Edward spun me around lightly, and let me settle into him, one hand on my waist and the other holding my hand. I'd always dreamed he would take me to the prom, but I didn't think it would. He leaned into me and spoke softly. "Bella…"

"Bella! Bella!? God, wake up you sleep whore! We're gonna be late!"

I groaned and got out of bed, giving Alice a death glare in my path. I sighed; I guess it'll always just be a dream. I looked down, my nipples were hard- traitors! I pulled myself out of bed and across to my bathroom- it long since mattered whether Alice or even Rosalie saw me in my pj's, which mainly consisted of underwear and a wife beater, sans bra.

I had to ask though: "Ali, why are you in my room for the first time in 2 weeks? I mean, you know I don't really care, but something must be up, and late for what? What are we late for? Please tell me I don't have to help you shop or something equally time consuming and mind numbing?"

"No, today is for you. And honestly, shopping with me is good for you; at least I choose pretty things instead of these t-shirt and jeans you always wear!" Wow, I'm surprised she even heard me right; I was trying to brush my teeth at the same time. "Besides, Rosie and I decided we would help you get on track with seducing James, so we're taking you to the salon!!"

I think my eye started twitching involuntarily. Don't get me wrong, I love Alice and Rosalie, they're practically sisters to me, but one thing I could never tell them is that it's not James I'm after, but his best friend Edward. James is now a nice person, but Edward, well, he's still considered somewhat of a stud, and the girls would never try to get me any closer to someone like that. Whatever, they're helping me look attractive, and that's all that counts at the moment.

I thought about their friendship as I got dressed, changing into lace panties and a push up bra. I didn't care if Alice saw me, she's used to it, her and Rosalie walk in no matter what state of undress I'm in.

Edward and James. Mates since the beginning of high school. Strange really, with all the drama on at the time about how they were both trying to get the same girl, but she didn't want either of them. Back when they were both players, but now only Edward is, James became a little more sensible. They both wanted that slut Victoria, and she's never let anyone forget it either. They became even closer when James realised she was a bitch, and warned Edward. Now, they still chase girls occasionally, James settles down with one girl for longer now, but Edward? Well. Let's just say monogamy is not his strongest point.

Alice and Rosalie caught me looking in their direction one day, and I spose they probably just refused to consider the fact that a friend of theirs might actually have the misfortune of falling for someone so unstable. So they decided to think I wanted James. That's my theory anyway.

20 minutes later, I had gotten dressed; we had picked up Rose, and were on our way to the dreaded salon, where I don't think God even knows what was in store for me. I shuddered involuntarily, and Alice began chiding me about "Good God Bella, you'd think that with the amount of money your parents make, you'd be used to being pampered and petted and having everything styled and things like that! Anyone would think you were walking to your death the way your behaving!"

"Fine," I gave in, "I promise I'll be good, so can I get details on what's going to be inflicted upon me today?"

"Of course Bella!' Rosie chirped- oh no she chirped it's always something bad when she chirped. "First, your getting your hair cut and dyed, then your getting your eyebrows waxed and styled, legs, arms, underarms, well, just about everything waxed."

Oh God, she said everything. "Wait, does everything include…"

"A BRAZILIAN!" they chorused.

I could tell this was going to be painful.