was having second thoughts about asking it.

Nonetheless, she gathered all her courage and let out the thought in her head.

"This afternoon...," she started hesitatingly.


"In the gym…"

"What's with it?"

"Uhm. Why were you staring at me?" She had her head bowed down away from his gaze, mortified at her question.

He was silent at first. Then turned his gaze, looking towards her without any direct answer.



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